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green chile

by roy 15 years ago

Years ago I had an excellent green chile in a Seattle restaurant. Would like to make it, but haven't found a recipe. I think it had tomatillos in it.

Bragging about my holiday party spread!

by Wendy Lai 15 years ago

Because you guys can appreciate it! This year it took me an entire week, everynight after work for 3 hours and the entire weekend to put this together. Except for the bread, cheese and pate, I ...

fondue party

by East Point Cook 15 years ago

I'm having a little fondue party this week. We're thinking about having one with cheese, one with oil for raw meats, and one for chocolate. Any suggestions for the cheese recipe? And what about...

Mole poblano de guajolote

by Aaron D 15 years ago

I'm making Diana Kennedy's recipe for Christmas, and I'm seeking suggestions for what else to serve. I'm thinking either rice or blind tamales, refried beans, hot tortillas, guacamole, and maybe so...

Traditional Italian New Year's Day Dinner

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

I understand it's traditional in Italy to serve cotecchino (a pork sausage from Emilia-Romagna) with lentils for good luck, so that's what I am going to fix. Let me know if you are aware of any ot...

All this chat about Chili...

by Candy 15 years ago

We got a load of snow dumped on us last night and more to come toinght, my office closed early and my business appointments for today and tomorrow were canceled. What to do with this extra, unexpec...

all clad boo boo

by flynnzilla 15 years ago

I inadvertently boiled water in an All Clad MC2 pot last night with a metal cake round sitting in the bottom of the pan. I only noticed after boiling pasta for 10 minutes that the cake round was th...

Mini Burger Buns?

by WorkinginSF 15 years ago

Does anyone know of a bakery or store that sells buns for mini cheeseburgers (like White Castle size)? Preferably in the East Bay.

Goose-- where to get, how to cook?

by southsloper 15 years ago

My brother and sister-in-law just called with the news-- they want to cook a goose for Xmas Eve. They want to know if we, what with being in NYC and all, can get it and bring it out to the boonies ...

Preparing dry ingredients ahead of time

by Parrot Mom 15 years ago

Have found a wonderful recipe for an apple coffee cake and I'm wondering if I can pre-mix the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt ahead of time and put in separate baggies or in jars. When I...

need suggestions for asian themed potluck

by Camille G 15 years ago

my roommates and i are hosting a holiday potluck. by chance the first dishes offered are chinese and thai, so we've decided to go with an asian theme for all of the dishes. so far we've got, homema...

Preparing meal in advance...need reheating advice

by amp156 15 years ago

I will be preparing most of a meal in advance, but I am unsure about how to reheat the following courses: -chicken liver for crostini -salt cod puree -asparagas flan (in individual ramekins) -osso ...

Hazelnut flavored filling for Buche de Noel

by MMRuth 15 years ago

I've been inspired by this board to make a Buche de Noel again - it's been a couple of years since I've made one. My game plan is to use the recipe in "The Way to Cook" as a starting point, but to...

whole wheat pizza Gourmet Mag November 1982

by the food guy 15 years ago

I just found a note reminding me of a recipe for Shrimp and Feta pizza on whole wheat crust that appeared in the November 1982 of Gourmet magazine (page 58) Unfortunately, I cannot find it. Does an...

searching for suggestions for quiche ingredients

by Yukari Pratt 15 years ago

Here in Tokyo a friend and I are cooking together once a week exploring new recipes and techniques. Quiche is on the menu for next week. Any suggestions beyond ham and cheese?

Need help with boiling potatoes!

by DanaB 15 years ago

I know that boiling potatoes sounds like a routine kitchen task that everyone should be able to figure out without much thought. I'm fine when boiling potatoes for mashed, because it doesn't matte...

different cooling properties on silpat?

by Ruth Lafler 15 years ago

I made a couple of batches of candy yesterday, and for the first time, turned it out of the pan and cooled it on a silpat. The first batch set up more slowly than usual, and the second batch didn't...

lemon leaves?

by gc 15 years ago

Looking at a couple of different recipes for chocolate garnishes where you brush melted chocolate onto lemon leaves, then carefully peel away. Where do you buy lemon leaves? What else would work?

Puff pastry vs phyllo (filo) pastry?

by Sarah 15 years ago

Are they both the same? I have som phyllo pastry in my freezer, and the recipe I have calls for puff pastry. Can I substitute? Thanks

Quick pre-concert nosh for the folks

by SandraV 15 years ago

So, I've got 2 sets of parents flying in on Thursday, one in the morning, one in the afternoon (4:00 pm). At 7:30 in the evening, we've going to a concert. I'm working all day, splitting home ear...

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