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by john 21 years ago

I've read good things about Pampa (99th & Amsterdam) but just noticed in a posting here that someone's had bad experiences there. Can anyone be more specific? Love it? Hate it? What's good there...

Union Square Cafe

by Londo 21 years ago

So, what do people think of this place now???

Advice for Rehearsal Dinner

by Franny 21 years ago

Looking for a fun and inexpensive place to host a rehearsal dinner for about 40 people. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Best Pizza in nyc

by ava fishman 23 years ago

Have declared myself a real Pizza Maven, and must say that in Queens, the best pizza is Nicks on Austin St. in Forest Hills. The crust is thin and crisp, the sauce tangy yet light, and the cheese ...

Italian food in Bensonhurst?

by Alfred Gingold 21 years ago

I've heard that Bensonhurst has some of the best salumerias, Italian bakeries and butchers in NYC. There sure are a lot of them. Does anyone have any recommendations?

95th St and Broadway Eats

by sunny side 21 years ago

I'm reluctantly moving from Sunnyside and all its wonderful food to the area of 95th and Broadway. Are there any good, reasonable, ethnic joints up there? I can get a cup of incredible columbian...

Pronto Cena in Jersey City

by steve d. 21 years ago

The commute from Astoria has become annoying enough that I've decided to take my boss up on his offer to let me telecommute; while I'm still in Jersey City, however, I'm trying to sample as many pl...

Montauk Ideas?

by Dave Feldman 23 years ago

Somehow I've landed in Montauk for a week. Where should I eat? (Of course, I'm willing to drive to other towns for food). Fried clam ideas would be especially appreciated. I've been here on...

Le Cirque

by leslie Singer 21 years ago

Ate at Le Cirque 2000 for the first time last week. This is the most outstanding meal and atmosphere I have exprienced in 8 years in the City. The food was not outstanding, but excellent service...

Advice for casual good places for Mom and Teenager on the Upper East Side

by Gail 21 years ago

We don't seem to have much in the way of easy good places around the Upper East Side..am I missing some places?

Chefs Criticize 'Americanized' Food

by Frank Language 21 years ago

I'm trying to find this article on Yahoo News; I weould post it (it was a repost), but in deference to our fearless leader I'm hesitant. In it, Associated Press writer DONNA ABU-NASR writes abou...

Patria -- I've joined the crowd

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

Five of us went to Patria and I must echo the sentiments of Gary, Stephen, and the other Patria partisans: cool place! We shared the ceviche sampler and the empanada sampler and for entrees h...


by Rebecca 22 years ago

I hate Starbucks. I love good coffee. PEETS in Berkeley does great coffee mailorder. I am trying to get enough people to order weekly, so that they will give a discount, and we can help slowly c...

Anything of interest in Battery Park??????

by David Martin 21 years ago

I often stay in this part of the city because of a company appartment. Most nights I make the trek to some old and some new haunts. Ocassionally I would lke to stay in Battery Park for a nice di...

Brooklyn Fifth Ave.

by Jay G. 22 years ago

I took a walk down Fifth Ave. yesterday, and spied a lot of great looking spots along the Park Slope-Sunset Park axis. There's Mexican, Salvadoran, Ecuadorian, Polish -- anyone have any recommendat...

What should I eat at Patria?

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

Finally going tomorrow night. I understand dinner is all-prix fixe at this point, but I'd be interested in knowing what folks have eaten and liked. Thanks, DF

dining in Manhattan

by Luigi Marin 22 years ago

Next week I will be in Manhattan,which is a great place to eat,expecially steaks,italian or oriental? Thanks in advance

Surviving at Disney

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

We spent most of February vacation at Disney world. We stayed about 4 or 5 miles south off route 192 west of Kissimmee, so we ate dinner both inside and outside of the Disney complex. A few not...

Bulk tofu retail

by Frank Language 21 years ago

Question: Does Sam the Tofu Man still deliver vats of tofu in bulk to the Park Slope Food Coop? Is he still around? Last I heard, he had gotten mugged and beaten and left New York. [Sam the T...

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