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White Chili and Mint Sorbet

by Elizabeth Norman 20 years ago

Hi. I am looking for good sources of White Chili and Mint Sorbet (not both at the same restaurant) in New York City (will travel to different boroughs as needed!). I used to live near Cleveland and...

Where's Tom?-Day 5 in Portugal

by Terri 20 years ago

All right, I'm starting to get worried. Where's Tom and his Day 5 in Portugal report? If I have to live vicariously through him, the least he can do is take time out of his dream vacation and kee...

any ideas for LI City, is it a black hole for food?

by R Bergen 20 years ago

We've looked up the 3 or so listings in Jim's book and it's been too hot to feel a strong urge for heavy Eastern European food. My wife just started working there and would love to find someting b...

Vietnamese Food

by Marla Schwartz 20 years ago

Haven't you guys ever heard of Mai Lee on Delmar. The best vietnamese food around. Their Chinses dishes are excellent also. I do not live in St. Louis...but whenever we visit family 2 or 3 times...

Anyone been to Moonbar yet?

by Dan H. 20 years ago

Anyone tried Moonbar on Steinway Street yet? It's Ali of Kebab Cafe's new place just up the street. Sylvia Carter gave it a nice review in today's Newsday.

Restaurant Week in Manhattan

by tuesday 20 years ago

Do any of you know what website has the list of all the participating Manhattan Restaurants that will offer the $19.95 prix fix luncheon special? Is it out yet?

St. Louis-Mai Lee-Vietnamese Food

by Marla 20 years ago

Sorry I forgot to put the city in my message

First SDNY meeting

by cinnamongrill/sdny/nicksip 20 years ago

I know everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering what happened at the first Serial Diners meeting. This is what happened: nothing. Yes, that's right. As far as i could tell, no one showed up...

New Seafood Place--Shelly's - 104 W. 57th St.

by Lynn 20 years ago

Was very enthused to see that the middling Motown had resurrected itself into Shelly's New York Restaurant, Cafe and Raw Bar. It's fun to try places when they're new and eager to please. So we ve...

HELP in City Island

by Steve 20 years ago

The weather is getting nicer and I am interested in going to City Island for lunch ... either weekdays or on weekends .... The places I have tried in the past aren't worth going back to... Are t...

Any Indian Restaurants in Williamsburg/Greenpoint?

by Susanna 20 years ago

I haven't been able to find any. I'm surprised there isn't one in the Bedford area since it would do very well.


by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Ok, I admit it. It's silly, outrageous, even slightly offensive that we have this one message board to cover the enormous Midwest. But there are reasons: to introduce new boards with our present (t...

Chinese on the westside

by TC SMith 20 years ago

Where are the great Chinese restaurants on the Westside? I have to work here and don't want to eat dim sum all the time to get my fix. By the way, does anyone know where to get crab dumplngs (lik...

East Village updates

by Daveena 20 years ago

There are a bunch of posts on all of these places scattered around the board, but a lot of them are old, so I was wondering about people's recent experiences... Elvie's Turo Turo (1st ave between...


by jmedley 20 years ago

Tried the new "Max" restaurant tonight and will definitely go back (East Village--Ave. B between 3rd/4th Streets)....real Italian--fantastic food for the money!

Charlottesville update

by Betty 20 years ago

Was just in the Charlottesville area, including Wintergreen, and offer the following: 1) If you go to Monticello -- for lunch, drive farther down the road for several miles to a place in what appe...

Chimay Cheese

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Chowhound technical attache Pierre Jelenc has spotted Chimay cheese (a raw milk cheese made by the same Belgian Trappists who make the beer) at a store called "Gracefully" on ave A. It's expensiv...

great korean tofu house in San Diego

by Edmond Davis 20 years ago

I lived for a couple years in San Diego. My favorite restaurant there was the Balboa Tofu House at 4646 Convoy in the Kearny Mesa area. It is a Korean ...

Tamales - the real thing

by Barrie Covington 20 years ago

I love these - the real, homemade ones. I used to get them in Brooklyn at California Taqueria in Park Slope, where they are quite good if you are ever in the area, but then I moved! Any great o...

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