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kosher restaurants across the country

by adamstoler 22 years ago

doesn't anyone notice 2 simple facts? 1.that this board seems to focus almost entirely on the 5 boros? 2.that when you travel, all you can seem to find are kosher-STYLE restaurants? how about loo...


by ELN 21 years ago

Has anyone heard of a smoked or cured fish with this (or similar) name? I'd like to know its correct name and where to get it. Thanks.

Good restaurant in Venice

by bob p 22 years ago

Venice now exists only for tourism, so indifferent food and terrible service are easy to find. After two days of really unpleasant dining experiences in October we took an acquaintance's advice and...

Carmel Emerald Riesling

by Marianne Seggerman 21 years ago

My company sent me to Tel Aviv for 3 months last year and I developed a taste for the local "plonk". Yeah, I know, it's cheap, and not especially dry - but I love the stuff. Anyone who knows anyo...

Kosher Dogs

by Michael 21 years ago

Please HELP!! stuck here in the norhwest I can,t find a good Kosher dog.If not good Kosher dog I would settle for a nathans or a dozen. Can anyone help?? Mike S. P.S. A good corned beef sandwhich...


by Kent 21 years ago

Okay, this question is mostly theoretical, but, are hedgehogs kosher?

Six:13 gourmet kosher restaurant in London

by magnolia 21 years ago

see my post on the International Board for more details...

kosher blue-veined cheeses

by Meemse 21 years ago

I used to be able to get a kosher gorgonzola and can no longer find it, not even in Monsey. Does anybody know of any place where I can find a kosher, blue-veined cheese, whether gorgonzola, stilto...

freezing gefilte fish

by Phil Rose 21 years ago

My wife went overboard and made a truckload of salmon gefilte fish. I assume freezing is OK. What's best method of defrosting? Thanks.

kosher deli in Brooklyn

by Alfred Gingold 23 years ago

I'm looking for serious Kosher deli in Brooklyn. Does anyone have any rec's?

Great Boston-area kosher

by Cynthia 21 years ago

If you're in the Boston area, check out Zaatar's Oven at 242 Harvard Street, Brookline (617-731-OVEN). At lunch, it's great soups, salads, and flatbreads, pitas, and "sanbusaks" stuffed with delici...

Madras Cafe in East Village -- Yummy Kosher Indian

by Amy Tarshis 21 years ago

BH If you haven't been to the Madras Cafe, an all-vegetarian Indian place that is very good, very inexpensive and is supervised by Rabbi Ackerman, a halachic kind of guy.

Hebrew National Polish Sausages

by Jill Rovitzky Black 21 years ago

I haven't been able to find Hebrew National polish sausages lately. Anyone know if they are still available, and if so where I could find them?

Mabat in Tenafly, anyone?

by shane 21 years ago

I'm informed by the Jersey-Orthodox faction of my family that there is a Mabat--similar sounding (probably under the same management) to the Brooklyn one described in Jim's book--in Tenafly, NJ. ...

Kosher in L.A.

by Ruth 21 years ago

Help! I am looking for an upscale Kosher restaurant in Los Angeles to take my father-in-law for his birthday. I know about Milky Way but I was looking for non-dairy. Any every heard of Pat's? Thanks.

kosher restaurants in toronto

by ELLEN SONES 21 years ago

Today is wednesday, april 5(?6) and I just found out I'm going to Toronto Motzaie Shabbos. I've looked up restaurants already but I'd like some recommendations. Can anyone help? I'd really appre...

Baba restaurant in Rego Park

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

See my too long posting on the outer boroughs board for a report on a visit to this kosher nightclub. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/235657#1249292

Falafel in the Garment District

by Chris Dalrymple 22 years ago

If you've heard of PITA PLACE, stop me now. Not being a habitue of New York's Garment District I just found it. Though the address is 247 West 38th Street, like many kosher restaurants in midtown M...

kosher dairy food restuarants-NYC

by il davis 22 years ago

Looking to find out if there are any remaining "old time" or new kosher dairy foods restaurants like the Farm Foods,etc of years ago.I guess they were kosher,vegetarian and dairy. Thanks, il davis

kosher restaurants

by helene 22 years ago

there's a relatively new kosher dairy italian restaurant on central avenue in lawrence, long island. it is very pretty and the food is very good. it is called Primavera.

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