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Breadmaking in mixer and cuisinart

by DL 15 years ago

Hello everyone, I have a few questions about making bread or pizza dough in a Kitchenaid Mixer and a Cuisinart food processor. Any advice is appreciated - thanks in advance. 1. I have a dough ...

Creme Brulee recipes

by Keri T. 15 years ago

I want to make creme brulee on New Year's Eve, I was thinking a ginger flavored one might be nice and wanted to know if anyone had a good recipe, I'd also open to other suggestions (I don't like ci...

Yorkshire Pudding

by sudiepav 15 years ago

Thanks to all the encouragement and tips from this board re: Yorkshire pudding. We served it with our boneless strip loin on Christmas. Early in the day, I cut off some extra fat from the roast a...

Stone crab claws -- keeping?

by Steve 15 years ago

Getting stone crab claws Thursday via FedEx. Can't get around to eating them until Sunday. Should I freeze them or leave them on ice or something else entirely?

Homemade bread

by Sal 15 years ago

Want to try to make bread (first time). Anyone have an idiot proof recipe for me to try for my first loaf?

What to make...

by Mr E Van 15 years ago

So I got a KA stand mixer for XMas and I'm just dying to use it. The dilemma, what to make first. What would you make?

Rice noodles--what gives?

by creepygirl 15 years ago

I had a recipe that called for rice noodles (thickness of linguine) to be soaked in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes. I took "warm" to mean "not boiling", so I heated some water in the microwave an...

Stovetop smoking - general

by rumdrinks 15 years ago

I just got a stovetop smoker last night - any ideas for recipe/usage resources? Thanks!

Fuchsia Dunlop

by Marty L. 15 years ago

Over on the D.C. Board, in conjunction with the reappearance of sichuan peppercorns in our area, there are the usual raves for the Fuchsia Dunlop book. Can the many of you who love the book please...

Low-brow potluck ideas?

by Kevin 15 years ago

Hello- I've just been invited to a potluck at a friends house for New years Day dinner. He said he'll be making something with "cheese, tomato, and chicken" for the main course (he's italian). Kn...

Sauce for Beef Wellington?

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

I'm making Beef Wellington for New Year's eve and am looking for a recipe for a simple and tasty sauce to serve with it, maybe some kind of red wine reduction. Cook's Illustrated has one with thei...

Seeking a buttery/floury/macaroon-like recipe

by nooodles 15 years ago

So I'm trying to re-create a coconut favorite from a San Francisco bakery, but can't seem to get the center right. It's basically a puff pastry in a cupcake shape, with a rounded scoop of macaroon-...

what to serve with chicken marbella?

by melon 15 years ago

I know it's so last century, but I love chicken marbella (prunes, olives, capers, oregano) and it's easy to make ahead and I want to make it for New Year's dinner at home. What would be nice along...

modifying chocolate cake recipe ISO advice

by Smokey 15 years ago

I'm planning on making the epicurious chocolate cake recipe that has received many raves here (please see link...). However, I don't have and don't wish to purchase 10" cake pans. I do have thre...

Cooking science/techniques - pot lids (REPOST as per Chowhound Team)

by learner 15 years ago

I am learning to cook and this may be trivial...but... 1)What is the purpose of using a pot lid or not during cooking? Please give an example of things you would cook with the pot lid-less and li...

Deep-fried whole chickens?

by Cakegirl 15 years ago

My mother has had great success making deep-fried turkeys for Thanksgiving and now wants to deep-fry whole chickens in the same fashion, figuring that they'll also turn out delicious and juicy. But...

Abundant turkey stock

by barbara k 15 years ago

After my 30 lb free range bird was ravaged over thanksgiving, it is now time to do something with the rich turkey stock I simmered all day yesterday. Suggestions? Our usual split pea soup seems t...

French Laundry Cornet: Results!

by Sixy Beast 15 years ago

A week ago there was a thread started by 'Hungry Howard' about recreating Thomas Keller's famous 'cornet'. Someone asked if those of us attempting the recipe would post up our experiences. I made...

Best Baked Brie with fruit Recipe?

by LB 15 years ago

Hi all. I'd like to make a baked brie for a New Year's Eve party I am throwing. One that has fruit - like rasberries - on top. I've looked around for recipes and haven't found many I like. Does any...

New Year's Eve Buffet

by Lisa C 15 years ago

Last year I had 14 people for New Year's Eve and served the following: Sushi Shrimp Cocktail Pate Stuffed Mushrooms ** Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce Julia Child's Braised Salmon Roasted Whi...

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