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Help with Dumplings

by BACARDI 15 years ago

I make the rest of chicken and dumplings great but my dumplings are never right. Either too heavy or they disappear. Anyone have a no fail recipe?

Fresh thyme trick?

by Judith Hurley 15 years ago

Is there an easy way to get the leaves off the stems of fresh thyme?

Potsticker/Dumpling Advice

by David A. 15 years ago

My wife and I have been trying to perfect our potsickers. We're now able to produce a pretty tasty dumpling, but for some reason we have not been able to produce the kind of lily-white potstickers ...

cookbook + pictures

by honkman 15 years ago

Having a lot of cookbooks I am constantly looking for more good cookbooks here in the US. I am especially interested in cookbooks which cover more "unusual" topics, e.q. unusual countries (Laos, Vi...

Top round roast and fresh udon (wheat) noodles?

by Lee 15 years ago

How can I combine these? Would it be better to bake the meat, and when it's almost done, add sauce and noodles and then bake some more? Covered or not? What about cutting the meat up and searing ...

Dinner out of a large loaf of Brioche?

by Funwithfood 15 years ago

I have had a large "loaf" of brioche (round-brioche-pan loaf) from a very good bakery in the freezer for several months (bad me!). Anyway, it has defrosted on the counter. Does anyone have any id...

storing ginger

by Renata 15 years ago

Having just come back from Chinatown bearing more ginger than I can imagine using any time soon I wonder how to store it so that it doesn't dry out and shrivel up. I have tried freezing it, but I ...

How long do egg whites last?

by Nancy S. 15 years ago

I made ice cream and cream anglaise and lemon curd this weekend and, as a result, have extra egg whites. I would love to know how long the whites last in the fridge. Thanks

Bouchon's Lemon Tart Question

by Nancy S. 15 years ago

I have now made Bouchon's lemon tart twice, and each time I have the same problem: the lemon curd is not firm so that when I slice the tart, it puddles on the plate. It tastes wonderful -- I use ...

berry sauce for cheesecake?

by edinaeats 15 years ago

I am making a cheesecake today- could I make a glaze out of some frozen mixed berries? any ideas?


by hello 15 years ago

i need the recipe for dancing deer's coconut cake with lemon icing. i need it. i've e-mailed them, i've searched, i've experimented with ingredients listed. does anyone have any aid or comfort to ...

Comfort food-will you share your stuffed pepper recipe?

by jackie 15 years ago

Now that it's cold and very wintery, I want to make some stuffed peppers. Please share your fav. pepper recipe. Thanks in advance!

chicken stock expiration?

by rabaja 15 years ago

Hello, and thanks in advance for any help...I made chicken stock about five days ago and since have reboiled and strained it and it is sitting in my VERY cold refrigerator. My question is, how lon...

Today's NYT "The Cheat" Food Column

by Karl S. 15 years ago

Since many of us are very, very housebound and unlikely to be able to get newspapers today, I thought online 'hounds might enjoy a read at what looks like a new Sunday NYT Magazine column, "The Che...

Authentic Spanish sangria

by rudykins 15 years ago

Any recipes for a great authentic Spanish sangria?

chocolate bouchon fleximold

by theconiglio 15 years ago

thomas keller's recent bouchon cookbook provides a recipe for chocolate bouchons. he says you can use 2 oz fleximolds or 3 oz timbale molds. the 2 oz fleximolds produce this crazy fun cork shape ...

ISO recipe for Gomen Wot

by Herb 15 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for the delicious Ethiopian dish called gomen wot, chopped collard greens cooked in herbed oil with onions, garlic, and other good things. (If only I could make it half a...

Nor Easter comin! Best Mac and Cheese recipe??

by foodiex2 15 years ago

We are hunkering down and waiting for the snow. Hit the stores earlier in the week so we are not out with the crazed lunatics today and I have a well stocked pantry. What could be better then a cr...

Mandola cookies?

by Sarah Deepfruit 15 years ago

So, there is an incredible type of cookie sold as "mandola" at the Italian bakery 'round my way in Brooklyn. As I'll likely be leaving NY soon, and don't want to live without this delight, PLEASE H...

Remedy for blackened Le Creuset

by lqf 15 years ago

The inside bottoms of my LC casseroles are blackened and have resisted SoftScrub, the expensive Le Creuset cleaner and simmering in a solution of Bold and a quart of water for several hourse (can't...

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