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Pio Pio

by Lisa Bransdorf 20 years ago

Two friends told me about this lovely place. I am pleased to see all of the support for it on the board. Congrats to the owners and operators... Any chance they are going to retail market the sau...


by pat hammond 20 years ago

I find myself counting how many times I'm posting! Nevertheless, has anyone tried Peasant, a newish place that was reviewed in New York Mag. a few issues back? Thanks as usual. pat

Chopstick etiquette--was this wrong?

by Sue 20 years ago

I just had a delicious lunch at Cho Dang Gol, a Korean restaurant on W 35th St. specializing in tofu. Ordered the Kim-Chi Cham Doo-Boo, a casserole of tofu and broth served with various kim-chi and...

BIG burgers in TN/GA?

by jeff 20 years ago

Hello- I frequently travel between Atlanta and Knoxville, and, being the burger fan that I am, I often seek out burgers along the way. The best that I have found is the 'Super Burger' at a little...

Disappearing Act

by Ed de Sa Pereira 20 years ago

Coming out of the movies last night, I decided to stop in at Boxers on 63rd and 1st for a beer. It was all lit up. Most of the tables had glasses and covers set. One or two had coffee cups and chec...

Avenue (Columbus & 85th)

by ruthk 20 years ago

I read one good review of Avenue in Chowhound. Thinking of taking my mom, sister and brother-in-law there. We usually go down to Chelsea to eat because we have not found good mid-to-expensive rest...

Pakistani food

by venkie 20 years ago

Where's the best pakistani restaurant in texas?

Arthur Ave. Eats

by John Knoesel 20 years ago

Need some advice. I've never been to this part of the Bronx and would like to check out the area. Looking for Italian with an emphasis on seafood. Any suggestions ? Thanks, JK

Lu Ming Zhun?

by jonathan sibley 20 years ago

Someone from China told me that he had great Dim Sum at a restaurant in Chinatown called "Lu Ming Zhun" in Chinese. Any idea what restaurant this might be?


by Orik 20 years ago

Went there Saturday, after reading the review in citysearch. I have nothing to add to their impression of the decor or the menu. We both started with steak tartares, made of highly flavored beef...

Lunch/Brunch in Andover, MA area

by Jean Dumais 20 years ago

Looking for a lunch or brunch spot for this Sunday. Trying to find a decent half-way point between Portsmouth NH (where we live) and Marlboro, MA (where our friends live). Any ideas? Looking for...

New San Fran Italian joint

by Anthony 20 years ago

An ex-employee of mine (he sold Italian wine for me in San Francisco) just opened up a new casual neighborhood Italian restaurant in San Fran. The Old Vineria....it's now called IL CANTUCCIO on 16...


by TOM 20 years ago



by Alison 20 years ago

A friend from Chicago lustfully remembers a sachertorte (sp?) they sold on the lower level of Citicorp. She's coming back soon to NYC. Where can she get a great s.t. here?

Fox News Best of NY

by rebeccahodgson 20 years ago

Apparently, Fox last night did a "Best of" of their own for pizza, food carts, diners, chinese under $15 in each borough. I have no idea what the methodology was or anything but a few of my friends...

La Pizza Fresca

by Phil 20 years ago

I ate at La Pizza Fresca on my recent trip to New York, following the recommendation in the Eclectic Guide. It was quite good, but I register the following objections. I ordered the pizza with b...

Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Central Jersey

by Paul 20 years ago

I am looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant in central New Jersey - Monmouth County if possible. Thanks in advance.....Paul


by SLAP 20 years ago

Ok, seems like you foodies need a challenge. So here's one from my back pocket. does anybody know what fafaroo is? It is possibly one of the gnarliest things to chow on the planet.(in my opinion) n...

Malaysian eatry between Bowery & Elizabeth

by Anil Khullar 20 years ago

We discovered this restaurant (New Malaysia Restaurant) by accident. Trying to avoid the drizzle outside we took a shortcut through an arcade from Bowery to go to Elizabeth. The entrance to the arc...

La Tavola on 92 St. in Bay Ridge

by Michael 20 years ago

I had an enjoyable dinner there last Sunday, so I thought I would post about it. The place is not cheap. It cost me some $25 + tip for tortellini in brodo and scampi with part of an artichoke, some...

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