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re: "Egg mounds" from "What's My Craving" Board

by folklaur70 16 years ago

Originally posted by mrschow on What's My Craving - not yet reposted here but I wanted to respond...original post is below my comments: Sounds to me like you ate basically...scrambled eggs, as yo...

request: polenta and chocolate cake or other dessert

by kate 16 years ago

I love the grainy, nutty texture of polenta (cornmeal) in desserts, and would be interested in making something that pairs polenta and chocolate - a cake, or cookies, or anything, in fact! The o...

cranberry sauce

by hildegard 16 years ago

i need some recipes for cranberry sauce

T'day...What went wrong?

by sue 16 years ago

For my vegetarian guests,I prepared a lasagna using Barillo no-boil lasagna(first time using this). I used four sheets(layers) of the lasagna, put sauce on the bottom of the pan before I began laye...

"Fresh Noodles", how long do they last?

by Funwithfood 16 years ago

I am making turkey soup from the turkey carcass today. Unfortunately, the "fresh" noodles (soft/refrigerated kind) have been in the fridge for 2 months (don't ask). Are they still good? Or, wo...

I'm probably over ambitious, but.....

by redglass 16 years ago

I've decided that I'm done with Christmas cookies and I'm going to make homemade bread for gifts this year. I've had relatively good luck with plain old homemade white bread made at home. Anyone ...

What to do w/ a jar and-a-half of chestnuts?

by ANCyM 16 years ago

I have a 14.5 oz jar and-a-half of chestnuts left over from last night. Can anyone suggest some good recipes in which to use them? Perhaps a nice soup or stew, or something else savory and hearty...

Separation anxiety

by Shaebones 16 years ago

Used to make this chocolate peanut brittle every Christmas but the last few attempts have miserably failed for some reason. The butter seems to separate out and I can't get it to stay mixed. What a...

Calling all turkey experts....Once and for all...I need a solution! (Long)

by Chuck 16 years ago

I am nearly 60 and have been cooking turkeys for more than 20 years. But, I still cannot overcome one little problem and it rears it's ugly head up time and again! The white meat cooks faster than...

What to do w/ Veal Liver?

by Carb Lover 16 years ago

I happened to be at the market yesterday doing my regular shopping amidst all the T-giving frenzied folks picking up their Heritage turkeys, loading up on potatoes, etc. Needing a reprieve from T...

beef carbonade and porcini mushrooms

by vozick 16 years ago

Can I add rehydrated porcini mushrooms to Beef carbonade (made with beer)? Thanks.

Soto Ayam - jonesing

by non veg 16 years ago

Just back from Bali, the island of the gods. Had the tastiest soto ayam (chiken soup with noodles) served with rice. Have not been able to find anything remotely as delicious here in Los Angeles. A...

Gourmet Magazine-'Sauced Up Savannah'

by Anna 'Boo' Carroll 16 years ago

In the December 2004 issue of Gourmet, you'll find a story on Savannah, it's historical architecture and the re-discovery of things old. Famous old restaurants and shops that recently closed, are ...

Pressure cooker

by sue 16 years ago

Is it possible to adapt a recipe from a slow cooker to a pressure cooker? Does anyone have any thoughts on how to do this? There are a zillion recipes on-line using a slow cooker, but I don't have ...

exceptional recipe for Waldorf Salad?

by Spencer 16 years ago

ANyone have an exceptional recipe for Waldorf Salad? Thanks in advance, Spencer

Thanksgiving Soup

by kitty kat kid 16 years ago

Happy Turkey Day to all chowhounds. Any body have a good soup recipe for Thanksgiving??? I usually make either a cream of asparagus soup or a curried carrot soup, I am bored of them after so many y...

subbing pig's feet for ham hocks?

by emdb 16 years ago

I'm making the choucroute bread pudding in the recent food and wine for my turkey day stuffing, and am having trouble tracking down an unsmoked ham hock in the Boston area. The ham hock is used to...

spicy candied ginger recipe?

by wow i'm a dog 16 years ago

anyone have a recipe for spicy candied ginger? i'm trying to replicate the bulk candied ginger sold at rainbow grocery in san francisco. thanks.

Cocoa Powder Question

by DanaB 16 years ago

Hi All -- I'm looking for a dessert recipe that I can make for a dinner party where two people have ingredient limitations (one is wheat free, and the other doesn't eat dairy). I also want the d...

Frozen Cinnamon Rolls

by Murrmaid 16 years ago

I like to bring something home-made as a hostess gift or for those who warrant more than a card. In the past I've made panetone, cranberry cordial, malted-cinnamon pancake mix (the King Arthur reci...

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