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Can you freeze these things and have them thaw out well?

by Wendy Lai 15 years ago

I'm having a holiday party in two weeks. I'd like to make things ahead of time to save myself some last minute hassle. Any advice on making and freezing the following: Mango cheesecake Sweet po...

Joe Jung's fried chicken batter

by gordon wing 15 years ago

On the SF Board we've been reminiscing about Joe Jung's fried chicken. Somebody said the marinage was soy, ginger & scallion with maybe a bit of garlic. Anybody have a good recipe for the batter ...

Update on the brunch menu, with recipe for my strata

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

Thanks to everyone who replied about my brunch menu - the whole meal was a great success, and if our guests weren't on the home-buying warpath, the day would likely have extended beyond its three h...

Vanishing Stock

by Frank 15 years ago

I made the quick chicken stock, (from Cooks Ill. see below), and only got 4 quarts of stock. I put in 5 quarts of water and there is the chicken juice . My question is, It this result normal?...

Japanese Eggplant - Need Recipe

by texasmensch 15 years ago

I have some great looking Japanese Eggplant and want to cook it vegetarian. I was thinking of sauteeing the eggplant with some garlic and onions. Any other ideas? If it helps, I'm going to ser...

Chicken w/Olives & Lemon report

by Tracy L. 15 years ago

I tried Nyleve's Chicken Tagine, it was excellent. Years ago a friend gave me a Moroccan cookbook but I had not thought about it until I saw the tagine recipe here. When I dug it out, I saw that t...

mashed cauliflower?

by edinaeats 15 years ago

Anyone have a recipe for mashed cauliflower- sans cheese? thanks!

scorz bar bits

by mleigh 15 years ago

Please help. I have not been able to find scorz bar bits in the baking isle anywhere. Has any one seen them? The recipe on the back of the package is great. Heath bar bits not the same.

homemade mayonnaise

by owen 15 years ago

How long does homemade mayonnaise last if it is refrigerated. If I were to bottle and seal it, how long do you think it might last? Thanks!

What to do with 2 lbs of good garlic??

by Christina D 15 years ago

I just got some garlic via mail order and was wondering what I could do having a larger quantity. They are an assortment, 1 lb each of strong and medium garlics. Any ideas? TIA!!

Double Black Soy Sauce--what to do with it?

by Laurella 15 years ago

Went to 99 Ranch Market this weekend, and as usual we came home loaded with things we've never tried before. We were really curious about the Double Black Soy Sauce. It's very, very molassesy. What...

do ahead appetizers

by dmj 15 years ago

I am planning a cocktail party for New Year's Eve and would to know some of your favorite appetizers that I can prepare in advance. They can be hot, cold or room temperature. I just want to be ab...

Looking for recipes that freeze well

by Cecilia 15 years ago

Hi, my in-laws are staying over to watch our dogs while we are away. I want to have food ready for them. I am looking for recipes that would freeze well. I DON'T mean ones where you can freeze a...

Stuffed Mushroom Question

by Arlene 15 years ago

Can one freeze meat stuffed crimini mushrooms for baking at a later time? If so, what is the max length of time it can stay in the freezer? My meat stuffing is composed of ground lamb with parsle...

Electric and/or cordless cheese graters

by Bruin2 15 years ago

My wife would like an electric and/or cordless cheese grater. We have a manual one that requires turning a handle that for reasons not important is now hard for her. Is anyone using one and if so, ...


by vozick 15 years ago

I have a beautiful new mandolin. So what do I do with it other than slicing potatoes and beets? Any good salads with sliced vegetables? Thank you.

Two Gazpacho Recipes

by Emme 15 years ago

I'm searching for two different gazpacho recipes. I would like to find one that does not have bread cubes or bread crumbs in it. I would also like to find a good version of "green gazpacho." Al...

Pepper Jelly: please divulge your family's recipe?

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

After hearing about Foster's Market Seven Pepper Jelly (see link) a while back, I've wanted to try making my own (not necessarily w/ 7 peppers though). It seems like such a versatile and unique con...

do ahead appetizers

by dmj 15 years ago

I am planning a cocktail party for New Year's Eve and would to know some of your favorite appetizers that I can prepare in advance. They can be hot, cold or room temperature. I just want to be ab...

Is there a way to make a waffle without a waffle maker?

by Windy 15 years ago

I don't own a waffle maker, so I was wondering if there's a way to make waffles without one. Or is that just called a pancake if you try to use waffle batter in a pan? It would be nice to get tha...

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