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Bacon in the Oven (with brown sugar?)

by Chris 15 years ago

I could swear I once saw a recipe for this. Anyone have it? Has anyone tried it? I am actually having a brunch party and am looking for a way to cook bacon in bulk. Let me know if the oven is ...

last minute ingredients you always forget

by annab 15 years ago

Spending my first Christmas in UK and from what I understand there will be no grocery shops open on Christmas or Boxing day. A far cry from NYC when Christmas day trips to the Key Food for forgotte...

Question about egg noodles (dumb question, I apologize in advance)

by Clarissa 15 years ago

I bought this box of De Cecco enriched egg noodles, fettuccine shaped. They looked different than regular boxed pasta, more like fresh. Can I use them in any pasta recipe, the way I would with an...


by Sharon S. 15 years ago

Now that it is crab season, I will have some fresh crabmeat and I am looking for a great crabcake recipe.

Gingerbread Men Cookies

by fitzhammer2000 15 years ago

I was thinking about buying a roll of gingerbread cookie dough at the supermarket instead of making my own after reading a lot of bad reviews on epicurious for making gingerbread dough. Any fool-p...

innovative Christmas menus?

by lucia 15 years ago

I'm literally fed up with turkey and all its trimmings and want to do something different for Christmas dinner. Looking for ideas. We'll have a smallish group (4-6) for dinner, so pretty open to...

Crab Shell Stock: worth the odor

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

So I've been indulging in home-steamed Dungeness crab about an average of once a wk. Prices in my area of NoCal keep dropping, which makes it all too easy to feed my addiction. Thanks to hound Go...

proscuitto - how many slices per pound

by ChrisKC 15 years ago

I'm including melon and asparagus wrapped in proscuitto on my christmas eve buffet this year. Only problem is I don't know how much to buy. Could anyone give me an estimate on how many slices I w...

Tried the pear cake posted below

by Spencer 15 years ago

Tried the pear cake posted below. It was evry good. I made some pear honey and drizzled over the top. It was a big hit with my kids. I wonder how it would be with blackberries? Spencer BTW Mine...

Chocolate truffles storage question

by Gwen 15 years ago

Hi, After I make chocolate truffles, how long do they keep typically? And how should I store them to keep optimum freshness? Approximately what kind of temperature is best? Should I refrigerate o...

spice substitution

by ruth arcone 15 years ago

I just saw a recipe in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living for a butternut squash and celery root soup. It sounds great, but the problem is that the only spice it calls for is fennel seed,...

Any good champagne/sparkling wine punch recipes out there?

by Pssst 15 years ago

I'm having a holiday open house and was planning to serve hot cider, tea, sparkling water and a sparkling wine punch (I'll probably have some white & red wine just in case there's someone out there...

it stinks in here!

by rebs 15 years ago

i live in an apartment and whenever i cook, the whole place smells like food for days. this includes my clothes and jackets. the air vent over my stove is useless (it sucks the air up then pushes i...


by Carey 15 years ago

just bought watercress for the first time and am unsure whether to strip the leaves off the stem and use just them, or should you use some of the stem as well? are there any fantastic uses of wat...

Best holiday cookies to ship?

by Sarahpet 15 years ago

I think I will do massive baking over the next few nights and ship cookies in lieu of other presents (I'm stumped for ideas, and usually send little things anyway). What are your best recipes and t...

Is this blender worth $5?

by LizR 15 years ago

Hi, I received a Black and Decker ProBlend 450 for Christmas last year. First, after very little use, the collar at the bottom cracked, which Black and Decker cheerfully replaced. Now the whole t...

cheese course accompaniment?

by amanda 15 years ago

hello everyone, i'm looking for suggestions for things to serve with a cheese course - i.e. little bites that complement the flavors of a traditional cheese plate. in the past i've used apple/pear...

Malini's Kitchen -- Ceylonese recipes

by Jeremy Osner 15 years ago

A friend directed me to this resource for Sri Lankan home cooking. Link: http://www.infolanka.com/recipes/

spicy turkey meatloaf

by vozick 15 years ago

I am looking for a recipe for a spicy, moist, turkey meatloaf. As it can be bland, I would like to add some chipotle peppers with adobo sauce. Any ideas? Thanks!

Christmas Menu Ideas

by TiaBunky 15 years ago

I'm charged (happily!) with planning a Christmas dinner menu for 8-10 people. The consensus for the entree is turkey. Really, isn't that Thanksgiving? You may wonder--if you are charged (and ult...

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