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Minneapolis visit

by Orik 20 years ago

A short visit to Minneapolis (perhaps an omen of moving there soon ) yielder the following results: Aquavit - a clone of the NY aquavit (or is it the other way around?) served a superb foie-gras ...

Where's the liver?

by Jay 20 years ago

This has been rolling around in my head for some time: Why does one never see liver on an Asian menu (Chinese, Thai, Malay, etc.). I recently ate at the Malaysian restaurant in the arcade between...

Surinamese food (Indian community)

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

There is an enormous Hindu-Moslem Surinamese community in Holland. Last summer they had a weekend fete at South (Zuid) Park in The Hague, nearly 80,000 people, dozens of gastonomic stands: this hap...

tender palate, light appetite

by hanna jacobas 20 years ago

I'm a week away from my first visit to New York (for 8 days). I'll be staying in West Greenwich Village (near 8th Ave & 14th St) and am looking for recommendations on a) places in the neighbourho...

Scalini Fedeli

by judith 20 years ago

Does anyone know if this restaurant on Duane Street is still in business? Have called several times recently and there is no answer and no recording.

Ratner's - What's Up?

by Maria Eng 20 years ago

We drove past Ratner's on Sun. morning and the gate was up. A young woman was arranging plump loaves of bread in the window and there was a hand-written sign on the window, "Bakery and Cafe Open". ...

Thank you, Melanie!

by Leslie Brenner 20 years ago

Melanie, I've so enjoyed your recent postings on the Rhone, Pinot Noir and Bordeaux. How lucky for all of us to have access to your fantastic breadth of knowledge and discriminating palate! Altho...

Real Azteca

by Patrick A. 20 years ago

Made my third trip to Real Azteca yesterday morning. The proprietress was as warm and welcoming as ever. They were serving the huitlacoche quesadillas even though it wasn't the weekend (guess the h...

Please Help: Pho Recommendations Needed

by Steve Potenberg 20 years ago

My wife, son, and some family friends will be in town for a few days later this week. High-end eats are already nailed down: Nobu Next Door, J.G., Gramercy Tavern, Bouley Bakery, Babbo. They'll be ...

sriphaphai directions

by dongstadden 20 years ago

hey folks, i know this board is not normally used for directions. but everytime i go to queens, i get lost. so can someone please tell me the best way to get from laguardia airport to sriphaph...

Good Bar-b-Que along I-95

by Terry and Virginia McKinnon 21 years ago

We will be heading to Fl. from Va. in about a month. Looking to find some good Bar-b-que places along the way. Would need some with outdoor dining or picnic tables as we also have 2 chihuahuas and...

looking for country buffet

by j hughey 21 years ago

someone please direct me to the nearest country buffet,if there is one in LA. I know its a long shot,but I'm optimistic.

French restaurants in Los Angeles

by Bill 21 years ago

I'd love to have some recommendations for exceptional restaurants in Los Angeles. Bistros with authentic food would be great.

Moltisanti's (sp?)

by Miriam Garron 20 years ago

Am I crazy? Or did I read a Sietsema review somewhere, sometime, in which he raved about ragu at Moltsanti's (sp?) on Christopher (location?) Can't find the reference anywhere. The occasion: Every ...

Batesville -- Mississippi and Arkansas

by Sarah 20 years ago

This past weekend my husband and I took a quick trip from New Orleans to Batesville, Arkansas for family reasons. On the way north we had lunch in Batesville, Mississippi at Dale's Smokehouse Cafe...

Gems, just below the Radar??

by michael 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend any hidden gems, not necessarily new, that are just below the radar? An example would be 5 Dudley Street which is charming and delicious and unique but not everyone already kn...

Yakiniku West

by Jules 20 years ago

Has anyone been to this japanese grill/sushi place on E.9th between 2nd & 3rd (or thereabouts)...just looking for opinions... thanks!

How about shellfish?

by Edster 20 years ago

I love lobster, crab, shrimp and other crustaceans as well as oysters, clams, and their relatives. Any suggestions where to have some good chow either in Seattle or Redmond? I'll be visting there f...

Brazilian Restaurant

by Ari 21 years ago

Hi I need to find a good Brazilian restaurant for Saturday night in Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn...help

Pak Wan in the Mission-Really good

by Vanessa 20 years ago

I've been to this place twice now. I think it is fairly new (6 months or so). It is a refreshing spot in a neighborhood that seems to sprout slick new cookie cutter spots like mushrooms. It is on...

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