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H Mart Opening in Dunbar

by Sam Salmon 2 months ago

Dear (or drear) old Dunbar where things rarely change is seeing some real innovation with the Korean chain H Mart ope...


Bill6349 commented 5 hours ago

Trader Joe’s YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - December 2017

by fldhkybnva 10 days ago

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday among loved ones and good eats. The holiday spirit is a...


chinchi commented 5 hours ago

Best Kielbasa/Sausage SE Michigan

by sarochka06 2 months ago

I'm looking for really great, old world kielbasa/sausage. Lived in Ukraine, have never had anything like it. I will s...

TraderJoe commented 7 hours ago

Good Glass/Barware near Chapel Hill?

by LulusMom 3 days ago

I'm looking to find some quality highball glasses. I went to Southern Season and was not impressed with what they had...

LulusMom commented 7 hours ago

Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe's Products 2017

by GraceW 3 months ago

It is almost that time of year... Autumn-oriented foods and winter-holiday treats will soon be arriving at Trader Joe...

RussTheRaccoon commented 9 hours ago

1 Of 10,000 Things You Can Buy At Eataly Boston

by BostonBestEats 12 months ago

That you didn't know you needed: CHOPPED MEATBALL MIX: Only $7.80/lbs (hormone free) [Seems like a fun topic fo...

BostonBestEats commented 11 hours ago

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2017

by treb 2 months ago

Well it's the last quarter of the year, going by very fast. Let's get some action on this thread. My apology for se...


saregama commented 12 hours ago

Costco Food Court Burger

by knowspicker 4 months ago

At the Seattle, WA Costco I saw that they replaced the Chili with a Cheeseburger for $4.99. Haven't tried it looked l...


treb commented 15 hours ago

Where Can I Find Norwegian Fish Pudding (FiskePudding) in NYC?

by emnyc 2 days ago

Looking for Norwegian Fish Pudding (FiskePudding) anywhere in NYC which is impossible to find or order online :( Anyo...

sgordon commented 16 hours ago

Raw cream

by bellabake 16 hours ago

Does anyone know where I can buy raw cream in the San Francisco area?

Grocery Outlet, December 2017

by sweethooch 4 days ago

Palo Alto, 11/29/17 Tim Tams dark chocolate mint 99 cents Principe prosciutto Italiano down to $3.99 again K...


sweethooch commented 1 day ago

Best sources for Hanukkah goods and products: NYC & suburbs?

by gutreactions 14 days ago

Looking forward to sharing our favorite traditional Hanukkah specialties with friends and family. Maybe even some unt...


gavspen commented 2 days ago

Italian Cookies in Brooklyn

by jen kalb 4 days ago

I need to put together a tray of Italian cookies for a party in Brooklyn. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on the ...

thegforceny commented 2 days ago

Best Chinese BBQ Duck (take-out)?

by JoeAllen 4 days ago

Chinese BBQ Duck; looking for a good one at one of the markets, maybe along Univ. Ave. in St. Paul? One they will hac...


KTFoley commented 2 days ago

Where/What to buy Foie Gras?

by sbug206 10 years ago

I've got a friend who loves foie gras and I'd like to get them some for Xmas. However I am clueless about it. Can so...


RedCaviar commented 2 days ago

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Find good quality beef consommé ?

by Maximilien 3 days ago

Where can I find a good quality beef consommé ? near Jean Talon Market or plateau/mile-end ? I could start from sc...

Kitchenworks in Chapel Hill, NC

by burgeoningfoodie 5 days ago

Kitchenworks's store is closing and starting their sales today (12/6). If you are new to the area, they are located ...


burgeoningfoodie commented 3 days ago

TJs Kouign Amann discontinued?

by hungryann 2 years ago

I was in Burlington, Vermont yesterday and they had none. The employee checked in their system and said they were dis...

coney with everything commented 3 days ago

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Country Market's $1.79 lb. bone-in Pork Roast is a good deal!

by gutreactions 3 days ago

While shopping at Country Market in Eastchester for some pork chops my companion spotted a big 3 pound bone-in pork r...