Prima donna

Name: Prima Donna (pree-mah DAHN-nah).

Milk: Cow, pasteurized.

Place of origin: Netherlands.

Age: 14 months.

Texture: Hard.

Rind: Wax (inedible).

Rennet: Traditional.

Description: This smooth, firm cheese is sweet, nutty, and caramel-like with crunchy bits of crystallized proteins.

Serving suggestion: You can enjoy Prima Donna as it is, but because it melts well, try it in a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, or use it for macaroni and cheese.

Beverage recommendation: The nuttiness of this cheese stands up well to ruby or tawny ports. Additionally, a malty Weizenbock-style beer has sweetly aromatic hints of clove that play off the caramel aspect of the cheese.

How long will it keep? No more than three weeks.

—Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic