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Arthur Avenue italian

by Tom G. 20 years ago

I was up on Arthur Avenue for shopping this past weekend, but was not meal time so did not eat more than a sandwich at a cafe in the market... However, i was more than intrigued by the possibility ...

Halvah in Brooklyn

by Barbara D 20 years ago

Where's the best place to buy a whole halvah in Brooklyn? Thanks.

a table

by rachel hope 20 years ago

a brief heads-up: a wonderful new(ish)neighborhood bistro in Fort Greene on Lafayette/Adelphi. "A Table" (say it in French), excellent fresh oysters, meules meunieres, gazpacho, home made charcute...

Charlie's Hideaway (Thai), Westminster

by Heather 20 years ago

About eight years ago, my family's favorite Thai restaurant closed its doors saying it was being relocated and it has never been heard of since. Charlie's Hideaway was on Westminster Blvd, just ea...

friday birthday

by elizabeth 20 years ago

I want to find a reasonable restaurant that serves great drinks, good food for a birthday on this friday night. Probably 6-10 people. Tough huh?

great party space for 50 people?

by kate 20 years ago

Any suggestions for a restaurant space that is upscale but fun for 50 to 75 people? Would prefer a private room--I know Azie has a space that's pretty nice, as does Lotus. But I'd love some more su...

Good Mexican in Jackson Heights

by Jack 20 years ago

Roosevelt Avenue in the 80s and 90s has a huge number of taquerias. Any particular recommendations?


by mark grossman 20 years ago

you order a dish that is not prepared satisfactorily.the management refuses to offer a refund orexchange or even a free dessert. What do youdo in that situation?? I paid for the meal withmy credit ...

Jackson Diner vs. Delhi?? a poll.....

by Susan O'Grady 20 years ago

want to take Dad for Indian food on Sunday and wanted to know which of the above my fellow chowhounds recommend....have been several times to Jackson Diner, although not recently....and vaguely rem...

Water Ice in South Philly

by Gabriel Solis 20 years ago

Hey-- I was coming home from South st. this evening and stopped at John's Water Ice on 7th and Christian. This place is great! I think it rivals the Lemon Ice King in Corona, Queens. This is t...

Wither Seattle Board?

by Jim Wong 20 years ago

I've been looking here occasionally, and have always been struck by how DEAD this board is compared to your others. I have a suggestion: spin off the Seattle board to its own. "Pacific NW" might ...

HELP: IRVINE on Sunday? Mexican?

by Nils 20 years ago

Hi, I'll be needing to eat dinner with a group of 6 or so in Irvine this Sunday around 9PM; I'd like Mexican (only if it's GREAT, and not just a stand) but will take anything fantastic. IDEAS, ple...

Just got back from a lardy potato chip run .......

by DAC 20 years ago

I stopped in at Weis Supermarket and bought Gibbles, Goods and Kings. I'll report back when I have completed my taste test. Also...bought a few of their yeast doughnuts..... they were TERRIFIC !

Dallas Dining

by Jim Zurer 21 years ago

I am off to Dallas on Sunday for a few days...Looking for Chowhound choices and other dining experiences. Will pay a premium for great food, but prefer casual, moderately-priced eating establis...

Visiting Portland & driving to Joseph

by Valerie 20 years ago

In June we're spending a Saturday night in Portland and then driving six hours east to Joseph, OR, driving back and spending a Friday night in Portland before flying out on Saturday. Any suggesti...

First: downhill alert?

by Adam Stephanides 20 years ago

Last night me and two companions ate at First, a place I'd last visited several years ago. The menu had changed: the suckling pig, once offered every Sunday, was no longer listed, and my impressio...

Two Oldies

by julie id 20 years ago

I lived in Berkeley how knows god long ago, and I'm wondering if the following two hotspots are still there: 1) Sam Wo in Chinatown. Was the ultimate dump; no windows; broken airconditioning; an...

Pho on the west side?

by Sue Cummings 20 years ago

A group of friends needs to find a Manhattan Pho restaurant with the space to host a large weekly gathering, ideally on Sunday afternoons. There are lots of choices in Chinatown, obviously, but we ...

restaurants in umbria

by flora 20 years ago

we will be in the cortona, italy area this summer and are wondering if anyone could recommend good restaurants in umbria or tuscany-family types would be best. thanks.

reasonable prix-fixe

by Lana 20 years ago

My mother is taking my whole family out (approx. 18 people which includes 3 children) to dinner for my sister's 25th anniversary. We want to find a restaurant with a price fixed menu so that the m...

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