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Cooked endive--variations?

by lucia 15 years ago

I've discovered braised Belgian endive, so delicate and different in flavor. Never thought of making it until yesterday, with veal chops and bordelaise sauce. Does anyone have any cooked endive r...

Custard mishap

by Pantagruel 15 years ago

Last night I did the following: - Threw 2 eggs & 1/3 cup sugar together - whisked - added 1 mashed banana, 1 tsp vanilla, & 1 1/2 cup part skim (99%) milk - mixed thoroughly - poured in 4 custa...

Patent flour

by Ilaine 15 years ago

I just found out about "patent flour". The Washington Post had some of the recipes for the inauguration festivities, and one used patent flour. Supposed to be very high quality. Never heard of i...

Edamame question

by jquirke 15 years ago

Everytime I blanch and salt edamame it never seems to be salty enough. Can anyone help me? I am looking for that delicious saltiness that sushi restaurants manage.

Sausage recipe for a cassoulet?

by EP 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a sausage typically used in a traditional cassoulet?

Bread pudding with cornbread experiment--lab notebook

by Sarah W-R 15 years ago

Over the blizzard weekend, I made a big pot of chili and two eight-inch cake pans of cornbread (the latter from the *Best Recipe* recipe--one whole batch, which was supposed to go in a 9" square me...

Boston Market Spinach Saag

by sbp 15 years ago

OK, please forgive me for the Sandra Lee moment. We brought in a Boston Market chicken dinner, and had a ton of leftover creamed spinach. Next night, I made tandoori salmon, so I decided to try s...

Italian mac & cheese?

by yum 15 years ago

in the mood for an italian-style baked macaroni & cheese, with prosciutto, porcini, parmesan and truffle oil - i can figure it out from a regular recipe but if anyone has anything resembling this, ...

storing walnut oil?

by nibbler 15 years ago

hi friends, i received a bottle of walnut oil as a gift. i know this stuff does rancid quickly. what's the best way to store it? in the fridge? many thanks! elizabeth

Yummy porridge recipe

by Leah 15 years ago

I just made this recipe from Donna Hay's book, Off The Shelf, and it was so good and easy I wanted to share it. It's perfect for breakfast or for a snack. In her book she also says it's good for a ...

speaking of pizza

by edinaeats 15 years ago

what is the best crust? store bought (which brand) or homemade? also- is pizza sauce passe? do you cook directly on the oven rack or on a stone?

FUND Raising Food Event

by janice 15 years ago

Need to do a non-profit fund-raiser event. I have access to good kitchen. Can anyone give me some creative ideas for a good foodie fundraiser? This is in San Francisco-so sophisticated palates-and ...


by janet of reno 15 years ago

I have been craving chilaquiles for awhile now. This afternoon I looked at a package of stale white tortillas on the counter, and decided to try making some. They were pretty good, and husband at...

Valentine's menu - dessert to go with icewine

by klumppilston 15 years ago

I know I'm planning ahead somewhat, but my spouse and I have decided that instead of going out to a restaurant for Valentine's Day this year, we're going to stay in and cook a really special meal f...

Anyone know what to do with sponge toffee?

by Shiro Miso 15 years ago

I am currently in posession of a substantial block of sponge toffee. What do I do with it? Anyone have ideas?

Take a leek

by Mr. Taster 15 years ago

Hi 'hounds! I just had a transcendent homemade mac & cheese experience. I made Alton Brown's recipe (see link) but I changed the recipe a bit by carmelizing some leeks and yellow onions (and cay...

Daily Question About gallerygirl Pear Tart

by Marty L. 15 years ago

Just how ripe must the pears be? I've had my pears sitting out for a week, and they're finally a bit pliant to the touch [is that redundant?], but still at least two or three days away from that "...

Using a pressure cooker

by Ilaine 15 years ago

I never really mastered my Fagor pressure cooker because it is a bear to get unsealed. But, was in a hurry to make pot roast so thought I'd give it a try. The meat was a very nice boneless chuck...

Grated Ginger

by Fort Point 15 years ago

Recipes that that include ginger require peeling the ginger first. However, it seems that when it calls for grated ginger there is no mention of peeling first. I always do, but now I am wondering...

Home Made Hummus

by John B 15 years ago

I was looking for Harissa and found this recipe Link: http://www.winetalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=313

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