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Great Caviar Tip

by Chino Wayne 15 years ago

I've linked to a posting on the L.A. board. Sounds like a great tip. If you have comments after reading the linked posting, please remember to put them here. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topic...

Candy-Making Woes. What went wrong?

by Laurella 15 years ago

Okay,maybe I'm a fool for continuing to use the same recipe when it's failed on me no fewer than four times, but I've also had success with it and I persist in thinking it's user error. I just can'...

Recipe for lemon semi freddo???????????

by JoAnn 15 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for lemon semi freddo. Thought it would be a grand finale to our Christmas Eve crab-fest. Thanks.

To make syrup or not

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

I'd like to make Jamie Oliver's Surprise Cake (link below). I bought some dessert wine and thought it might be better to use it as a syrup to brush on the cake rather than use it in the creme frai...

Appetizer suggestions using smoked salmon

by Sunshine Girl 15 years ago

Hi all, and happy holidays! Scored a bunch of smoked salmon courtesy of the holiday goodie baskets we've been getting. Looking to create some kind of app/hors d'oeuvre (sp.?) using such smoked ...

Pommegranite reduction "stuck"- help!

by meezles 15 years ago

I made a pommegranite reduction (just reduced juice) and put it in the fridge. Now it's hardened. How do I loosen it- heat it, add liquid? Thanks

Thanks!! and another question... LIVE TURKEYS!?!?!? in Turkmenistan - seriously.

by woo! 15 years ago

First off, thanks fellow 'hounds on the good sauce ideas for the beef tenderloin. I ended up preparing 3 whole beef tenderloins and 6 racks of lamb for our guests as the meat course (salmon as fish...

is my christmas ham ruined?

by adamclyde 15 years ago

I've seen others lament on similar topics lately... but not with ham. Being the genius I am, I bought a ham last night, and left it on the counter. Realized this morning (about 11 hours later). Put...

Macaroni & Cheese - Charles' Southern style

by Jimmyray 15 years ago

Am looking to make a simple macaroni and cheese like that at Charles' Southern Style Kitchen. That means no foofy cheese, breadcrumbs, etc.

Fast Help Please - Making Unsalted Butter Salted?

by torta basilica 15 years ago

How much salt per 1/2 C should I add? Recipes call for regular butter & I've run out. Thanks & very Happy & Peaceful Holidays to All!!! P.S. Sorry, moderaters - posted in wrong place first...

Lamb Accompaniments for Christmas Day

by Chuck 15 years ago

I'm doing a grilled leg of lamb with rosemary salt on Christmas and am kind of stumped as to what I should serve with it. The lamb will be marinated in yogurt, garlic, rosemary, and pepper before...

HELP! My chestnut soup tastes like a tin can!!!

by Liser 15 years ago

Help! I just made chestnut soup in advance for Xmas day, and it tastes like the inside of a tin can. I used two jars of steamed chestnuts and one can of French ones (very thoroughly rinsed), as w...

What else can I do with mascarpone?

by Miss M 15 years ago

I purchased 2 tubs of marscapone cheese to make a tiramisu for Christmas Eve. I'm not sure I will have the time to make it tonight. Does anyone have any other good, easy suggestions on how to use ...

homemade food gifts

by Luther 15 years ago

Any homemade food gifts out there? I remember my mom used to make jars of "Russian Tea" it had cinnamon, sugar, iced tea mix, and tang...there might have been other ingredients as well. I have made...

Italian Christmas Eve

by Miss M 15 years ago

Okay, with Christmas eve fast approaching, I am once again trying to replicate the traditional Italian fish feast of my yester years in Brooklyn. I don't usually serve 7 different fish but I try t...

Fresh crabmeat question

by FrankT 15 years ago

I bought a pound of fresh jumbo lump crabmeat (good thing I stopped at the ATM first) and won't be using it all tonight. Two questions ----- how long will it keep in the fridge and can I freeze wh...

'Tis the season...

by ChiliDude 15 years ago

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! You should all have a grand feast!

Appetizer to bring Christmas Eve?

by Susie Q 15 years ago

I am going to a dinner Christmas Eve and have been asked to bring an appetizer. Any suggestions for something that can be prepared ahead and will make a great impression. Others are bringing shri...

Strata or Quiche for holiday brunch?

by Judith 15 years ago

I am having the family for brunch on Sunday. Making a Strata for the main course appeals because it is assembled the day before. However, the recipes I have read all sound pretty heavy, as bread is...

Homemade Powdered Sugar?

by desert rat 15 years ago

Here it is, holiday baking season, and I am reminded once again just how much I dislike the powdered sugar sold at the supermarkets. It has cornstarch in it and I can taste it. I think I once heard...

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