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by Judith 20 years ago

Any recent dining experiences at this restaurant? Thinking of going for a birthday celebration in September.

cheap eats in glendale

by john k 20 years ago

(First - I must apologize for posting hastily to all these old threads. I was so excited by the board that I could not control myself.) I've lived in Glendale a few months, and I've just started...

handmade pork tamales orange county, california

by l frappia 20 years ago

you know what i want if you have a response to this request. i got some great ones at the swap meet in san luis obispo on sunday and at carniceria su mesa in santa maria on monday but i live 5 hou...

I need some really good tri tip

by kevin rea 20 years ago

Hi guys, I live in torrance, california. I need someplace that has a super tender, and juicy and yummy tri tip. can you please email me with it? thanks, Kevin Rea krea99@pacbell.net

Tong Shui/ "snow jello"

by Elaine 20 years ago

Help! Last night after an incredible dinner at Sun Lok Kee (which we found through chowhound - thanks guys), we went to the newest incarnation of Sweet & Tart for dessert. We all got tong shui ...

Foo Yee?

by Ind 20 years ago

In Jim's What I Had for Dinner, he talks about watercress with foo yee. What exactly is foo yee? Is it preserved bean curd? I have tried to do a search on the Internet with no results.

Peter Luger Steakhouse

by Aaron 20 years ago

I went to Lugers for the first time last night and I think it is as good as its reputation. We started with an o.k. green salad and then we had the porterhouse for 2, German potatoes and creamed s...

Private Dining Rooms in Manhattan

by Elaine 20 years ago

In December I am going to host a dinner party for 20 in NYC and need a really nice private dining room. Any suggestions? I now live in the Carolinas and need the local "real" story! Thanks.

Lao Food in So Cal?

by Ken Youngleib 20 years ago

A couple of years ago my wife and I visited Laos (Vientiane and Luang Prabang)and were blown away by some of the Lao specialties. I've done a fair bit of searching on the Web and I've yet to find ...

Village Lantern vs Juniper Cafe vs Zinno vs Knickerbocker

by Daveena 20 years ago

I'm looking for a venue for a low-key bachelorette party, about 12 people. Requirements: Live jazz (nothing too avant garde), but not a hard-core musicy clientele (it's not a rowdy crew, but we'd...

CICADA was wonderful

by joea 20 years ago

I promised Tom A. I would post a review after we visited. If you are looking for a Beautiful high-end restaurant, look no further. I was entertaining guests from San Francisco so I knew this n...

party venue?

by David Russinoff 20 years ago

My wife tells me that she wants to celebrate her 50th birthday in New York in December. She further thinks it would be swell if I were to take about 20 of her relatives and friends out to dinner. ...

Chowhound Dividend--the tables turn.

by Steve Drucker 20 years ago

Usually its us who look longingly at what Asians have ordered in the Chinese, Korean or other Asian restaurants we frequent. Last night the tables turned. At the local Penang, here in Atlanta, ...


by Stephen 20 years ago

cheap places for lobster and seafood buffet restaurants in the boston area

caipirihinas--the Brazilian drink

by Tom Linton 20 years ago

I am trying to find a caipirinia (the Brazilian drink made of cashasa) anywhere in Los Angeles.preferably on the west side...can't find any Brazilian restaurant that seves them...any ideas?

What's good in NY right now? Visiting soon...

by E. Rayno 20 years ago

Hi, We are visiting NY come Aug. 3-6th, and are interested in eating well. Right now, we have reservations at Vong and Union Square Cafe. Upon looking over these boards, we found mixed reviews o...

forget miami, the best cheeseburger in SoFla is in ft. lauderdale!

by brandee 20 years ago

if you are in the mood for a huge juicy cheeseburger with all the fixin's in the world, go to cheeburger cheeburger on las olas boulvard in downtown ft. lauderdale. tons of choices, great fries (ge...

Downtown Sunday Dinner - Not Expensive

by Aaron Tell 20 years ago

My parents will be in town this weekend and asked me to find a restaurant for this Sunday. I am looking for a restaurant that is located below 23rd street, has good food, and not too expensive (en...

Where to eat around Charles De Gaul Airport, Paris

by AL Sharff 20 years ago

Due to our schedule we'll spend a night at a hotel by the Charles De Gaul airport. Does anyone know a good place to have dinner in the airport area? In the past we've taken the RER into Paris but...

Shelburne, Vt., good restaurants?

by Judith 20 years ago

My husband and I will be going to Shelburne, Vt. on Aug.16th, can anyone recommend a really good restaurant?

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