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Restaurante Portugal in Ossining

by David Feldman 21 years ago

What do two single guys do on Valentine Days? If the two guys are Stinky and me, we visit the Sing Sing Prison Museum at the Croton Community Center in Ossining, New York. What do you do if t...

"Big Night" Italian

by David 20 years ago

Any suggestions for an old school Southern Italian restaurant where the food's more important than the kitsch factor and where the service is warm, not clubby. Perhaps something like a more down-to...

Carnegie Deli

by Rachel Perlow 20 years ago

Went there for a quick bite after Willie Gluckstern's wine tasting on Tuesday night. Jay's frankfurter and my knish (meat filling, reminiscent of corned beef hash) were good, but don't bother with...

Latin American in Philly For Gabriel in St. Louis

by Bruce Bilmes 20 years ago

Pasion! (exclamation point theirs), is wonderful. Not cheap, by Philadelphia standards, but still very reasonable. It's a "happening" place, so if you're not in that mood, be forewarned. But, th...

Indian Food in Ventura area

by lyn 20 years ago

Are there any good Indian food restaurants in Ventura County? We will even travel to Santa Barbara. We live in Ojai, Ca. which is approx. 12 miles east of Ventura.

Victoria pubs

by Laura Finnigan 20 years ago

Have you ever been to Vic? Well then I'm sure that you've heard about our pubs. I'll make it short and sweet, and just list a few of my favorites. The menu's are all pretty much your typical pub...

Neophytes in NOLA

by Alan 20 years ago

My wife and I will be in your town for a few days right after Memorial Day. I'm attending a conference, so we're staying at the Riverside Hilton. Neither one of us has been there before, and I'm ...

Victoria, BC

by Jerry Bank 22 years ago

I will be visiting Victoria, BC and would appreciate some restaurant recommendations. I eat everything, but would prefer things that would not be found in lovely Trenton, NJ, where I live. Tr...

Eating out in Victoria, B.C.

by Hagar Johansen 20 years ago

Thought I would start a bit of stuff on where to get good eats in Victoria. So you know my point of view/taste, I don't really care about how pretty my plate looks. I am very fussy about how the fo...

Real Beer in London

by Jeremy D. 20 years ago

Can anyone recommend any good pubs serving real beer, by which I mean a pub that is not slaved to one brewery but serves independent brews? I remember from my time living in London, about six year...

Brunch near JFK

by Su 20 years ago

Any good brunch places near JFK? Friends from CT meeting friends from LI and looking to go out to brunch. Familiar with Flushing, Whitestone, LGA areas - Help please - meeting tomorrow. Thanks


by Steve 20 years ago

Hello everyone.... Been awhile since I posted...am in Flushing for a couple days...not too familiar with this area...read through the flushing posts, and it seems like the most current reccomenda...

Anyone have experience with 107 Forest Avenue in Locust Avenue

by bluefrog 20 years ago

or Tupelo Honey in Sea Cliff? My son, the culinary student, has proposed several possibilities for a belated graduation dinner. (I don't remember the third at this point -- but will post more lat...

Long Island

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

Although I posted a message similar to this on the "Outer Boroughs" board and got some good responses, Jim Leff pointed out that I had chosen the wrong board. Obviously, this west coast guy nee...

acme bread

by Kathy 20 years ago

My good friend from the SF Bay Area has moved farther north, to Glenn, and she is very disappointed that she hasn't been able to find Acme bread in any of the stores. The closest big town is Chico...

Planet Hollywood.......R.I.P?

by worldlyman 20 years ago

In Houston, I was driving along the fabled, glitzy Post-Oak Galleria area and noticed that the sign and lights for Planet Hollywood were gone. Now, I've never eaten there and never have cared to....

Italian in West L.A. or the South Bay . . .

by jeff sutton 20 years ago

Hey, I'm always looking for casual but good Italian restuarants in West Los Angeles or the South Bay. I'm not looking for expense account places, just neighborhood places that have good food, p...

Need authentic Asian restaurant recommendations in LA.

by Mary 20 years ago

I am traveling to LA the week of Feb. 20-26,2000 from New York. Need recommendations for Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants. The real thing, please, not touristy. Thanks.

Lucien - best bistro?!

by Marge 20 years ago

I ate at Lucien this evening, the food was good and the service was friendly. The problem was the place itself: it was very noisy and HOT (there was a floor fan that didn't do much), and a bit lack...

Killer homecooked Italian on Ave. B

by JimmyZ 20 years ago

I had the pleasure of eating at Max this evening on Ave B. betw. 3&4 st. I hate to even post this rec. but I know you guys will appreciate it as much as I did. It's a one-room 30 seater (est.)w/ ...

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