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Virgina Ham search

by The Searchers 15 years ago

We would like to know where to buy the best organic Virgina Ham in the country, any leads, internet or otherwise would be appreciated.

Baccala (salted cod) Spread

by Ray 15 years ago

I saw a dish on The Italian Christmas Special on The Food Network. It was a spread for crostini made primarily with the cod and potatoes then put in the food processor to make the spread. It wasn...

Yogurt making kits

by nja 15 years ago

Hello, I'm thinking of buying as a gift a home yogurt making kit. Anyone have any specific products to recommend? The one below looked nice the other day in the store. Link: http://surlatable....

Rite of Passage - My Turn to Make The Latkes

by peppermint pate 15 years ago

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my aunt has made the latkes for our family's Channukah party. Unfortunately, after 87 very good years, she passed away earlier this year. I have volunteer...

confit (not duck)

by Dbird 15 years ago

I have a lot of rendered duck fat and was thinking of making something other than duck confit. Has anyone had success with pheasant or other birds, and is the process the same or are there modifica...

Galley Girl's pear cake

by Tatania 15 years ago

Too eager to try Galley Girl's pear cake (Best Recipes of the Year thread below)to wait for pears to be back in season. Rather than experimenting blindly for guests tommmorow, though, thought I'd a...

marmalade advice - meyers and/or....

by becs 15 years ago

So, I'm about to make my first foray into marmalade. I picked up some nice looking meyer lemons per the recipe I had carefully chosen, but before I left the store some beautiful Clementines had ma...

Chicken in a Salt Crust Recipe

by Nancy 15 years ago

I plan to make a chicken in a salt crust for dinner tonight. Usually I use Wolfgang Puck's recipe from his first cookbook. It uses a 3 lb chicken cooked for 1-1/2 hours at 350 in a crust of salt,...

recipes needed with shelled edamame

by Diane 15 years ago

I bought a bag of the shelled edamame from TJs. I have heard of people tossing the edamame with pasta and I was thinking of using it with risotto. Any recipes for these or other ideas?

Rotisserie attachment for gas grill - and recipes

by Coyote 15 years ago

Am planning on giving my husband the electric rotisserie attachment for our Char-Broil gas grill for Christmas. It is around thirty-five dollars, I believe there is one about three times that avai...

Any bulk sausage recommendations?

by twodales 15 years ago

I am in Chicago and would like to know what brands of sausage you prefer. I will be using the sausage as a base for some appetizers. I'm afraid of buying something that is too gristly or tasteles...

Reheating hainanese chicken

by Sarah 15 years ago

How would you reheat hainanese chicken and the rice w/o a microwave oven?

menu query - too heavy?

by missliss 15 years ago

I'm having some friends over for dinner next weekend and I'm concerned that the food is too heavy. What do you think? Any suggestions for substitutions? And I feel like I'm missing something in ...

Splenda for baking?

by MB 15 years ago

I'm probably going to get slammed for this...but has anyone tried splenda for baking? Just curious if it's any good in an actual recipe? I've only used it in coffee.

rosemary, sage and thyme

by adamclyde 15 years ago

Ok, still got a lot of leftover rosemary, sage and thyme in the fridge from Thanksgiving. And all are in good shape. But I want to use them before they go bad. I've done ravioli with sage/butter ...

Citrus Trumpet

by Caitlin McGrath 15 years ago

My citrus trumpet is my new favorite kitchen gadget, joining the pantheon of microplane graters and silicone spatulas. This thing is stainless steel, with one end flared like a trumpet, the other h...

puff pastry tart, blind bake?

by middydd 15 years ago

I've got a quiche recipe that I want to make with frozen puff pastry instead of the pie crust the recipe calls for. The recipe gives directions to blind bake the pie crust at 400F. for 30 minute...

Unusual Recipe for Brisket, Please...

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I am going to make a brisket today. A few years ago I made made a brisket recipe that included coffee, which was quite good. Does anyone have an *unusual* (and tasty) brisket recipe? TIA :)

Adding ingredients by proportion

by BigDaddyAle 15 years ago

Any web sites out there that create recipes using proportions instead of measured quantities?For example-2.5 parts bread flour one part water. Thanks BDA


by Jean 15 years ago

Have been having some trouble lately when cooking meatballs. They seem to fall apart while simmering in the red gravy for pasta. Mix the ground beef with egg and breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and fre...

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