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guide to Portland restaurants

by jdixon@igc.apc.org 22 years ago

I also posted this in the "elsewhere" topic... My first foray into web publishing is an unofficial guide to Portland restaurants for anyone coming to town for the International Association of C...

A Chowhound with kids needs places to go!

by Lisa R. 22 years ago

We are looking for a place for tomorrow night- and any other nights- for my family and another, four kids total!-to eat. We will be with another family of chef Dad and Mom and 2 kids, and we ar...

Carolinas BBQ

by Elliot Apter 22 years ago

Interesting question arose during a food debate today. Had people from two of the three carolina BBQ zones (E. North, W. North, and South C - the one of these we were physically missing was t...

Need Suggestions for Monthly "Risk-Your-Life-For-Food-Night"

by amy tarshis 22 years ago

Every month I try to get a few people together for what I call a "Risk Your Life For Food Night". The idea is to go out for a great meal in a really bad neighborhood. It's a lot of fun and, there's...

Sumptuous Seder Treat???

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

This nice Catholic girl is going to her first Seder in a few weeks and would like some suggestions about something really delicious to bring to the hostess... Please let me know...Also where to pur...

Goy needs help for Seder

by Jim Dixon 22 years ago

We’re hosting a Seder this year for the first time (for me, anyway...my wife’s first husband was Jewish, and she recently learned that she’s not 100% Sicilian, but her real maternal Grandfath...

Food Career Day at NYU

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

The Nutrition and Food Studies department of my alma mater, NYU, hosted an extremely well organized "Food Career Day" today. It was a free event that lasted from 9:00am to 5:00pm and featured fift...

Fat-Free Spuds for Dieting ChowHounds...

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

I know, I know, true ChowHounds are not supposed to diet, but sometimes we get a bit carried away and need to shed a couple of pounds... My best friend Paul is always counting fat calories (extem...

suggestions for food critiquing

by chowhound 22 years ago

Dear Critics: I am writing this note to find out how others in this area of expertise critique the establishments which they visit. Our city is a small one and contains many establishments in t...

James Beard Oscar Bash

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

The Chowhounds that I've talked to aren't big fans of the James Beard Foundation, however I thought the recent invite that I received from the "Greens" was kind of cute: "In the spirit of Swifty ...

Urban Archaeology

by Allan Evans 22 years ago

The old Triangle Hofbrau in Richmond Hill is now a Russian place called Little Europe. Same decor, same amazing poster with recipe for Choucroute on a wall now obscured. Food not interesting. Bu...

Zola on food

by Allan Evans 22 years ago

A fine novel by Emile Zola, "The Belly of Paris", is now in English. It's a quite fun read about a budding socialist amidst the temptations of sausages, sex, and lusciuous victuals at the Les H...

Saveeyan for Eid-Ul-Fitar

by John Knoesel 22 years ago

My buddy Atiq ( the waki paki ) just brought to my desk a container of saveeyan. A traditional dish eaten on the first day after fasting through Ramadhan, ( Eid-Ul-Fitar )Sort of like a rice pud...

The big dog and the arepa lady of Jackson Heights

by Alan Divack 22 years ago

Jim gets a thinly disguised mention in Corby Kummer's review of Anya von Bremzen's new latin cookbook, Fiesta, for sleuthing out a Columbian lady who sells areapas (cornmeal and cheese flatbread...


by Jordan 22 years ago

This picks up from the Guinness thread . . . didn't want the re:re:re to cause anyone to think for a moment that we were tapping out over there, yet. Food is puh-lenty to cover on this appetizin...

Put Your Red Panties On!!!!

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

Luck is of the essence, so put those red undies on, eat a big bowl of Hoppin' John with Red Rice and give a great,big New Year's kiss and hug to someone you love.... Happy New Year and Happy Ea...

A New World

by Barry Strugatz 22 years ago

Jim: I feel like I have entered the Promisied Land. As you know I have just left DOS land and have entered, windows, the mouse and the web. It will take me a short while to get adjusted. But I ...


by Dottie 22 years ago

My daughter, and I are visiting N.Y. this month. Would like to know if Chasen's is a good place to have dinner after the theater?? What would be better??


by parsnip 22 years ago

pickled watermelon rind- why do all recipees for this pickle stipulate that the rind must bathe in a salt water brine for 24 hrs before pickling? potato- when boiling does an unpeeled spud do be...

Ed Levine -- what a guy

by Christy Veeder 22 years ago

So, how about that Ed Levine? Front page of last week's NYT food section!A chowhound after our own hearts! If there is any kind of chowhound end-of-year celebration, maybe we can invite him.

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