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by Peter Cuce 20 years ago

OK, so I realize that fondue isn't a great culinary treat, but a friend of mine has been hankering for it, and ever since La Fondue closed, I have nowhere to take her. Is there a place in NYC (pref...

Decent Lunch Place near Bloomies

by judith 20 years ago

I hate the Bloomingdales area because restaurants there are so overpriced, but recently a friend took me to City Cafe, a pleasant, reasonably priced, above average coffee shop with good service on ...

Excited about Union Pacific

by Liza 20 years ago

Silly me called Babbo at noon. One month in advance. They could offer me 5:30 or 10:45 for dinner for four. "Would you be willing to reduce your party to two?" Um, no. So I called Union Pacific. ...

To Tom Armitage

by Keith 20 years ago

Tom, Well, I got a hold of a good Mexican cookbook (see all those posts below about my questions on Mexican cooking), made some shredded beef and Spanish rice for some burritos for the wife and I...

fantasy food weekend (long)

by Patryce 20 years ago

I just want to let you all know how pleased I was to find your website. Ironically I came across it while doing a search for Z****t--their server must have been down b/c their page wouldn't come up...

A Visit to the Arepa Lady

by AHR 20 years ago

A friend and I set out for Jackson Heights last night, arriving at what we took to be the northwestern corner of Roosevelt and 79th at about 10:24 p.m. Seeing no arepa lady, and reluctant to pa...

unusual in Montreal/unique to Montreal

by keitk k 20 years ago

I'd like to surprise my hosts this weekend, in Montreal, by taking them someplace they don't know about. Can anyone recommend anything exotic/unique/weird/off the beaten path (not necessarily uspc...

best Birmingham BBQ?

by Carolyn 20 years ago

On our way through Birmingham AL next month we'll be stopping to eat, preferably BBQ. Which is better: Dreamland or Bob Sykes? Or some other place I need to know about? I'd appreciate your opinion...

quiet Saturday lunch near 228 W. 47th St

by Patryce 20 years ago

My cousin and I are visiting Manhattan the weekend of February 18th. An aunt and two other cousins are coming into the city to have lunch with us on Saturday the 19th. They will meet us at our hote...

Downtown Ft. Lauderdale's newest hot spot.

by William Fox 20 years ago

The downtown Ft. Lauderdale restaurant sweepstakes improved considerably for the serious diner recently with the addition of the Samba Room. Besides being the latest local "hot spot," Chef Jose Sa...

BBQ in San Francisco

by Mark Sinclair 20 years ago

I recently took a long trip to the West coast, during which time I ate a lot of really bad food. (My traveling companions' tastes would make most Chowhounds gasp.) But I did have a few good meal...

Chinease New Year

by Liza J 20 years ago

Does anyone know a fabulous place for Chinease new year? I know in the times tomorrow they're bound to publish something that will have the good places booked up in a heartbeat, but I'd love to hea...

The Best Chinese New Year Banquet in Westchester?

by John Hammon 20 years ago

Went to Hunan Village on Central Park Ave. in Yonkers Sat. evening for annual Chinese New Year Banquet. It was outstanding! Our family has been going out for Chinese New Year banquet each year for ...

Pearsons Closed Due to Cold

by Saul 20 years ago

We gather the troops and drive 24 miles, following the fantastic odor from the pit. First time in over a year that I will be eating the taste of brisket like no other. We load up two cars and head ...

birthday dilemma:uzbekistan, salut or tajikistan?

by Mary 20 years ago

I'm on this Central Asia kick, and it's my birthday soon, so I have the notion to use it as an excuse to drag my pals out to one of the Uzbekistani places this weekend. I've never tried any of the...

Cookbook query

by Susan 20 years ago

I've read some good things about James Peterson's "Essentials of Cooking." Has anyone out there seen/used it? Would you recommend it? I'm interested less in recipes than in his explanations of tech...


by Rachel Hope 20 years ago

Marriage. We're looking for a caterer for our wedding in Berkeley in August. Our idea is relatively casual with the food emphasizing seasonality (making good use of fresh produce). Any recommend...

Naan Bread

by Jenni 20 years ago

I love Indian Food. I've been trying to recreate some restaurant specials at home. The entree part is easy enough but for some reason I've never been able to produce acceptable naan bread. Mine ...

Ethiopian in Baltimore?

by peter 20 years ago

Anybody know of/enjoyed Ethiopian in Baltimore? I had a good (but not great) meal at Five Seasons on St. Paul. I don't know of any other Ethiopian Restaurants, but there must be some (I hope).


by Christine Bridges 21 years ago

Well, although I wish I were going to the San Gabriel Valley in California, I find myself headed to Baltimore on Monday for a week on business. Anyone have any favorites in the downtown area? ...

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