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Need a recipe for icing my holiday cookies

by Chris VR 15 years ago

I'm looking for an icing that's not brittle, but dries hard enough that it won't rub off easily. And I'd like it to be firm enough that I can pipe it on the cookies. Any suggestions?

looking for a couple China Moon Cookbook recipes

by foodfirst 15 years ago

I got rid of my copy of this cookbook years ago but a couple of recipes stick in my mind. If anyone would be kind enough to just post the ingredients (I can probably figure out/remember the method...

Another Crockpot Debacle

by beanbag 15 years ago

I love the idea of crockpot cooking, but I've been uniformly disappointed by the results. I find that meat tenderizes nicely in the crockpot, but flavor doesn't develop in the same way as on the s...

to serve with chicken w/40 cloves garlic?

by thejulia 15 years ago

i'll be making this awesome recipe tonight, but what wine and veggies should go with it? is a salad the best i can do? (i've already decided i want to keep it to just some crusty baguette)

Vegetarian Christmas Eve

by Aimee 15 years ago

I'm making a vegetarian dinner for four. I'm leaning towards something French-inspired. Perhaps white bean soup, pissaldaire, and salad and cheese. I've never made a bean soup without some sort ...

Any standouts in Bittman's book?

by Pat the cookie 15 years ago

So I bought Bittman's How To Cook Everything. Looks like a great all purpose cookbook, and I'd like to make something out of it right away. For those who own one, do you have any one or two favor...

Extracts vs. oils

by Andrea 15 years ago

Please help! I'm baking a cheesecake tomorrow night and the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons peppermint extract. I have peppermint oil and I'm sure the equivalent of oil is much less than extract. D...

Best Recipe You Acquired This Year

by Sam D. 15 years ago

For me it was the recipe for "Balzano Apple Cake" featured in the NY Times 9/22/04. I've made it five or six times already and it has turned out to be one of my best desserts. Of course it also hel...

Meyer lemon sauce

by curiouscook 15 years ago

I have had Meyer lemon sauce at some high end restaurants in LA and loved it with both meat and fish. Anyone know how to make it? TIA

Good pasta cookbook?

by Richie 15 years ago

Morning, Do any of you have recs for a good pasta and sauce cookbook for part of a xmas gift? Thanks,Richie

Herbs instead of Lettuce for sandwiches, wow!

by Curtis 15 years ago

Never really realized how good fresh herbs are on a sandwich until I made one today: some leftover pork tenderloin, tomato, splash of dijon and mayo, salt, and a small handful of ripped coriander l...

Alton Brown recipe

by Miest 15 years ago

Does anyone have Alton Brown's recipe for tofu-based Caesar dressing? I've made it and it's delicious, but now I can't find it anywhere.

"Brown Butter"...I Can't Get Enough!

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I love the taste of brown butter! It's like a magnet--whenever I see it mentioned on a menu I MUST order it. Does anyone have any recipes/ideas to feed my addiction!? TIA :)

ISO GG's pear cake recipe

by Shaebones 15 years ago

I know it was posted recently but for the life of me I can't locate it. Would like to make it today. Can someone post the link?? Thanks.

pancetta & brussel sprouts recipe

by wurstle 15 years ago

I made this a few weeks ago and it came out very well. It's from the CIA Gourmet Meals in Minutes cook book. My sister in law loved it and asked for the recipe so I thought as long as I was typin...


by LisaM 15 years ago

I've offered to make some gluehwein (German for mulled wine) for a party tomorrow night, but I've never made it before. I have a recipe in mind: 750ml bottle of dry red wine, 1/3 cup brandy, 1/3 ...

Best recipe for plain creme brulee

by jsl 15 years ago

I am searching for your favorite creme brulee recipe. My family prefers it plain, no liquor or fruit added. Thanks in advance.

can openner

by jeff 15 years ago

I'm looking for some advice on can openers. I had a manual one for 5-6 years that was great. The blade started to rust so I bought a kitchenaid that was horrible. I'm now using an even worse one fr...

Help! Need Recipe for Homemade Ice cream Cones with Waffle Iron

by Ice Cream Queen Wanna Be 15 years ago

I've been invited to attend a work staff pot luck hoiday lunch party this week. We have been asked to bring dessert or a salad. At last years party I brought home made lasagna, and everyone loved...

"Kinder Gentler Potato Latkes"

by JoAnn 15 years ago

I tried this recipe and it's wonderful! My brother and I parboiled and grated the potatoes hours in advance. There was no excess liquid, no yucky brown potatoes, and best of all, there was batter...

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