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Bronx Pizza

by Rob MacDougall 21 years ago

I'm trying to find the best pizza in the Bronx or lower Westchester. Any Suggestions???

New Orleans eats

by Jay G. 21 years ago

I'm off to spend a week in New Orleans, and am anticipating a gorge-fest like only that town can supply. My specific question is this -- I'll be working daily at the Convention Center, and would lo...

Any Spanish Cookbooks like "El Faro's Restaurant?

by ChowFun (derek) 16 years ago

El Faro (in the Village) was my first Spanish Restaurant ..when I lived in NY. Here in SF we have a lot of Tapas places, but I find myself wishing for Pork in Almond sauce etc from El Faros....does...

Delta Grill, Friday Night Pre-Freak

by Christina Z. 22 years ago

I'm not as good a critic as the rest of you guys and gals but here's an attempt . . . DELTA GRILL: Limited menu but everything looked delicious. My partner and I shared the oysters rockefelle...

Ecuadorean in Jackson Heights

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

There are a lot of Ecuadorean places opening recently in Jackson Heights, threatening to outnumber the Colombian restaurants. We tried one of them, La Picada Azuaya on 37th Ave. and 84th Street,...

Watching our weight in Brooklyn

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

We are meeting some friends for dinner in the Park Slope area next week, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I am dying to try Milan's, but Mrs D. just started weight watchers (b...

Very very interesting

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

For those of you who don't check out the "Elsewhere in America" board, there's a way-interesting thread going on over there titled "Chinese Nirvana in San Gabriel Valley, CA", and it's incorporated...

Attn.: Ruth Reichl-Simple Things-Homely Truths-Sugar Bowal

by V. Petruzza 21 years ago

Dear Ruth: Hope this message gets to you. I read your article, Simple Things, Homely Truths, about the sugar bowl, in House and Gardens. I was amazed when I saw the picture! I have the matc...

cheese options near Union Sq.

by jen kalb 21 years ago

The selection of good foodstuffs in the Union Square area keeps increasing. In addition to the great fish at Catch 21 and the Farmers Market, the great breads at the FM, O Padeiro and many other...

SF Pan-Asian

by Seth Ditchik 21 years ago

Last spring, on a flight to San Francisco, a passenger suggested that I try the restaurant Betelnut Pejiu Wu. While I didn't get a chance to try it that time out, on a recent visit I made ...

How Was It Joel?

by Mario 21 years ago

Joel, I'm Concerned, I did not get your feed back. I hope you liked the meal M.

Smith and Wollensky is way overrated

by Tom M 21 years ago

Had an awful experience at this restaurant recently. Not only was the service rude--de rigeur at NYC steakhouses, I suppose, for reasons I don't at all understand--but the service was also awful...

goat milk cheese

by Michael Decker 21 years ago

we have a 100 goat dairy herd, with which we pasteurize all the milk and then make (we think) an excellent chevre and montrachet cheese. We also have 5 varieties which include the tradional he...

Best Slice in Manhattan--Sal and Carmine's

by Dan Sonenberg 21 years ago

I just don't understand why I never see anything written anywhere about Sal and Carmine's, the pizza shop between 101st and 102nd on Broadway. This place features two Italian brothers turning o...

Ringing out the old

by pat hammond 21 years ago

Best wishes to all of Chowdom for a happy and healthy New Year from Pat in St. Louis.


by Caroline 21 years ago

Have any chowhounds survived the strict reservation protacol at Babbo and happily dined there? Is it as good as I've heard?? What do you recommend? Thanks ! ( I love this list !)

looking for help

by Derek Cressman 21 years ago

I'm a high school student from Bethlehem, PA and every spring my theater company goes to NYC to see a matinee show and then we eat dinner somewhere in the city. It's my senior year so so far I'...

Eleven Madison Park

by Elyse 21 years ago

Thinking of trying 11 Madison Park for a birthday celebration-anyone have info.????

romantic Italian Resaurant in Manhattan

by Peter Bobrow 21 years ago

Looking for a small cafe that won't break my wallet. preferably with sidewalk seating. Thank you all for your help.

ethiopian restaurant of many name changes

by judy nelson 21 years ago

Jim Leff: I just met your friend Steve Dobson, who gave me your book and told me about this site. Wow! I lived around the corner from Tiemann Oasis for ten years. (actually it's about ten years o...

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