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Cuisinart DLC-X

by phoebek 16 years ago

I have a 20+ year old DLC-X food processor. When I first got it, I was doing some catering and really gave it a workout. Over time, some of the plastic parts have cracked, pieces have snapped off, ...

Thanks, great meal

by Babs 16 years ago

Thanks, chowhounds, had friends for dinner last Wednesday and made Chicken Marbella as recommended from this site, along with the suggested sides, couscous and roasted green beans. Finished with G...

Grilled Cheese, new ideas?

by Raymond 16 years ago

OK, so I've decided on having grilled cheese tonight with some soup. But tired of usual american cheese & tomato grilled cheese, anything new/exciting you can come up with? I just read this Cheddar...

Taragon Tahini Yogurt

by KrissyWats 16 years ago

No, not together (although...hmmm) but I have three seperate questions: 1) I go through spice/herb phases and right now I'm big on taragon. I've been using it a lot on chicken and I added it to ...

What to do with this syrup?

by nearsighted lady 16 years ago

While my college student son was home visiting over winter break, I bought him a bottle of raspberry/cranberry juice. He drank a couple of glasses before he left, leaving me with about 3/4 of the j...

Thank you for perfect potatoes and pear cake

by Robin 16 years ago

Thank you all! I have made the perfect roasted potatoes (recipe found in December here) as well as the pear tart two nights in a row! My family says they are the best things I've ever made...."good...

In The Mood...for Blue Cheese Dip

by Funwithfood 16 years ago

I am in the mood for dip :) Epicurious has their Blue Cheese and Caramelized Shallot Dip, which sounds pretty good. I love an iceberg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and chopped red onion...

can you recommend a cookbook?

by Buford 16 years ago

I have a cupboard full of cookbooks that I never use, and I spent some time today analyzing the problem. What I need, I decided, is a cookbook that has the following three properties: (1) it exp...

Rabbit Recipes

by missem 16 years ago

Anyone have a favorite rabbit recipe to share? The butcher at my Italian market talked me into two (whole) 2.5 pound rabbits and I don't know what to do with them. I've googled, but still feel...

And good tofu curry recipes?

by LB 16 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a really good tofu curry recipe made with perhaps coconut milk. Whenever I attempt a recipe like this it never turns out good so I'm hoping someone has a foolproof recipe? Also,...

Funnest food ever

by Nyleve 16 years ago

I hope this request isn't too vague. What I'm looking for are ideas for really fun food things. For instance, six-legged chicken (I've done this already) or ice cream in a baggie. It can be for any...

metric to imperial

by Petit Pois 16 years ago

I live in a metric-system country, but I'm American and own a lot of American cookbooks. I have all my yankee measuring cups and spoons with me, but have a huge problem measuring butter. One stick ...

Weighing pulses

by yumyum 16 years ago

In a bid to get healthy this year I've been looking at a lot of bean recipes. However having been burnt before when trying to convert the weight of dried beans in recipe, I need guidance on how t...

Venison backstrap (mignon)

by lucia 16 years ago

I have a 1-lb venison backstrap (sort of like a filet mignon) marinating in olive oil and herbs (thyme, bay, juniper berries, allspice, pepper, salt), planning to cook it tonight. I don't know w...

Tips for freezing butternut squash?

by farmersdaughter 16 years ago

I am looking at a huge butternut squash that I have halved but not peeled. I only need half of it for dinner tonight. Can I just freeze the other half (well wrapped of course) without peeling or ...

Knive Discussion Moved Here (from Not About Food)

by Chino Wayne 16 years ago

I think it is half about the material in the steel and how the steel is fabricated, and half about how a knife feels in your own hands. I own only one "good" knife, it is a Gerber chef that we re...

Julia Child's tarte tatin

by heidipie 16 years ago

Has anyone out there made the Tarte Tatin recipe in "Mastering the Art of French Cooking"? Instead of laying rounded ends of apples down into caramelized butter and sugar, she cuts the apples thinl...

Pot Size

by sadie r. fineman 16 years ago

When I look at a recipe, it says medium saucepan, small saucepan, large saucepan, large dutch oven, or no specified size at all, etc. maybe its just me, but it is not intuitive what this means. is ...

working with wet doughs?

by dixieday 16 years ago

I love hard-crusted, holey-inside artisanal breads, and have tried my hand at baking a number of them, especially using the recipes from Fran Gage's Bread and Chocolate book, since I loved the Bay ...

Galleygirl PEAR TART....other fruits?

by Robin 16 years ago

OK, so I couldn't resist. I tried this tart tonight, and it was PERFECTION!!! Here's my question: Other than apples or canned cherries, can you use any other fuit? Also, for the canned cherries,...

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