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When is lobster season

by binder 16 years ago

I thought I had heard that it was actually in the winter but I can't remember for sure.

Help! Need to thicken a frosting

by Pupster 16 years ago

I'm in the middle of making a caramel cake with a homemade caramel frosting and the frosting right now is way too runny. What can I add to thicken up the frosting that is NOT sugar? There is alre...

Xiao Long Bao wrappers

by Miss Needle 16 years ago

Hi. My SO does not eat pork, and I would love for him to experience the soup dumpling. It is one of my favorites! Therefore, I would like to make it using chicken instead of pork. I think I can...

Mexican crema or creme fraiche?

by Sven 16 years ago

Is there a discernable difference between Mexican Crema and Creme Fraiche? Other than the price?

Catalan chicken with prunes

by Buford 16 years ago

I recently went to Barcelona, and the best thing I ate there is a Catalan dish called chicken with prunes. The particular version that I ate also included pine nuts and something that I think was ...

lobster dinner

by lobstergirl 16 years ago

i want to make lobster at home-never have before- and have decided to invite some friends over to eat it. what would you all recommend as the best way to make it, and what are good sides, soups, de...

Pesto without nuts?

by brooklynmum 16 years ago

What can I substitute for the nuts in pesto? I usually use walnuts (I am allergic to pine nuts) but want my toddler to be able to eat it and he has not yet been exposed to nuts.

"Correct" grits consistency

by Fida 16 years ago

I've just experimented with making grits for the first time (so I was interested in the recent discussion). However, my only experience with grits so far was the off-putting way they were served ...

Killer Southern/Soul/Country recipe/ideas needed

by tom in sf 16 years ago

Our Gourmet Club is having our first dinner of 2005 in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for a favorite crowd pleaser that's 'slap yo mamma' good! BBQ'd, fried, smothered, roasted, pickled - I don'...

Need Perfect New Potato Salad Recipe

by Lydia 16 years ago

Hi everyone, I have never made a standard American potato salad...the kind with lots of mayo and celery. Can someone please give me a great and easy recipe? Thank you! Happy New Year!

Easy Bake oven recipes?

by Chris VR 16 years ago

My friend's kid (4 years old) got one for Christmas and is evidently rapidly baking her way through the prepackaged mixes that came with the oven. Rather than buy the refill packs (both expensive ...

ISO Dry herb combinations to mix with olive oil for bread dipping

by Richie 16 years ago

Hi, Does anyone have any combinations of dry herbs to mix with olive oils for bread dipping or know of any sites that have recipes already made up for the herb combinations? I see the dry herb mi...

New England Clam Chowder

by Liz 16 years ago

Hi all, I opened this thread to let all the cooks have a place to air their ideas about what constitutes a traditional New England Clam Chowder. I know there are a lot of ideas about what is tra...

Champagne and cranberry!

by Nyleve 16 years ago

Discovered at New Year's Day brunch when the orange juice ran out: champagne (or whatever bubbly) and white cranberry juice - about 1/3 cranberry, 2/3 bubbly. Seamlessly delicious. Just had to share.

Reporting back on the Gaucamole

by Bruin2 16 years ago

Thanks to all for the good advice. Here's the result: Made the Guacamole at about noon for an 8:00 PM party. My wife's family who are Mexican American are staunch believers in the put the pit in ...

soy marinade for salmon

by stacy c 16 years ago

Does anyone know the proportions of soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger and green onions that make a soy marinade for salmon? I've eaten this out and would like to make it at home. Thanks for your he...

what is the key to the perfect roast potatoes?

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 16 years ago

My husband, an Aussie, is forever lamenting about the way Americans can't do roast potatoes. I'm talking about the kind you'd have with a roast beef or lamb. Generally, what I do is coat yukon g...

recipe for real chili

by ChiliDude 16 years ago

Texas-Style Chili (Modified for Supermarket Ingredient Availability*) 3 large red bell peppers 3 pounds of chuck roast, cut in ½” cubes 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 12 ounces of beer 1 teaspoon of...

aPPY Noo eaR! anyway, I am trying to make vinaigrettes and salad dressings and...message inside..

by learner 16 years ago

I am quite confused as to ratios, different types of vinegar and acidity; which oil goes well with what vinegar and why; and emulsifiers and all that stuff...Can someone please explain(and maybe te...

How to keep Guacomole from turning brown??

by Bruin2 16 years ago

I need to pre-make a substantial amount of Guacomole for a party but don't want it to turn ugly brown before I serve it. I would like to make it in the morning and then serve it in the late evening...

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