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5 Day Old Yorkshire Pudding Batter---Results...

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I was a quite concerned because the entire surface of the batter was olive green! (How a combination of eggs, milk, flour and salt can turn green alludes me.) When I stirred up the batter it was ...

Roasting mushrooms

by amp156 15 years ago

I'm making a simple dish of roasted mushrooms with thyme and truffle oil. I am using shitake, maitake, and chanterelle. Should I cook them all together for the same amount of time, or will the ma...

better buckwheat blini?

by dixieday 15 years ago

There was some discussion of blini here a week or so ago--so I was inspired to try the Epicurious/Gourmet mag recipe for buckwheat blini. Well, they were blah! Too mushy/gummy inside, very bland, i...

Yorkshire Pudding Batter--Will It Still Puff??

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I made batter for Yorkshire pudding last Saturday. The extra has been in the fridge since then. Will it puff up normally when I go to cook it on Thursday night for guests? (Should I use it right ...

Butter poaching at home?

by Zeemanb 15 years ago

We were sitting at here at work a little while ago discussing possible home applications of butter poaching foods......yeah I know, bacon tempura is probably next on our list. There's the obvious...

White Truffle Recipe?

by Erin 15 years ago

I spontaneously bought a white truffle yesterday and don't know the best preparation for it. I'd appreciate any suggestions!!

Ingredients question - rock shrimp & toasted coconut

by peppermint pate 15 years ago

Just came across a yummy-sounding recipe for rock shrimp salad with sweet chili sauce and toasted coconut which I'm going to try for new year's. I've heard of rock shrimp but I'm not exactly sure w...

Perfectly smoothmashed potatoes / pommes puree

by Dylan 15 years ago

Assuming I don't want to push the potatoes through a tamis, does anyone know the trick to perefectly smooth mashed potatoes?

How to care for bamboo cutting board?

by adp0 15 years ago

Just got a lovely one for Christmas, and it did not really come with detailed info on its care. Any advice is welcome. I assume I should not put it into the dishwasher, and I have some food grade...

NOT so simple syrup....

by galleygirl 15 years ago

So, I was making simple syrup to add to cranberry concentrate and vodka for NYE for the Commodore...Of course, I don't do candy, and I had never made simple syrup, but I dutifully followed the inst...

what's the secret? spinach...

by dara 15 years ago

i've always been terrified to cook spinach at home. i've tried to boil it (baby spinach) for a minute, and it came out wet and gross. i tried to steam it and it was too crunchy. how come when i ord...

Recipes using a mandoline

by Jase 15 years ago

For Xmas, I received a OXO mandoline. I know I can make gratins with it, but what else can I use it for? I've leafed through some of my cookbooks and looked at Pepin's techniques book. Everything s...

Fondue recipes

by Kari 15 years ago

Having fondue for NYE, but I need a few recipes for cheese. I have one for swiss, but I want one for chedder. Anyone have one?

Breadmaking in mixer and cuisinart

by DL 15 years ago

Hello everyone, I have a few questions about making bread or pizza dough in a Kitchenaid Mixer and a Cuisinart food processor. Any advice is appreciated - thanks in advance. 1. I have a dough ...

Creme Brulee recipes

by Keri T. 15 years ago

I want to make creme brulee on New Year's Eve, I was thinking a ginger flavored one might be nice and wanted to know if anyone had a good recipe, I'd also open to other suggestions (I don't like ci...

Yorkshire Pudding

by sudiepav 15 years ago

Thanks to all the encouragement and tips from this board re: Yorkshire pudding. We served it with our boneless strip loin on Christmas. Early in the day, I cut off some extra fat from the roast a...

Stone crab claws -- keeping?

by Steve 15 years ago

Getting stone crab claws Thursday via FedEx. Can't get around to eating them until Sunday. Should I freeze them or leave them on ice or something else entirely?

Homemade bread

by Sal 15 years ago

Want to try to make bread (first time). Anyone have an idiot proof recipe for me to try for my first loaf?

What to make...

by Mr E Van 15 years ago

So I got a KA stand mixer for XMas and I'm just dying to use it. The dilemma, what to make first. What would you make?

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