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Le Cirque Must-Eats?

by Kurt 20 years ago

I am eating at Le Cirque tonight for the first time, and I could not find a recent review to suggest what I should order. Any thoughts on Le Cirque's best? How does their tasting menu rate?

new cleveland choices?

by Lauren 20 years ago

I'm returning somewhat unexpectedly to Cleveland next week for a brief visit, and I was wondering if any great new restaurants have opened within the past six/eight months or so? Also, I've seen me...

Great Bakery in College Point???

by Steve 20 years ago

Awhile ago someone wrote about a great bakery in College Point, Queens. I tried to do a search but could not find it. Does anyone know which bakery was mentioned? Thanks, Steve

Thanks, John Edge! (more)

by SallyW 20 years ago

Because of your recommendation of Don Obriant's book Back Road Buffets and Country Cafes, I ordered a copy immediately and got it Monday. It's great! I've been to quite a few of those restaurants, ...

Some notes on San Francisco restaurants

by M 21 years ago

Gary Danko: not only the food but the welcome as good as the hype. La Folie: Great food, wonderful wines but the tab's outrageous. Boulevard: OK . Ton Kiang: nice, but not for me as good as other ...

belize home cooking

by adamstoler 20 years ago

in the 6900 block(?) of n broadway tucked away on the west side of the street is a little bright lighted restaurant that specializes in the cooking of the owners' homeland-belize... expect somethin...

long island pupusas

by tony 20 years ago

I've been frequenting a salvadorean retaurant located in copiague,long island-i believe it's name to be rincon guanaco-take great neck rd south and make a right on oak st,on your left about 125 yar...

Authentic Japanese in Brooklyn?

by Ivy 20 years ago

Is there anywhere in Brooklyn to eat reasonably authentic Japanese food and/or sushi in Brooklyn?

soft-boiled egg info for Dena

by cinnamon/SDNY 20 years ago

Dena -- just read all the s-b egg posts below. I'm a firm-white fan, too. I cook my (large) eggs more or less like Stefany does, except i simmer them for 5 minutes. Then i take out one egg for test...

Fort Erie, Ont.

by cinnamon/SDNY 20 years ago

Does anyone know of any good rest.s in the Ft. Erie area? I've only been to Green Acres & the Palmwood. I liked the latter for its inexpen. fish & chips, lake view & deck, and "endless summer" atmo...

Queens Blvd. in Kew Gardens

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

Woe is me, I got jury duty... Does anyone know good places for lunch around the courthouse? It's at 120-55 Queens Blvd.

South Atlantic Chowhoundery

by Bob W. 20 years ago

I've just returned from a few days in the sunny south. Here are some places chowhounds might enjoy, from south to north (I know some are in FL, but to get the full effect you need to see them all t...

Anyone been to Monsignior's or McMilo's in Williamsburg?

by Joe D. 20 years ago

Passed by a few places tonight that I hadn't noticed in the past: Monsignior's on Lorimer at Driggs and McMilo's on Lorimer south of Metropolitan. Does anyone know them?

Edy's Dreamery Ice Cream

by Rachel Perlow 21 years ago

Has anyone else tried Edy's new ice cream, sold in pints. It's amazing! It could give Ben & Jerry's a run for the money. My favorite, so far, is the Mint (I forget the fancy name). It's not just...

Garden Festival at Chuang Yen Monastery/Carmel

by Beth 20 years ago

Did any other chowhounds attend this festival today? I got married five years ago on the monastery grounds, and I went back today as part of my anniversary celebration and was pleasantly surprised...

Giovanni's - the best ravioli in L.A.

by Mal 20 years ago

Well, I haven't had ALL the ravioli in L.A., so it's just speculation, but check out Giovanni's on Venice and Clarington, a tiny trattoria right next to the Mambo Grill. Homemade ravioli that reall...

L&B in Bensonhurst

by S. 21 years ago

What's the word on this place? It's on 86th St near Ave U. I've eaten there a couple of times and really liked it. It seems to be a real neighborhood fixture. It's a very informal, family-style Ita...

Sal's Pizza- Bay Ridge- SOLD!!

by Ric Zoon 20 years ago

One of my fav pizza by the slice spots- SAL'S PIZZA (86th and 4th Ave- Bay Ridge) is now under new ownership and now provides a very AVERAGE slice. This is crazy! Where has all the good slice piz...

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