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Israeli Couscous

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

The mediterranean market near my house carries Israeli Couscous, but the packages don't have directions. Do I have to make this in a double boiler or can I make it in my no frills rice cooker or in...

Request: recipe 4 Shepherd's Pie

by Matthew David 15 years ago

Hiya Hounds! Love to have the quintessential recipe for Shepherd's Pie...there is a lot on the web, but I do not know which sites to trust. Thanks! ~Matthew

Good cocktail/punch recipe for a group?

by beanbag 15 years ago

I'll be hosting a small (10-15 people)holiday cocktail party on a weeknight, and I'm looking for a good (alcoholic) cocktail that I can make in a big batch so that I don't have to play bartender al...

how to make fried chicken? help!

by missL 15 years ago

I am plannig on making some fried chicken for my beau on his birthday... I've never tried it, and I need help! The recipes I've looked up online are all different, which makes me not know who to t...

Too much red pepper in my chili soup!

by Cindy H 15 years ago

HELP... is there anyone who can tell me how to get the HOT out of my soup? I tried to take a shortcut and it was a big mistake.

best square baking dishes

by sg 15 years ago

i'm making a gooey pumpkin butter cake and a pear cake, both which require square baking dishes, so i need to go buy some tonight. which kind are best? glass, aluminum, ceramic, etc.? should i just...

poaching fish

by tomtom 15 years ago

i just received a beautiful fish poacher as an early holiday gift. i have no idea how to use it. it is suitable for a whole fish. any hounds have some recipies and tips they can share?

Are "fresh" turkeys a sham?

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

Ok, this issue seems separate from my brining post, so I was wondering if others purchased a "fresh" turkey this year and what your experience was. By "fresh," I don't mean Heritage or other labels...

Ideas/help for a festive champagne brunch

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

I'm having some friends over for a champagne brunch, and trying to come up with dishes that will (a) use some of what's in my CSA delivery this week, (b) be festive & upscale and (c) be easy to pre...

Roasting carrots...what to season w/ for the best flavor?

by kimchee 15 years ago

I love roasted carrots but they never seem to taste as good the few times I have tried to make them at home. What's the secret to seasoning them? Broth, herbs, spices, salt and Pepper, or a combo...

flavored mashed potatoes

by naomi 15 years ago

I'd like to jazz up the mashed potatoes this year a bit....maybe garlic, or onion....nothing too fancy - my family likes super-simple food - as in, if it was up to them, I wouldnt even use salt and...

Recipes for marinated bleu/feta/other cheeses?

by Catherine 15 years ago

Those jars of marinated cheese available at the grocery store are a wonderful treat, and I've often thought "I can do that just as easily at home." With Christmas season upon us, it's occurred to ...


by ron 15 years ago

I'm looking for Chanukah recipes for a party.

Fabulous dessert for the holidays!

by judybird 15 years ago

This is based on a recipe from Bon Appetit close to 20 years ago. I made it once back then, forgot about it, then made it for a Hannukah dinner last night. It was incredible - everyone asked for th...

24 inch convection oven

by rudeboy 15 years ago

I'm looking for a 24 in convection or convection/microwave. My cabinet is only 24 inches wide because I have a gas chambers oven in the same cabinet and it is 24 inches wide. I wanted a more modern...

Chai maker

by scottso 15 years ago

My wife has been hinting about Santa bring her a self contained Chai/hot chocolate maker that froths the milk. Has anybody used one? Any comments or recommendations about brrands etc. would greatly...

Christmas dinner make-aheads & Yorkshire Pudding

by Lisa 15 years ago

Never having eaten or made Yorkshire Pudding, I'm wondering if it could be successfully made ahead, refrigerated or frozen, and reheated? Anything (else) you usually make for Christmas that can ...

Chinese long beans

by srr 15 years ago

I just picked up some beautiful ones. I haven't cooked them in a long time. I can't remember if they need to be blanched before stir-frying or not. I looked at some recipies on-line and they hav...

making rice in a microwave?

by sushimom 15 years ago

My college freshman son is craving a fresh bowl of rice. The only cooking he is allowed to do in the dorm must be done in a microwave. Does anyone have a foolproof method for making rice in a mic...

Christmas recipe - help requested

by mede 15 years ago

Hi, My family has a recipe that we always make at Christmas. The main ingredients for the filling are dessicated coconut, nuts, sugar, vanilla, margarine and semolina. This filling is encase...

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