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Cornel's Garden is moving !!!!!

by John Knoesel 21 years ago

See the Eclectic pages for more!

Visiting New York for first time, Wheres a good place to eat??

by Jenna L. 21 years ago

Well the subject pretty much says it all. I'm going to new york this summer and i want to know if there are any really great places to eat that we should not miss. I don't mean the really $$$$ o...


by Melisande 22 years ago

Who knows what about the restaurant Frank in the village? Thanks!

Evergreen Shanghai

by Jessica 22 years ago

Last night a friend and I went to Evergreen Shanghai (63 Mott St.), which was reviewed by Asimov recently and was mentioned earlier on this board. Ooh, it was good! We had the steamed buns (so...


by Sarah 21 years ago

anyone ever eaten in Gulfport, Mississippi? a week for work means alot of meals. please help!


by Rachelhope 22 years ago

Went to Tapika last night (on expense account, not mine). Was very impressed with the appetizers, a little bit less so with the entrees, although the grilled tuna was excellent. Would recommen...

Bendix Diner

by Jim 22 years ago

Recently I had some kind of Thai soup @ the Bendix. It had chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, lime, and who knows what else. I need to redo that recipe @ home. Any clues?

85 Down

by tom traub 22 years ago

I recently had a couple very good meals at this small Avenue A bistro, open about a year now. It's in the old Ci Vediamo place at 85 Ave A and the owners are from Miracle Grill. I can recommend ...

Penang problem

by Allan Evans 22 years ago

Lunch at the original Penang seafood restaurant on Prince Street. Their stellar Roti canai came with a thin, diluted curry, missing all of the thickness, expressive contrasts of flavor, and tin...

Restaurants in New London

by Adam 21 years ago

Any good restaurants in New London? Anybody been to HUGHIE'S? Thanks for your help?

Chinese vs. Italian Noodles

by Grace Toy 21 years ago

Hi, I'm entering a trivia contest (deadline Feb. 29th), and I need to know the difference between Chinese and Italian noodles? Can anyone help me? Please reply directly to my email. Thanks a lot...

Indian food in LIC

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

Hi all, I'm interested to know if anyone has an opinion on 5 Star Diner in Long Island City. I read a positive review of it by (??) Robert Sietsema about 2 years ago, and I've been there a few...

Near Carnegie Hall/City Center???

by Charles Troob 22 years ago

I always used to go to the Broadway Diner for perfectly acceptable food in glitzy but tacky surroundings--the floor is restroom tile, everything is a little rushed. This fall I got a Carnegie ...

ice cream in London

by jessica 22 years ago

I would like to know if London has any good, not to expensive ice cream places. I´m spending a year in London and love ice cream- so I would be really glad to know! Jessica

Calle Ocho

by Barbara S 21 years ago

Saw this place and I was curious if anyone had tried it and what the reaction was? We're hoping it's good and as Upper West Siders it will stick - nice to have a decent place in the nabe.

Best restaurant in South lake Tahoe

by Yungi Chu 21 years ago

HI, Can someone tell me which are the best restaurants in South Lake Tahoe. We'll only be there a few days. Thanks in advance.

Great cake in Jackson Heights

by Jeremy Osner 22 years ago

Tonight I ate a really excellent cake from Panaderia La Urugaya in Jackson Heights (37th Ave. near 77th St). It's called a chupa and consists of four thin layers of sponge cake, separated by: du...

Sam Chinita

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

I found myself in Chelsea for a late lunch today, and wanted to do it cheap, so I tried Sam Chinita on 8th and 19th. I had vaca frita, which I think literally means fried cow, and which was ver...

Santa Maria barbecue

by Jane Tunks 22 years ago

I just had my first taste of Santa Maria barbecue at Guadalupe, CA's Far Western Tavern last Sunday. What heady, delicious, wood-smoked stuff! Where else can I get Santa Maria barbecue (besid...

A new Yama, on Carmine St.

by Marc 21 years ago

Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet, but Yama has opened a third branch. It's been open for a couple of months now, and I've been over there a few times. It is the best of the three, for t...

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