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How to make tsukemen broth creamy and thick?

by Chili_Junkie 2 years ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I love ramen and make good ramen myself. (White tonkotsu for 13 hrs, marinate my o...


Ketsani commented 3 hours ago

Ontario Corn...is it at the markets yet?

by Yongeman 7 years ago

I saw some trimmed corn labelled, 'Ontario' at a small fruit and veg. store yesterday. I haven't been to a farmers' m...


juno commented 3 hours ago

Best Cassoulet?

by kessdarln 8 years ago

Fell in love with Cassoulet in Carcassonne. I've tried Gascogne and Les Halles. Both were good. Any other recommend...


guttergourmet commented 3 hours ago

Castile Cake? Anyone heard of it and happen to know where I can get one in NY?

by AdHoc25 8 years ago

So, I have a friend who's been looking for this cake (either Castile of Castelle) because it was something she used t...


Joani_1 commented 3 hours ago

Eggs galore

by sosayi 2 days ago

Let's say your CSA keeps giving you eggs. And you're drowning in them.... ideas? Favorite ways to use up lots of e...

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 3 hours ago

2018 End of Summer Cookware Deals and Delights

by The Chowhound Team 6 hours ago

Let's continue the conversation here. For the previous discussions follow the links below. — Part I - https://www....


jennykay commented 3 hours ago

Le P'tit Restau in Loches, Loire

by Kurtis 3 hours ago

This is a restaurant that is not really as one hope to find in the country; husband and wife team, with one server, l...

Tramontina Deep Fryer: Anyone Tried This?

by Libranflight 9 months ago

Anyone used this? It seems very versatile and inexpensive, and somehow has rivets on the outside, but not on the ins...


Libranflight commented 3 hours ago

convection again / why does my fan go on and off?

by BJE 11 years ago

I used my new convection oven today for the first time. It is a "true convection" oven with an extra element at the f...


princedj01 commented 3 hours ago

Freezing Anchovies

by kjbnyc 1 year ago

I have read that anchovies can go bad quickly, even when stored in the fridge and packed in oil. Can they be froze...


Drokthwart commented 3 hours ago

Big Sur & Central Coast Hwy 1 Closures [and Updates]

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Due to the damage to Pfeiffer Bridge and landslides in recent storms, Highway 1 is expected to remain closed at Big S...


mike0989 commented 4 hours ago

Saleh Hamshari's Mean Green Sauce

by ibew292 6 months ago

A friend in Kenya wants me to bring some. Where is it for sale in Minneapolis? I have feelers out but nothing yet. Pl...


Bhannapowers commented 4 hours ago

Remember Hobeau's?

by Linda 15 years ago

When we lived in NY, our favorite neighborhood restaurant was Hobeau's, which sadly has closed. Has anyone found ano...


akamother commented 4 hours ago

What cookbooks have you bought, or are you lusting after? July, 2018 edition!

by buttertart 17 days ago

I finally read all the way through The Artful Baker and have decided I need a hard copy. The recipes are entrancing....

Caitlin McGrath

Caitlin McGrath commented 5 hours ago

NYC Restaurant Week Price Increase!!

by vinouspleasure 1 day ago

To date, lunch has included three courses. This summer, for the first time, lunch is not included. The price for lun...


vinouspleasure commented 5 hours ago

What's for Dinner #417 (July 2018) -Mid-Summer!

by sallyt 16 days ago

I can't believe it's July! How's your garden? CSA? Farm share? In New England, it's cherry season... Here's wher...


islandmermaid commented 5 hours ago