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Austin - addresses/phone #'s

by Cathy 20 years ago

Sorry, I should have included specific locations for the places I mentioned. Here they are (missing some phone numbers.) Cisco's, 1511 E. 6th Street. 512-478-2420. Curra's, 614 E. Oltorf, 512-4...

Komodo...Worth a Look

by DBL 20 years ago

hola friends... i went to Komodo, a relatively new place in the east village [12th and Ave. A], last night and i must say, it's definitely worth a look if you like creative food...they serve fush...

japanese sweets

by pat hammond 20 years ago

Can anyone come up with the name of the shop in mid-town that specializes in Japanese sweets? Thanks as always (in advance). p.

Book Review: The Invention of the Restaurant

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

Salon today reviews a book on the origin of restaurants in 19th-century France. Link: http://www.salon.com/books/review/2000/03/24/spang/index.html

Anyone know a good place to eat in Richmond Hill??

by Steve 20 years ago

I just moved my office to Richmond Hill ( Jamaica Ave and Lefferts Blvd area ). I need to know a few good places to eat lunch in the area. I am willing to try just about anything. Any suggestion...

What's this I hear about a Twinkies shortage?

by christina z 20 years ago

I heard the truckers that bring Twinkies snack cakes fo market are planning to go on strike. I don't eat Twinkies but I know they are very popular so if this rumor is true there may be widespread...


by Frank Leone 20 years ago

I was considering going to this place based on Arthur Schwartz's favorable reaction to the place. Has anyone else been there that can describe what it's like? Thanks. Frank

Someplace snazzy in San Antonio, TX?

by Molly 21 years ago

Looking for a suggestion for an elegant dining experience in San Antonio, Texas.

Dining with the Rotarians

by george osner 20 years ago

While Chowhound is devoted mainly to dining at restaurants, I want to note that some of the most excellent experiences you can have are at club events. An example was this evening's Ceres (CA) Rot...

pumpernickel bagels

by pat hammond 20 years ago

Calvin Trillin had wonderful chowhoundy piece in the most recent New Yorker about his search for the pumpernickel bagels of his daughters' childhoods. If only he'd tuned in to this site i'll bet w...

See's Candies revisited: marzipan

by Caitlin 20 years ago

I'm new to this site, so I missed the earlier disciussion of See's. I grew up in See's country, and while I think some of their creations (and especially the truffles) so-so at best, I have to say...

Oh, My Lucky Charms....

by julie id 20 years ago

I saw a cartoon which referred to the "good ol' days, when Lucky Charms only had 4 shapes". I don't know the official names, but to the layman, they look like Heart, Star, Moon, and 4-leafed Clove...

The Perfect Lunch?

by AHR 20 years ago

Taken today at the Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia Street: - A glass (or two) of Pinot Gris. - A bowl of silken, smoky clam chowder with bacon. - A dozen briny, glistening oysters, just opened. ...

Pizza By The Slice In Brooklyn

by Rich Zoon 20 years ago

Hey everyone- Looking for QUALITY pizza by the slice in Brooklyn. REAL fresh cheese, thin crust.... you know what i mean! One of the best I've found is SALS PIZZA on 86th Street in Bay Ridge.....

Santa Maria Tri-Tip in Coalinga: Fred Sweeney

by george osner 20 years ago

OK, this is a trick post: Fred Sweeney is not from Coalinga, he's from Arroyo Grande (not Santa Maria). Fred caters a couple of hot-air ballooning events we fly at, including the redoubtable WHA...

Beaufort, South Carolina

by Michael Z 20 years ago

I will be in Beaufort,SC for several days and would appreciate recommendations of regional restaurants. Diners, shacks and similar venues are of particular interest.

excellent chinese baked goods

by andrew reibman 20 years ago

after a fine lunch at pho tu do (119 bowery - previously recommended here) we went across the street to get my son a pork bun fix and pick up some desserts. we went to the shandy bakery (not sur...

80th B'Day Party in Bklyn

by Linda Cummings 20 years ago

Making my Dad an 80th B'Day party on June 3rd. Would like it to be in Bklyn. Need help!!! Need a private room for 40. All food okay except Chinese.

merquez sausages

by elyse m. 20 years ago

where can i buy merguez sausages in brooklyn ,queens or staten island ?

Where's Kim (formerly at Captain King)?

by Laurence Molloy 20 years ago

Does anyone know where Kim (formerly at Captain King) is cooking now? Thanks. Larry

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