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drover's tap room

by glenn 20 years ago

Has anyone been to Drover's Tap Room recently? I may be eating there and wonder what's decent.

seen on the NJ Online restaurant site!!!

by Mr. W. 20 years ago

>>>try chowhound.com. a very awkward board to use... Re: Anyone know of a forum like this for Denver. Looking for a (Mitch) Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 15:04:31 GMT From: tommy but there is some d...

Restaurants near SFO

by Chuck 20 years ago

Does anybody know of any good restaurants near or around SFO--San Bruno, South City, down to Redwood city. All the ones I know of are cr*pp* chain restaurants. Thanks. Chuck

Lamb Shish Kebab

by Joe D. 20 years ago

Years ago one could get fabulous melt in your mouth lamb kebabs at 2 Armenian places (Dardenelles on University and The Balkan Armenian around 20th). Since the demise of those places I have not bee...


by JUDITH 20 years ago

Had dinner tonight at Picholine - service superb - thanks to postings on this board, I ordered the foie gras appetizer, salmon entree and cheese platter - all superlative - plus 2 glasses of excel...

A question for fellow hounds

by Brian Yarvin 20 years ago

Today, my wife and I were confronted with one of those chowhound problems that never seems to be discussed here, but seems to come up more often than I care to admit - here's what happened: Today...


by Gary Cheong 20 years ago

I cannot believe this has happened. Had dinner there last weekend, and I was shocked at how bad the food has gotten. My favorite dish, the pork larb had lost its spiciness and vibrancy. Everythi...

Steak - The State of Steak

by Tord 20 years ago

Paul - I can see just why you asked about "that taste" in beef that you fondly recall. I went through the various food sites looking for reviews of the steak places you listed. Pretty much all of t...

opinions on naked fish restuarant

by anisha 20 years ago

went to naked fish restaurant this weekend. i want to know other's opinions before i post mine, at the risk of sounding hyper-negative.

Western Suburbs Recommendations?

by Margot 20 years ago

After spending the last 3 years on travel to the Boston area, I feel like the kid outside the candy store looking in. I'm stuck most of the time in the Sudbury or Marlboro area, without the time o...

Exactly what flavor is "Blue Gelato"?

by Governor 20 years ago

OK - It's not exactly a craving (but I am running out now to score some), but just what flavor is Marino's "Blue Gelato"? Two things I know... It ain't gelato... It's not even blue, more of a...

any opinions on christers???? (scandanavian)

by wayne 20 years ago

It''s on W56 St. I have tried - and liked - Aquavit (well-done, but expensive), Ulrika's (great) and Good World (really good bar, OK food) recently. Thinking about trying Christer's tonite. Any ...

Belgian restaurant in upper East side(80 somthing st?)

by Jungshik Shin 20 years ago

A friend of mine told me he had a wonderful dinner at a Belgian restaurant in upper east side(80 something st), but not sure of where exactly it is and the name of the restaurant got hazy in his me...

healthy but scrumptious?

by kele 20 years ago

Any suggestions for restaurants with generally healthy food that also tastes great? We're tired of looking for the least evil offering at neighborhood Italian places or trying to find an interestin...


by julie id 20 years ago

In an article about tofu, it referred to its "pre-historic cousins tempeh and quorn". Tempeh I know (a kind of fermented tofu with the beans still lumpy), but quorn I've never heard of. Is this ...

Hilton Head/Charleston Suggestions

by Joanna Berritt 20 years ago

I am heading South and will be staying in Hilton Head for a little while - I have not been very sucessful finding quality food at reasonable prices in this area - does anyone have any suggestions?....

Killer alfajores in the village

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

Walking uptown after dinner tonight, I decided to stop for a cup of coffee and a cookie. The absolute last thing I was expecting to find was an outstanding alfajore. Alfajores are a South America...

steak tartare

by bud bein 20 years ago

Where can one find the best steak tartare in the chicago area esp: northwest suburbs??

Boston Seafood Show

by Paul 20 years ago

The Boston Seafood Show is advertised as the Largest in the World. I have been several times…. this Wednesday being the last. I can tell you it is really "BIG". It is supposed to be for "The Tra...

Russian Baked Goodies in Whippany, NJ

by Jason Perlow 20 years ago

Run, do not walk to the Russian Orthodox Church on Route 10 in Whippany off of Jefferson Road. Here, for the next several weeks, various old ladies in the church kitchen, gifted in the arts of ba...

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