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mojave grille in westfield

by margaret 23 years ago

had dinner last evening @the mojave grille in westfield (next to train station). superb char-grilled salmon on soft polenta on reduced veal stock topped with haricot verts & watercress ever-so-...

Metro4star Global Page.

by Metro4star Data Systems 23 years ago

Visit us online; No SPAM intended. Link: http://members.theglobe.com/metro4star/file_name.html

Update on Harbour Village (in San Fran) for dim sum

by Gary Cheong 23 years ago

I had previously mentioned Harbour Village in San Francisco for dim sum. Well, I was just there this past weekend -- I am taking back the recommendation ! It has gone very seriously downhill. ...

London for 4 days, Edinburgh for 3....any suggestions?

by Claire 23 years ago

I'll be in London and Scotland for a few days at the end of August, beginning of September. Too many London restaurants to choose from...can anyone recommend some top FOOD places, maybe someth...

Question for Gary Cheong re. New Foo Key

by Christina Braman 23 years ago

Took your recommendation for the beef jerky at New Foo Key and am planning on taking it on a week long back packing trip, ( a good break from the standard trail mix), given its extreme freshness an...

a GREAT place on the Jersey Shore

by Lisa R. 23 years ago

We found a wonderful and unexpected restaurant in the town of Atlantic Highlands- north Jersey shore, real near Sandy Hook beaches. It is called Bistro Zeeto; Zeet (the chef) and Martha, his wi...

New Orleans

by George Kappus 23 years ago

I will be in New Orleans for a week starting tomorrow night. Can anyone suggest unpublicized places with local flavor. (By local, I mean creole, not cajun. I spend roughly a week every month in ...

Jamaica Hotel w/great kitchen

by Janet Traub 23 years ago

I'm going to Jamaica later this year and would welcome suggestions on where to stay. Ideally a place with a great kitchen. Something small, secluded with a tasteful island decor maybe in Negril;...

Funny story

by Jeremy Osner 23 years ago

There is a funny story at http://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=255531 6853-3c6 about odd dishes customers order at expensive restaurants. My favorite is of someone ordering beluga ca...

Happy Buddha

by phyllis 23 years ago

We recently had a delicious vegetarian Chinese meal at Happy Buddha in Flushing. Try it--it's right in front of a Buddhist temple and full of family cheer. Really good food and the staff is ea...

Know any Meditteranean or Vietnamese Places in W'chester?

by amy tarshis 23 years ago

I'm heading to lower W'chester tomorrow night and would love a reccomendation for a Meditt. or Vietnamese place within 15 minutes of the Hartsdale area? Lookin' for a simple place with good chow. A...

search for info

by j. morrison 23 years ago

I am looking for a message posted to this board about Restaurante Portugal. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you, jm


by Tina 23 years ago

I see a lot of people have eaten at the Soup Kitchen. Has anyone tried the Daily Soup? The sengelese peanut soup is outrageous. I would love some comments about The Daily Soup.

Lower East Side

by Toby Lee 23 years ago

Going to Norfolk Street for a performance, and looking for an interesting and delicious dining (eating) place. Any recommendations?

Shanghai Tang

by Josh 23 years ago

Eric Asimov scores again! Shanghai Tang, which he reviewed in his under $25 column a couple weeks ago, is just splendid. Finding it was something of a challenge: 40th Rd. exists in at least thre...

Italian in the 40's

by Brenda 23 years ago

I am trying to think of the name of an Italian restaurant around W. 45th. It is popular and upscale. Need reservations. Can anyone help?

Best Greek lunch in Queens/Astoria

by Gourmet Guy 23 years ago

Can anyone tell me where to get the best Greek lunch in Queens/Astoria--and how to get there by subway? Much obliged.

decent chow on route 80

by Rachelhope 23 years ago

Just finished driving the moving truck cross-country, tried to search for good road food, made one discovery worth sharing. In the town on Stuart, Iowa, about halfway across the state on Route ...

Madison Sqaure Garden Restaurants

by Barbara D. 23 years ago

I'll be attending a concert at Madison Square Garden on 8/6. Can anyone recommend a good, moderate $$ nearby restaurant for a pre-show dinner?

Lunch at Riconcito

by Alan Divack 23 years ago

I finally made it to Rinconcito Peruano and have been back 4 times in the past few weeks. Although dinner is great, esp. on weekends when they have lots of fish the lunch specials are great val...

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