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S&B Curry Powder in Toronto?

by dimsumlady 1 day ago

Where can I find S&B curry powder in Toronto? Went to T&T and east chinatown but was not able to find it?

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - Fall 2021 - Winter 2022

by RussTheRaccoon 2 months ago

Summer ended a couple of days ago and the fall goodies are already hitting the shelves. Let's discuss them here, along with all of the fun holiday treats.

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Pfefferneusse in Chicago

by BillSeliger 3 days ago

Looking for your favorite bakeries that make pfefferneusse in Chicago. I'm tracking Cafe Sel Marie and Dinkel's. Where else should I be looking for pfefferneusse?

Buffet stations open at new DeCicco & Sons, Eastchester...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Took a walk thru the new DeCicco & Sons Market in Eastchester on Sunday and the family and staff were there in full force directing customers. It has taken about a year. There was a fast moving lin...


2021/22 Live Local Dungeness Crab Price Watch

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 days ago

The Dungeness Crab season kicked off today, December 1, in California for areas north of the Sonoma County line, and also in Oregon and Washington. The fleet began dropping pots two days earlier an...

Pumpkin pies

Dr. John
by Dr. John 22 days ago

As it is the fall, we have been taking the opportunity to sample different pumpkin pies on offer. We are looking for more must-tries in the city. Here are a few we have sampled: Blackbird - ...

Looking for a large amount of Poppy Seeds

by burgeoningfoodie 1 year ago

Does anyone know where I may be able to purchase a large amount of Poppy Seeds? I'm baking a bread that asks for at least a half a pound of Poppy Seed. I think the average size you get in the bak...

Grocery Outlet - December 2021

by baron45 4 days ago

South Van Ness (San Francisco) location.

Duc Huong Sandwiches | San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

The "Grand Opening" banner has been flying on Story Road for a couple years already. Two weeks ago I finally made a point to stop in, my first visit to any of the Đức Hương Giò Chả locations. I lov...

Prepping for Hanukkah: your favorites, best sources...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Hanukkah, the 'Festival of Lights', is coming up fast. What traditional dishes are your family favorites? Which markets/stores offer the best variety of ingredients? Do you cook it up at home, or d...

Where to buy hand-pulled noodles?

by learntocookchinese 28 days ago

Asian grocery stores have freshly made noodles, but they're machine-made as opposed to hand-pulled or hand torn. Is there a place to buy hand-pulled noodles? I'm thinking noodles from A&J beef n...

"Freshway Foodmart, Markham" - Some more truly RARE find!!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 5 days ago

- LIVE PERCEBES (Gooseneck bannacles) at a very reasonable price! May be reason why all the good, big ones were gone?! - A rare, limited edition 'Queen of mandarin' - SCARLET BEAUTY from China...


Where to find Valrhona Cocoa in stores?

by 1961tracy 6 days ago

My friend sells her bake goods and wants to use Valrhona cocoa powder in her brownies. She bought some last month, but she said she paid a lot for shipping. I’ll be in Paris next week and she want...

Keitt Mangoes are back

by tre2012 21 days ago

I'm late posting this; they have been available thru Good Eggs and Farmstead delivery services for about 3 weeks. Short season so if you love mangoes, these are the best we've ever found and wel...

Looking for where to purchase Boiron passion fruit puree

by pamelabeck 10 years ago

I just got a recipe from a restaurant in london where they made an amazing passion fruit soufflé. It calls for Boiron passion fruit puree and Boiron passion fruit juice (also mango juice). Does an...

Patel's, Wow

by Querencia 2 months ago

Chicago Chowhound: What with pandemic etc I had not been to Devon Avenue in a while. This morning I was blown away by Patel's (Indian supermarket) which has improved its time during pandemic with a...

Costco Food Finds - 2021

by treb 11 months ago

Well I'm happy to see 2021 is here. There have been some interesting buys lately, great cheese selections, wines and some excellent fruit and produce this past season. Please tell us what are...

Query re Discontinued TJ Item

by Querencia 23 days ago

Trader Joe's has discontinued its Latin Style Black Bean Soup. I love it and would like to track it down. Does anyone know who was making it for them? Thanks.