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How to Cook Basmati Rice in Rice Cooker?

by brandondt 1 day ago

I have a really nice Tiger rice cooker that I cook jasmine rice in. Jasmine rice works great, but when I try to cook...

TorontoJo commented 1 day ago

Ginger - what do they mean by 1-inch?

by hirsheys 6 days ago

I'm wondering if someone can help me decipher what recipe writers mean when they call for "1-inch" of ginger, minced....


ricepad commented 1 day ago

January 2018 COTM: All Under Heaven - The North and Manchurian Northeast

by MelMM 15 days ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from "The North and Manchurian Northeast" section of All Under Heaven, pages 1-6...

MelMM commented 1 day ago

Help! Can I rescue a tough brisket?

by sljones 11 years ago

I just made my first ever brisket for a Hanukkah party tomorrow night,and while the flavor is great, the texture is, ...


NCarol commented 1 day ago

"Deconstructed" Jambalaya

by collardman 8 days ago

Southern living magazine had a recipe for jambalaya sent in by a woman from Covington, LA. Sorry I don't have it arou...


collardman commented 1 day ago

lye vs. baking soda for homemade pretzels

by momskitchen 9 years ago

I want to make homemade pretzels, and my recipe calls for the lye bath. My beloved Alton Brown suggests baking soda ...


acgold7 commented 2 days ago

January 2018 COTM: All Under Heaven - The Arid Lands

by MelMM 15 days ago

Use this thread to report on recipes from "The Arid Lands" section of All Under Heaven, pages 313-375 . If you are...

MelMM commented 2 days ago

Copycat Taylor Farms Farmhouse Bacon Salad Kit

by Libranflight 3 months ago

We eat this salad so often, it gets quite pricey. More often than not, at least two packages are consumed daily...


Libranflight commented 2 days ago

Chinese chicken soup?

by basketballs1fan 4 days ago

I have Chinese chicken salad mix, could I use the left over veggies to make soup? Do add anything else to it?


basketballs1fan commented 2 days ago

Cooking from Honey & Co: The Baking Book

by MmeFleiss 2 years ago

I promised in this month's baking thread to do a "cooking from" thread for one of my new favorite books. I've made a ...

MmeFleiss commented 2 days ago

newbie cook: Freezing left over couscous?

by S U 11 years ago

I've never cooked couscous before, but I'm planning to make some for dinner... and all the amazing recipes on this bo...


BarnacleSally commented 2 days ago

chicken salad too salty...help?

by meimei 8 years ago

Making Mustard Chicken Salad for the cook out tonight. I think the salt in roasting the chicken plus the salt in the ...

thegforceny commented 2 days ago


by pistachio peas 10 months ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: CHICKEN (p. 22-61) and MEAT: PORK, BEEF, VE...

pistachio peas commented 2 days ago

Favorite New Dishes from 2017

by MmeFleiss 14 days ago

Now that 2017 is over, what were your favorite recipes that you discovered and have added (or hope to add) to your ro...

TorontoJo commented 2 days ago

Cooking from Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks. Part 2

by DuffyH 1 year ago

Because the original thread has gotten exceedingly long, it's time to split it. Below are the guidelines TDQ set out,...

TorontoJo commented 2 days ago

Thicken sauce for shrimp scampi?

by laraibcooks 2 years ago

I don't want my sauce to be too thick. So instead of making a roux or a slurry with cornstarch I was thinking about c...

Thymus commented 2 days ago

Beans won't cook.

by egit 5 years ago

It all started with a pound of Goya "small red beans." I soaked them overnight. I changed the water, and soaked...


Mayimuna commented 3 days ago

Lemon chicken in a cast-iron skillet- bad idea?

by Sony 13 years ago

I have recently accquired some used cast iron cookware and have been going NUTS- I love it! Which is why I need your...


JayeDeete commented 3 days ago

Recipes from Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Triumphant and Unfussy New Favorites

by sallyt 3 months ago

hi all, let's post reviews from Deb Perelman's new cookbook! I've made 5 recipes so far - 3 of them b/c they were...

LulusMom commented 3 days ago

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Fish; Roasts; Chops & Sausages; Chicken 122-233

by blue room 1 year ago

Use this thread to post your reports on recipes from SIMPLE. Please include the page number and put the recipe name...

L.Nightshade commented 3 days ago