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I need a place for a 70th birthday dinner....

by Lisa R. 22 years ago

...but it comes with a lot of "buts"; my parents are adventurous but not totally open; they do not eat pork or shellfish, so it must be fish or poultry heavy, and not so expensive that they will...

Chicago Report & New find: Crofton on Wells

by Janet Traub 22 years ago

Just got back from 2 days of Chicago dining (and shopping. For our shopperhounds: I found great clothes, shoes and housewares in Lincoln Park on W. Armitage from N Halstead thru about 7 blocks h...

tapas in Soho/Tribeca

by Melissa 22 years ago

Has anyone been to n or Cafe Noir? Does anyone know of acceptable and not outrageously priced tapas in Soho or Tribeca? (Flor de Sol has received mixed reviews, as far as I can tell.) Thanks.

Gastronomic Trip to Piemonte

by Peter Palmieri 22 years ago

Three friends and I will be going to Piemonte in two weeks. We will be staying in Alba from where we will be taking day trips to the surrounding hill towns to enjoy the sights and the fine resta...


by Alan Divack 22 years ago

We went to Cendrillon a few weeks ago for dinner, and since I have never seen a posting about it on chowhound, I thought I would post this. (Forgive me if I go on a bit too long about the meal, ...

Hey, Anyone Ever Try The Pancakes at ABC Carpet & Home's Cafe?

by amy tarshis 22 years ago

Okay, this is major scoop! I recently met Mitchell London, one of the big shots behind the food at ABC's whimsical "Parlour Cafe". He urged me to try "Aunt Elaine's Bottomless Pancakes". Well, f...

Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips & Low-Fat

by Amy Tarshis 22 years ago

I've had a chocolate craving lately so here's my not-so-expert opinion on whats worth adding an extra 1/2 hour to your workout for... The Chocolate-covered potato chips at the small una...

Supper Club Anyone

by Caroline Mechanick 22 years ago

I am looking for an old style Supper Club - dinner and a show. Someone suggested Club Raleigh, in the village. Anyone have an opinion or recco another one ? Thanks in advance !

Florida finds

by Barbara S. 22 years ago

We're just back from a few days in Miami and parts further up the East Coast of Florida, and though the hurricane forced a change in the original itinerary we did find a couple of great places t...

Catania, Sicily

by Jim Dixon 22 years ago

We'll be spending a week just south of Catania on the east coast of Sicily in early December. Any food recommendations (more chowhound than fine dining preferred). Thanks...Jim

Vietnamese in Queens

by Tom M 22 years ago

I'm looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant in Queens. Please post suggestions. Thanks!

Post-theatre dinner?

by Chris Downey 22 years ago

My wife is a musician and subs in some Broadway shows. We're always looking for a good, casual, reasonably priced place to grab a bite in the theatre district after her show lets out. Any recom...

New Jackson Diner

by Seth Ditchik 22 years ago

I was wondering what other people's impressions of the new Jackson Diner were. I am conflicted about it; on one hand, it is a nice new (and larger) dining space and the food is still great, on ...

Great Cheap Places

by Jen Volk 22 years ago

My aunt and her 2 kids are coming to NYC over Thanksgiving and want to know what are the best cheap restaurants to goto while they're in town. Can anybody help out?

Restaurant size

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

I'm wondering how you all feel about big restaurants. I've noticed a lot of people writing about USqC, Gramercy Tavern, Gotham -- When I go into a big dining room it usually makes me uncomfortab...

Fancy Indian

by Dave Feldman 22 years ago

Anyone been to any of the new fancy Indian restaurants that have opened in the last year or so? The only one I remember only Pondicherry by name, but I believe there is at least one more close to ...

N.W. connecticut

by B. Turner 22 years ago

Get out of the influence of NYC, be adventurous, try a resturant in upstate Connecticut. Check out the "Village Resturant" in Litchfield on the green. How about good old american cusine at "Dako...

Hartsdale Garden scores again!

by Josh Mittleman 22 years ago

I hate to rave, but: Wow! Hartsdale Garden, a Chinese restaurant in one of the shopping plazas on Rt. 100, just north of the Hartsdale four corners, has not failed us yet. On our most recent vis...

Mom's B-Day--option 1: Smorgasbord!

by Dan Sonenberg 22 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good Scandinavian-style Smorgasbord restaurant in Manhattan? My mom's birthday lunch is next weekend, and that's what she craves! Thanks.

How do they Do It?

by Ruth hirsch 22 years ago

I can't figure this out...... can you??? please send answers tomy e-mail directly, thanks! We've started having chinese Buffets. and several are fine....... incredibly.... afordable, and include s...

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