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Discuss national grocery chains, local supermarkets, liquor stores, and specialty vendors like butchers, bakeries, and farmers' markets.

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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - March 2017

by fldhkybnva 29 days ago

Marching right along! It's warming up in some parts and cooling down again in others but hopefully spring is on the ...

fldhkybnva commented 2 minutes ago

Ho Toy noodles retail

by goody1720 2 hours ago

Does anyone happen to know where I can get small bags of fresh Ho Toy lo mein noodles in Chinatown now the Sun Sun gr...


lc02139 commented 1 hour ago

ISO Hard/Soft/Red/White Wheat Berries/Grain

by Velomec 3 days ago

Anyone have a suggestion for buying whole grain in the metro area - think wheat berries and Rye and possibly oat groa...


Alan Henderson commented 5 hours ago

EVOO for Home Use

by howdini 2 days ago

After reading a bunch of articles about all of the fraud that happens with imported EVOO, I've become a little parano...

sophocles commented 9 hours ago

Anything like Martins' Potato Rolls in Toronto?

by gordoman 2 years ago

Nothing makes for a great burger more than a Martin's Potato Roll. Shake Shake uses them. They don't sell them in T...


Michael N commented 10 hours ago

Does anyone remember a old fish market/restaurant at Six Corners called Boston Fish market?

by Violatp 6 years ago

I may have the name wrong as it has been closed for many years, but that's the name that sticks in my head. It was...


Ckostoglanis commented 20 hours ago

Where can I buy edible Reindeer Moss?

by annalou 5 days ago

I'm looking to make a special Scandinavian soup which features Reindeer Moss. I'm having trouble finding a source. ...


SeaEagle commented 24 hours ago

Looking for Citron in Manhattan/Brooklyn

by qwerty1 4 months ago

Has anyone come across any citron in NYC? I've heard of people randomly coming across Buddha's Hand and Estrog in Chi...


channingm commented 1 day ago

Village Coffee, Ossining

by vinouspleasure 5 months ago

I and my family were so sad to see cidade, the portugese bakery and coffee shop, close for good but after seeing so m...


vinouspleasure commented 1 day ago

Lotte, Monkfish, Anglerfish at Fish market?

by Gabeshuman 5 years ago

help y'all. I will be in Chicago for a few days and would like to bring fresh monkfish home. My hotel might freeze it...


ferret commented 1 day ago

Sandwich Loaf...Where to buy?

by ibew292 5 days ago

My sister is having a party and wants to serve a Sandwich Loaf. The only place she can find on made in a commercial k...

MonsieurGhislain commented 1 day ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Chualar's La Milpa Organic Strawberries | Carmel & Pacific Grove

by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

La MIlpa is one of my favorite Salinas Valley growers. Last Monday I picked up a basked of organic strawberries at th...

Easter Bunny Cake DC/VA

by ashagame 3 days ago

Hi! Growing up someone in out family would make cakes in the shape of a bunny for Easter. I don't have those cake sk...


wayne keyser commented 2 days ago

Hiking and eating in Val Gardena

by bauskern 9 days ago

We will be spending 5 nights in the Dolomites in early September. Likely one night in Bolzano; then 4 nights in Val ...


bauskern commented 2 days ago

Salmiakki Ice Cream in the Bay Area?

by TLX 1 year ago

Hello! I really want to try salmiakki ice cream but I don't think any online store will be able to ship ice cream ...


niklinna commented 2 days ago

Take out cabbage rolls

by mamaD 11 days ago

Please help, it's my dad's birthday tomorrow and my brother just bailed on making his favourite dish. Where can I pic...


juno commented 2 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Bill's Lobsters Closed?

by restaurantarian 2 days ago

I went by Bill's on Gerrard and the place is all papered up. Did he close? Or perhaps (hopefully), renovating?

Lodge-style sourdough bread in the SF Bay Area?

by Bjartmarr 7 days ago

I recently bought a loaf of bread from Lodge bakery in Los Angeles, and it has changed the definition of what sourdou...


leefc commented 2 days ago

Where Are Organic Beef Tendons?

by HeyAce 21 days ago

Do you know where I can get my hands on some organic beef tendon? I'd appreciate any leads. Thanks!


rinkatink888 commented 2 days ago

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