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Best Recipe You Acquired This Year

by Sam D. 13 years ago

For me it was the recipe for "Balzano Apple Cake" featured in the NY Times 9/22/04. I've made it five or six times al...


mish commented 13 years ago

Meyer lemon sauce

by curiouscook 13 years ago

I have had Meyer lemon sauce at some high end restaurants in LA and loved it with both meat and fish. Anyone know how...


Wendy Lai commented 13 years ago

Good pasta cookbook?

by Richie 13 years ago

Morning, Do any of you have recs for a good pasta and sauce cookbook for part of a xmas gift? Thanks,Richie


the food guy commented 13 years ago

Herbs instead of Lettuce for sandwiches, wow!

by Curtis 13 years ago

Never really realized how good fresh herbs are on a sandwich until I made one today: some leftover pork tenderloin, t...


synergy commented 13 years ago

Alton Brown recipe

by Miest 13 years ago

Does anyone have Alton Brown's recipe for tofu-based Caesar dressing? I've made it and it's delicious, but now I can'...


Miest commented 13 years ago

"Brown Butter"...I Can't Get Enough!

by Funwithfood 13 years ago

I love the taste of brown butter! It's like a magnet--whenever I see it mentioned on a menu I MUST order it. Doe...


Funwithfood commented 13 years ago

ISO GG's pear cake recipe

by Shaebones 13 years ago

I know it was posted recently but for the life of me I can't locate it. Would like to make it today. Can someone post...


missyme commented 13 years ago

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pancetta & brussel sprouts recipe

by wurstle 13 years ago

I made this a few weeks ago and it came out very well. It's from the CIA Gourmet Meals in Minutes cook book. My sis...


by LisaM 13 years ago

I've offered to make some gluehwein (German for mulled wine) for a party tomorrow night, but I've never made it befor...


chococat commented 13 years ago

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Best recipe for plain creme brulee

by jsl 13 years ago

I am searching for your favorite creme brulee recipe. My family prefers it plain, no liquor or fruit added. Thanks ...

can openner

by jeff 13 years ago

I'm looking for some advice on can openers. I had a manual one for 5-6 years that was great. The blade started to rus...


gp commented 13 years ago

Help! Need Recipe for Homemade Ice cream Cones with Waffle Iron

by Ice Cream Queen Wanna Be 13 years ago

I've been invited to attend a work staff pot luck hoiday lunch party this week. We have been asked to bring dessert ...


curiousbaker commented 13 years ago

"Kinder Gentler Potato Latkes"

by JoAnn 13 years ago

I tried this recipe and it's wonderful! My brother and I parboiled and grated the potatoes hours in advance. There ...


texasmensch commented 13 years ago

Virgina Ham search

by The Searchers 13 years ago

We would like to know where to buy the best organic Virgina Ham in the country, any leads, internet or otherwise woul...


Dennis S commented 13 years ago

Baccala (salted cod) Spread

by Ray 13 years ago

I saw a dish on The Italian Christmas Special on The Food Network. It was a spread for crostini made primarily with ...


FlyFish commented 13 years ago

Yogurt making kits

by nja 13 years ago

Hello, I'm thinking of buying as a gift a home yogurt making kit. Anyone have any specific products to recommend? ...


Chris VR commented 13 years ago

Rite of Passage - My Turn to Make The Latkes

by peppermint pate 13 years ago

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my aunt has made the latkes for our family's Channukah party. Unfortunatel...


butterfly commented 13 years ago

confit (not duck)

by Dbird 13 years ago

I have a lot of rendered duck fat and was thinking of making something other than duck confit. Has anyone had success...


brookmonton commented 13 years ago

Galley Girl's pear cake

by Tatania 13 years ago

Too eager to try Galley Girl's pear cake (Best Recipes of the Year thread below)to wait for pears to be back in seaso...


galleygirl commented 13 years ago

marmalade advice - meyers and/or....

by becs 13 years ago

So, I'm about to make my first foray into marmalade. I picked up some nice looking meyer lemons per the recipe I had...


Alicja commented 13 years ago

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