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Cornbread Pudding Recipe?

by Nancy 13 years ago

I am looking for a recipe for a bread pudding made with cornbread to make for Thanksgiving, instead of our usual chal...


Nancy Berry commented 13 years ago


by FITZHAMMER2000 13 years ago

I usually make crab cakes for a Thansgiving appetizer. Thinking about doing something less labor intensive like a cr...


Heidi Claire commented 13 years ago


schnapps vs liqueur?

by SusieQ 13 years ago

I have a chocolate bundt cake recipe which calls for raspberry schnapps both in the cake and the glaze. I can't find...


muD commented 13 years ago

What to do with lots of leftover butternut squash soup

by Caviar 13 years ago

I went a little crazy, and made far more than we can eat. Any creative secondary uses for a lot of roasted butternut ...


Tom Meg commented 13 years ago

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Need toaster recommendations for breakroom

by Tracy L. 13 years ago

The toaster oven was removed from the office breakroom because it was a fire hazard. We can't replace it with another...

bhaingan bhartha

by micah 13 years ago

Does anyone have a really good, tested recipe for bhaingan bhartha? I'm having a dinner party next weekend and it wa...


howler commented 13 years ago

How to cook a wild duck??

by Tela T. 13 years ago

A friend just gave me two fresh ducks - wings, feathers, feet and all - I've cut plenty of things up (from the st...


tee crenshaw commented 13 years ago

Baking in Britain

by zuriga 13 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions about baking in the UK? I have trouble converting U.S. recipes with flour here... things...


zuriga commented 13 years ago

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Thoughts About Bakewell Cream...

by Funwithfood 13 years ago

I finally bought some. It is supposed to make light & fluffy biscuits. The substitution for baking powder is 2 part...

Sweet potato pone?

by Ilaine 13 years ago

Denser, richer and chewier than a sweet potato casserole. They used to sell this at the Jazz Fest and maybe still ...


Candy commented 13 years ago

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Just in time for Thanksgiving: Jim Leff's "Leftover Gourmet" Report

by The Chowhound Team 13 years ago

"The Leftover Gourmet: Secrets Of Hyperdelicious Reheating" proposes a radical approach to reaheating, including "The...


by annab 13 years ago

Have a big bunch of it, and am very partial to it as an herb. Any thoughts on a recipe that would feature it?


hildegard commented 13 years ago

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Stokely Pumpkin Pie

by Middydd 13 years ago

2 cups brown sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon mace 4 eggs, slightly beaten 1 28 ounce can Stoke...

report back on buttercream

by Wendy Lai 13 years ago

A while ago I asked in the General board about some buttercream advice. I promised to report, sorry it took so long....


Caitlin McGrath commented 13 years ago

taking a spiral sliced glazed ahm to the next level?

by cocoagirl 13 years ago

We are having a Spiral sliced ham (in additon to a Weber Turkey) on the gas grill- what is the best preparation of th...


Candy commented 13 years ago

Is a food processor even necessary?

by lb 13 years ago

I am registering for a wedding, and am contemplating getting a food processor. I don't think I need one...I'd rather ...


JoAnn commented 13 years ago

Timpano - main dish for vegetarians

by Kato 13 years ago

I offer this as a suggestion for anyone looking for a festive main dish for Thanksgiving. Following what they could s...


Kato commented 13 years ago

what to do with a kosher turkey?

by D-NY 13 years ago

My mom's buying an organic kosher turkey for "health reasons." I don't think I should brine it, since it is already ...


Joe MacBu commented 13 years ago

saucepan advice requested

by Smokey 13 years ago

I recently managed to completely blacken the inside of a 10-15 year old Revereware 2 qt. saucepan, and no amount of s...


Carb Lover commented 13 years ago

KA Double Dark Cocoa

by AGM/Cape Cod 13 years ago

I bought the double dark cocoa for a cookie recipe which (of course) I can't find. Would it be too bittersweet to sub...


Dylan commented 13 years ago

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