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restaurants in London

by adrienne 22 years ago

Just returned from a quick trip to London, where we lived for a few years until last September. Thought I'd share some recommendations in case anyone overwhelmed by the whole new food scene need...

Finding a place for lunch in Alameda, CA

by george osner 22 years ago

Life takes us frequently to the west edge of Oakland, to Balloon Excelsior to get supplies or repairs for our hot air balloon. BE is on High Street, just across the bridge from Alameda. Since ...


by John Speer 22 years ago

Just returned from a long weekend there to hit the Guggenheim, among other places. The museum restaurant was featured in the NY Times a few months back, so we decided to try their set menu for lunc...

Perceiving Food

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

This is a continuation of a thread that's WAY down at the bottom of the Manhattan board index, "Village Eats Help". To read the message in that thread that spurred the discussion this responds to, ...

Latin Cuisine in Lower Spanish Harlem

by James Prince 22 years ago

Any recommendations for good Latin American spots north of Carnegie Hill (5th-Lexington Aves. above 96th St.)? It's the southern part of Spanish Harlem, so they must be out there, but my wanderi...

French cuisine in Brooklyn?

by JK 22 years ago

I know this is a long shot . . . but does anyone know of good French dining in Brooklyn? My wife and I like French cuisine, but we don't like Manhattan prices.

79th St. Boat Basin Cafe

by richard 22 years ago

I realize this is not typical Chowhound fodder, but how's the food and atmosphere at the 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe?

Lake Placid

by Elyse 22 years ago

Help-I'm on my way to Lake Placid and need some good dinner suggestions..Can be casual or upscale, but GOOD! Thanks.

Manly Meatballs

by Dave Nass 22 years ago

Hi - I'm new to this site. Arthur mentioned on the radio today that one of his most asked about recipes was for manly meatballs - easy to make and very tasty. Can someone tell me where the reci...

Cooking schools in Tuscany

by Jan S. 22 years ago

I'm interested in taking a week-long cooking course in Tuscany the end of August/beginning of September. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Flowers Restaurant?

by bob martinson 22 years ago

Not that I was a big fan, but I noticed that this place is no longer open. Does anyone know the story?

Viennese pastry

by chimera 22 years ago

Can anyone recommend an excellent, traditional Viennese pastry purveyor? Atmosphere a plus, but not my priority. Preferably in Manhattan, though I'd travel for the goods.

Brasserie Americaine

by Eileen 22 years ago

Has anyone tried Brasserie Americaine? I am looking for somewhere new to try near Lincoln Center.

Big Sur

by Barry Strugatz 22 years ago

Are there any good, kid friendly places in or near Big Sur? Thanks.

Simple Cooking

by Pat Hammond 22 years ago

There was a nice reference to our Top Dog and Chowhound in the recent May/June newsletter Simple Cooking by John and Matt Thorne. Does anyone else subscribe to this very well done newsletter? H...

Starbucks Alternatives

by Daniel Sonenberg 22 years ago

Greetings. I hope this is a legal post for this forum...I am attempting to assemble a comprehensive list (by neighborhood) of Starbucks alternatives in New York City (the general theory being ...

Village eats help

by Jim Regan 23 years ago

Anyone care to suggest a few fun, not too expensive, interesting places to eat...it's been so long since I've been to Greenwich Village (especially the west side ) that I really need some help. Th...

Chinese Greens (formerly NY Noodletown)

by Dan Silverman 22 years ago

I've just joined the chowhound pack and am a bit surprised that I don't see any messages, reviews, etc. about NY Noodle Town, located on the Bowery @ Bayard. I've been going for years and I belie...

Good Burgers - UES or UWS

by Judith 22 years ago

any suggestions on where to find a really good hamburger - preferably on the upper east or west sides?

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