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I generally enjoy “Poor Man’s Cuisine” the most

by Smokeydoke30 10 days ago

I got to thinking, what were some of my favorite dishes to eat? Pinto beans Rice in every way; fried rice, jook, plain, rice pudding Pulled pork Dal Chili Roasted chicken Pizza Noodles,...

Customers spreading germs in restaurants

by Gromek 3 hours ago

At the place where I work there are many international guests and due to the awareness placed on sanitation and spreading of germs I have a question. Can I as a server tell my manager id prefer no...

Bahn Mi Zon (San Rafael)

by Malcolm Ruthven 1 year ago

Bahn Mi Zon until recently was food-truck-only, but they recently opened a shop in San Rafael near the Marin County Civic Center. I've been a few times and like their Banh Mi a lot. The baguettes h...

Where to for Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras in metro NYC?

by gutreactions 17 days ago

It's coming up fast. Fat Tuesday celebrations will take place on Tuesday, February 25th. Do you mark Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday? If you can't make it to New Orleans, where are the best spots in the New...


News 12 Westchester Food Fight 2020 Finalists...

by gutreactions 5 days ago

Well, here they are. The most popular eateries in the Hudson Valley, according to voters on News 12 Westchester. The finalists: http://westchester.news12.com/story/41646506/wchv-food-fight-2020 ...


Paris with wife and kids chow worthy 8 jours Juillet

by chadnibal 6 hours ago

Finally, the kids are old enough to behave and enjoy food! My wife and I adored Julien when it was part of Brasserie Flo, but looking at the current menu there's no cassoulet, no bone marrow, no p...

Pork Back Ribs v Pork Baby Back Ribs

by CocoaNut 9 years ago

Technically, from a butcher's perspective, is there a difference between the cut of ribs labeled "Baby Back" vs simply "Back" ribs? This past weekend at the grocery, I picked up a package of rib...

ENGLISH MUFFINS AND CRUMPETS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, February, 2020

by LulusMom 21 days ago

Welcome to our DOTM reporting thread for February 2020. Our dish this month is English Muffins and Crumpets. Apparently making English Muffins at home isn’t difficult, and they are supposed to tast...


Emboss my burger, please!

by gutreactions 14 hours ago

Have you noticed some restaurants embossing their burger buns with a logo? Two restaurants in Westchester County that I know of are doing this right now: Kee Oyster House in White Plains, and The U...

"new" restaurant in downtown Astoria, Oregon

by Duke Dee 17 years ago

The Silver Salmon Grille has arrived since my last visit in 1999. They have an ambitious menu- has anyone been?


Washington DC spingbreak trip

by toklife 2 days ago

We are going for a 5 day trip to Washington DC at the beginning of March, 11-year-old and myself. We will be staying near Rosslyn and Courthouse in Arlington VA and I would really appreciate sugges...

Trader Joe's food delivered to your door

by HillJ 6 years ago

If the service was offered in your neighborhood would you use it? http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20130917/NEWS07/130919819/get-trader-joes-food-delivered-to-your-door Thru Instacart you...


Is this just-bought chicken gone bad?

by lisaleira 14 hours ago

I just bought some chicken thighs and a very good quality grocery store here in Istanbul. It was like an organic nice brand, and I was really surprised when I opened the package of the three chicke...


A Hack For Descaling Fish?

by Amandarama 13 hours ago

At the end of this article: https://www.foodandwine.com/cooking-techniques/vegetable-peeler-supper-club the author says a good Y-shaped vegetable peeler can be used to descale fish. Has anyone tr...

Da Toscano opens in Greenwich Village

by rrems 10 hours ago

Da Toscano opened a couple of weeks ago on Minetta Lane, in the space that was last occupied by Perla. We had a wonderful dinner the other night, and will surely be back many times. The minestra...



by dubchild 6 days ago

Hummussiah is a hummus joint near Dundas and Church. They claim to be the first in Toronto. The menu has vegetarian and vegan options, and is maybe halal, but don't hold me to that. I've been se...


Alo Reservation Available Feb 27 7:15pm

by rothwellsmith 13 hours ago

Hi There, I have a reservation for 2pp that is available at Alo on Feb 27 @ 7:15pm - it is for the extended Tasting Menu As there are no refunds, if anyone is interested in taking the reservat...