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Mexican - Coyote Café?

by Tord 20 years ago

This is billed a Southwestern style place at 1 Kendall Place in Cambridge -a few blocks up Broadway from the Kendal T stop. 225-0888. The Coyote is part of a complex which includes Sammy's and the ...

Fat Tuesday - Harvard Gardens

by Tord 20 years ago

Mardi Gras is on in Boston. Harvard Gardens at 316 Cambridge St in Cambridge (523-2727) is combining Mardi Gras with their First Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday March 7th. They open at 5 PM an...

Looking for Hungarian restaurant in Tri-State area

by Mark P. 20 years ago

My Hungarian language class at NYU is planning an outing to a Hungarian restaurant to practice our Hungarian. We've learned that Mocca in NYC has closed. I read the post about Csardas in New Brunsw...

Midtown Evergreen Shanghai

by Steven Stern 20 years ago

The Shanghaization of Manhattan proceeds apace. At work today I found a takeout menu for a branch of Evergreen Shanghai at 10 E. 38th St. (btwn. Madison & 5th). I haven't heard anything about this,...

King Cake

by AHR 20 years ago

There was a "king cake" discussion here while ago. The following link points to Arthur Schwartz's mail-order recommendation. Link:

Wine Tasting

by Peter 20 years ago

Anybody going to the wine tasting at the Puck Building on Mar 13? This is sponsored by Gambero Rosso and Slow Food.

Lunch in Secaucus

by Jo-Ann 20 years ago

Anyone know of a great place for lunch in Secaucus? Upscale if possible.

vegetarian greek

by Jennifer 20 years ago

Now here's a real tough one _ I've been craving Greek food (harkening back to my days in Astoria) but want more veggie options than just a salad with feta. My mind is swimming with visions of veget...

West Texas & Southern New Mexico

by Michael Z. 20 years ago

I am planning a trip to Carlsbad & White Sands, as well as the Big Bend area including El Paso. Any suggestions for good Mex,Tex-Mex or BBQ (or for that matter any good food adventures) would be g...

Homemade Ravioli

by Lydia 20 years ago

I'm searching for excellent homemade ravioli in New Jersey, preferably with the traditional veal filling. Not an easy task. Any suggestions? If you could e-mail me that would be great since I do...

Anyone Have an Opinion on Artepasta on Greenwich?

by Joe D. 20 years ago

Am planning to go there tomorrow night based more on location rather than word of mouth.

sri lankan restaurants

by howler 20 years ago

not that i'm doubting big-dog, but are there really sri lankan restaurants in midtown? where?!


by Gerard Adelman 20 years ago

Going to Newport in Mid March with a group of about 9. Would like recommendations for a dinner on Saturday night. With a group that large a restaurant with a diverse menu might be best, but I woul...

Embryonic Chickens

by keith koenigsberg 20 years ago

On a recent trip to China, I spied but was too squeamish to eat, at some night-market tables, what I can only describe as Barbequed Embryonic Chickens on Skewers. I'm kicking myself for not t...

70th Birthday

by Andy 20 years ago

Hi Everyone, We're looking for a place to celebrate my Father-in-law's 70th birthday. There are probably going to be 10 adults and 8 kids. It will be on a Sunday (maybe a brunch?). The location ...

Parisian cheese restaurant

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

On the Rue Vignon, near the Madeleine, are several remarkable shops in addition to the well-known Fauchon. A Basque butcher has charcuterie to die for, the Maison du Miele over 40 types of honey. ....

Quisp and other Cereals

by Barb H. 20 years ago

Hey, Jim-- I just happened upon a cereal-fixated website, decided to check out the "what's new" page, and came across "Mike D's controversial review of Quisp." Thought you might be interested. L...

Choucroute Garni?

by Tord 20 years ago

I used to get choucroute plates in Alsace and in Paris when I lived in France. I recently tried the choucroute at Sandrines in Harvard Square - it bit the bag. I couldn't believe how "chemical" i...

Subs -- Vietnamese -- The Ba Le

by Tord 20 years ago

Paul called our attention to the bread used to make a sub. " Before I begin let me say…at least in my opinion…there can be no great sub without a great piece of bread. I believe a sub is 75% bread ...


by Andrew 20 years ago

I'm kind of surprised that there's been such little notice on these pages of Henry's - a newish (open @ 2 months) upper west side restaurant (105 and B'way).Well, I've been there 3 times now, 2 din...

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