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"Semi"Soft shell Crabs?

by Maggie Talisman 22 years ago

Is it my imagination or is the wrath of El-Niño had an adverse effect on the soft shells this year? I've tried them in a number of restaurants (among them couple of my favorite Japanese places th...

Best Greek Food in Astoria

by Tom M 22 years ago

Been out here for almost a year and have eaten at most of the better-known places. Zenon, on 31st Avenue near 35th Street (?), definitely leads the pack. Simply top-notch. Don't be squeemish: tr...

stuffed jalapenos (a.k.a. poppers)

by Tom Steele 22 years ago

Where in the burgeoning array of Manhattan restaurants can I find really good stuffed jalapenos--stuffed, that is, with jack (or other) cheese, egg-battered, and deep-fried? In the Midwest, whe...

Lespinasse & Po

by Penelope 22 years ago

I am going to Lespinasse and Po next week, both for the first time. Does anyone have suggestions on great menu items, or is there anything I should avoid? Also,I'm interested in hearing about the d...

Korean Barbecue in Flushing ( Lisa, Alan ? )

by John Knoesel 22 years ago

Since Cho Sun OK is history, I'm looking for a nice place to bring my chowhounds in training, Christine (11) & Jennifer (8), for some short ribs on the hibachi. They are both pretty adventurous ...

Hartsdale Garden

by Josh 22 years ago

Riva & I can offer a new recommendation in central Westchester: Hartsdale Garden, in the Westchester Square on Central Ave., next to Service Merchandise. We've tried them twice recently, for dim-s...

Mott Street

by Sandy Paik 22 years ago

I was walking up through the Little Italy part of Mott Street and stumbled across a new restaurant. I didn't try it, just peered into it and wondered. Has anyone experienced Mottsu yet? Thoug...

Looking for Romance

by KP 22 years ago

I currently go to college in Boston and my girlfriend goes to Rutgers(New Brunswick) in NJ... I get to visit her every few months and so far we've only gone out to eat at local places. She's a ...

Les Halles

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

For my birthday today I treated myself to an expensive lunch, at Les Halles on Park Ave. The mussels were excellent, and I enjoyed the pate (which I have never eaten before, so I can't really ra...


by SDesimon 22 years ago

I'm looking to find some decent soft-shell crabs in Manhattan, but I don't want to pay the $25 they were charging at City Crab (yes, I know it's a hideous, T.G.I.F.-esque abomination, but I was ...

La (Le?) Soleil

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

I ate dinner last night at a good Haitian restaurant on the Upper West Side, on Amsterdam and 57th. I had their stewed tongue; tongue is about my favorite meat and it makes me sad to think about...

Elwady in Astoria

by Tom M 22 years ago

I see a lot of posts here about Kabab Cafe. Haven't been yet--was going there tonight on Sylvia Carter's/this site's recommendation, but forgot the name and ended up in Elwady (24-25 Steinway) i...

Richard's Place in St. Albans

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

Everyone who I have talked to says it's "Amazing" with a capital "A" to the hundredth power. Nina Griscom and Alan what's-his-face of "Dining Around" actually made a maiden voyage out to Queens on...

Kam Sas Kak Retired

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

The old favorite of Koreans long before Kum Gang San entered the picture has recently closed and a new Korean place has opened up in its place with hundreds of red-ribboned gift trees out front (do...


by Alan Divack 22 years ago

I have heard decidedly mixed things about Vatan. Is it worth trying? In the summer of 1991, I went to its predecessor, Jhupdi, in Queens, two times. I had one of the best, and then one of ...

Casual NYC Picks

by Sally O 22 years ago

Sharks Casual NYC Picks© Uptown/Midtown: € Divine Bar - Heavenly tapas, wine flights& microbrews set in slick midtown triplex @ 244 E. 51st. € Elaine's - Despite wretched Italian food, always a ...

Soup Kitchen International

by allan evans 23 years ago

After finally recovering from bronchitis, I went and lined up, my first time, for soup at SKI. The 30 minute wait went by smoothly. Six varieties were offered - no Seafood or Lobster Bisque, as ...

Best of the best, Beef Wellington

by Sandy Wells 22 years ago

When visiting our beautiful city....you must put some money aside and treat yourself to "Mr A's" and I highly recommend the Beef Wellington and Puff Potage. Outstanding. "Mr. A's" also has a m...

Two west midtown lunches: Han Bat and Dos Rancheros

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

I was on West 36th st. for workshops for two days, and had some lunches worth reporting on. One day I went to Han Bat, a Korean place at around 55 W 36th St, and had excellent bibimbap. It had...

Soup Man Dances on Seinfeld's Grave

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

Al Yeganeh, the Soup Man, plans a day of celebration this Thursday (the day of the final Seinfeld broadcast). All sorts of events are planned, from a cyberchat to a free soup giveaway (to regulars ...

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