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Kosher food, kosher restaurants, kosher travel options and hotels, kosher packaged foods—get the lowdown on it all, and be sure to add your own kosher tips!

Trader Joe's Kosher:

by marissaj 8 years ago

So, in the refridgerated section I found kosher crescent rolls in a can, kosher biscuits in a can and kosher cinnamon...


mrsbrite commented 12 days ago

Kosher Food at Atlanta Airport (TIMELY!)

by vallevin 6 years ago

Looks like my mom will have to hang out there for about 9 hours today. Any vending machines? Any insights? Thanks


djeardoc commented 14 days ago

ISO Kosher Goose

by iris 2 years ago

This article reminded me of how good this would be. Does anyone have a source for kosher geese?


arh commented 20 days ago

I & D Glatt Opening in West Hempstead

by jeterfan 11 years ago

I & D Glatt (butcher) of Brooklyn fame is opening in J & M Glatt's location in West Hempstead (Long Island, NY). Ther...


646Brooklyn commented 27 days ago

Helzel the easy way

by Genius25 3 years ago

A Jewish substitute of Kiske was Helzel. You take the skin from a chicken neck sew the small end stuff and sew the la...


bagelman01 commented 1 month ago

Interesting items at KolSave in Lawrence

by EvanM 2 months ago

Kolsave in Lawrence NY had some interesting items when I went there on a Friday 2 weeks ago. Pulled beef rugelach. Ne...


MartyB commented 2 months ago

Kosher chicken for the holidays - RDU

by Rory 2 months ago

Help hounds! Whole Foods in Chapel Hill no longer carries Empire kosher chickens (I hate you Jeff Bezos). Does anyone...


zsero commented 2 months ago

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Jujyfruits Kosher status

by comerbeber 2 months ago

Jujyfruit candy made by Ferrara Candy Company and avaialable at many Rite Aids, Walgreens etc. seems to have lost the...

Kosher Gourmet Magazine

by ItCouldBeWorse 2 months ago

I have 12 issues available if someone wants them.


dklein commented 2 months ago

Wine with really low Alcohol percent

by MartyB 9 years ago

What are some of the choices for low Alcohol wines. I know of "Kedem Concord Kal" at 3.5%. Any others out there? I wo...


caring4you commented 2 months ago

Kosher Sausage Casings

by dmel 7 years ago

Rather than replying to an old thread on this, I figured I'd start a new one... I am looking to purchase kosher sa...


cwdawkins commented 3 months ago

Kosher Churros or Funnelcakes in NY?

by Luckydog 12 years ago

Hi. Does anyone know of any kosher churros or funnelcakes in either Manhattan or Brooklyn? I really really want to tr...


zsero commented 3 months ago

Kosher Takuan/Danmuji

by eatsandfoodstuff 3 months ago

Hi are any of you aware of kosher takuan/pickled daikon radish? I have been looking for a while and have not been abl...


lburrell commented 3 months ago

Jumex Juices kosher?

by sanekosher 4 years ago

Anyone have info re kashrut of Jumex Juices? In advertisements they claim they're kosher but I can't seem to find an...


jorgeb commented 3 months ago

Vegan Shabbat meals & dishes

by AdinaA 6 years ago

I sometimes need to produce a vegan meal, or add vegan options to a meat meal. I look for dishes that are good eno...


sjscherchow commented 3 months ago

Egg and Onion

by DaisyM 5 years ago

When I was a child one of my favorite things about Passover was having egg and onion. We got it at our local deli. ...


zsero commented 3 months ago

Rent-a-shochet for organic kosher meat in Pacific Northwest???

by Betsy Hoffmeister 14 years ago

A great debate is transpiring in my corner of the Pacific Northwest, between the kosher keeping folks, the organic ea...


QFamilyFarm commented 4 months ago

Chalav stam in Holland

by Subtletea 4 months ago

We are planning to be in Amsterdam. Is all the regular milk okay, including UHT (the little plastic liquid packages ...


Subtletea commented 4 months ago

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Where does one find good smoked fish in Dallas?

by DTropp 4 months ago

I'm heading to Dallas later today for a family funeral (maternal uncle) and have been tasked with ordering smoked fis...

The Healthiest Kosher Hot Dog

by Niceguy932 4 months ago

Tried this brand Abie’s kosher hot dogs from a supermarket in great neck and it not only has pure natural ingredients...


MikeG commented 4 months ago