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Vietnamese Restaurants Downtown

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Tom asked Anyone know of any other good Vietnamese joints downtown? ----- Reply --------- The Dong Khanh at 81 Harrison Ave in Chinatown. This place has been around for several years now and Vietn...

Thai Buffets

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

In the style of so many Chinese and Indian restaurants in Greater Boston some Thai places offer lunchtime buffets. Has anyone any opinions concerning these? I saw one such buffet promoted by a plac...

Speaking of red stuff.

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

Something that I have been wondering about for a long time: in Genesis 25, (Parshat Toldot) we read how Jacob buys Esau's birthright for a pot of red stuff. What could that have been? Most of ou...

Red food theme party

by Natasha 20 years ago

A friend is holding a party for which she would like to provide food of the red colour. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Any ethnicity is welcome.

Cajan -Where is the best?

by Joseph C. LaMaze 21 years ago

Could some please tell me where the best cajan food restaurant is in the borough of Queens. Thank You

ivy cottage/williston park long isand

by stephen kaye 20 years ago

anybody have any dining reviews?? thx in advance.

Chrystie Village better than Nyonya?

by Gary Cheong 20 years ago

This is a reply to Michael from the "Best food near Public theater" thread. I (like Jen Kalb) was also surprised by you rating Chrystie Village and NTG over Nyonya. I'm curious to know what y...

recommendations near Variety Arts

by phyllis 20 years ago

Hi, Looking for a recommendation for a good meal near the theater at 3rd and 12th Streets. One of our group doesn't like vegetarian so Angelica is out. Thanks.

Aquavit Cafe

by Liza 20 years ago

Wanted to post about a lovely experience at Aquavit's cafe. I was slightly nervous about a chilly reception and about the remembered tiny portions from a last visit to the dining room. Couldn't hav...

simply caribbean - tasty treat

by wayne 20 years ago

I checked this place out yesterday - it's on Sullivan St. just south of West 3rd in the village. It got a positive blurb in the NY Times Dining section recently. It's just a little storefront wi...

breakfast in Memphis

by Tatia Johnson 20 years ago

The very best breakfast chow in Memphis is to be found at Brother Juniper's College Inn - it's on Walker Ave. (off Highland, right in the middle of the "strip.") This is in the University of Memphi...

Singapore, Penang, Bangkok

by David P. Baker 20 years ago

We're going to southeast Asia for just over two weeks next week -- Singapore, Penang, and Bangkok -- and we're looking for tips on where best to masticate and swallow. We already know the basic p...

Salem St Italian Food

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Tom wrote --- Re(2): Salem St and North End Delights From: toms@ls.learnserv.com (Tom Stebbins) Posted: January 04, 2000 at 15:15:41 In Reply To: Re(1): Salem St and North End Delights Poste...

Will be at Rancho Valencia Feb3

by Stefany B. 20 years ago

I will be traveling from NYC to Rancho Valencia (North of San Diego) Feb 3 and would be really appreciative of any info about good places to eat dinner. I follow the NYC board religiously and know...

Clam Pizza, Long Island

by BillL 21 years ago

Any suggestions on where to get great clam pizza? I have been to Don Pepi's in New Haven (Great) and used to go to Lombardi's in Little Italy when I worked in SOHO. Let's hear about another plac...

Chelsea Piers

by Barb H. 20 years ago

Tomorrow night I will be stuck at Chelsea Piers with a couple of hours to kill and probably needing some grub. Any suggestions or warnings? Many thanks.

Buenos Aires/Santiago

by Andrea 20 years ago

Before and after walking in Patagonia we'd like to totally indulge - great street food, four star dining. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Any suggestions - with specific menu picks if you're so incline...

chocolate chip cookies and brownies

by Steven 20 years ago

In my mind, these are the best desserts in the world. Can I have some recommendations spanning all five boroughs?

Asian Market Restaurants

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Boston has several major Asian markets. Mings in the South End has been a leading one for years. Mings opened a marvelous restaurant ajacent to the rear of its building. It is inexpensive, authenti...

Vaux - Tribeca comes to the Slope

by Josh 20 years ago

Hit Vaux on 5th Ave and Carroll last night for a generally enjoyable evening. Best of three 1st courses we tried is a plate of three different seared fish - salmon, tuna & scallop, which I would cl...

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