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NYTimes Chowhound Definition

by Allan Evans 21 years ago

Today's (Monday's) Times crossword puzzle had "Chowhound" as a clue for "glutton". Perhaps a grumbling from up "top" at the new unbridled interest in ethnic food?

Greenmarket Report

by Trip Kirkpatrick 21 years ago

Wondering if anyone knows of a reliable, regularly updated report on what's currently at the greenmarkets in NYC--most of interest to me are the Boro Hall one and the Union Square one, in that o...

Tuna recipe

by Hitzgallore 21 years ago

Wow-this recipe looks real good!-check it out for yourselves, but for me anything with fresh tuna is usually delicious. Link: http://www.lastwww.com/lastwww/inkitchen.html

Cow Eye Tacos

by Pam Sommers 21 years ago

This sensational cover line is for a story on adventurous eating/extreme chowhounding in the NY area in Time Out New York's 6/3 -6/10 issue (Judi Dench on the cover). It is a little TOO advent...

Top 10 Kid's Menu Items

by Tori Rogers 21 years ago

Chowhound: Where can I find the top 10 (documented) kid's menu items on the net? I know the obvious answers, but need confirmation and can't find it. Can you help me? Thanks tons! P.S. Qui...

Memories of a Lost Egypt

by Allan Evans 21 years ago

A food-centric memoir of Cairo from the 1940's has just been published: Memories of a Lost Egypt, by Colette Rossant (Potter). She weaves a wonderful family tale in which the recollections of lu...

Chinon/bourbueuil food in NYC?

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

I've been assigned to find and profile a restaurant (preferably in NYC, but anywhere in northeast will do) which serves at least some specialties (and wines) from Chinon/Bourbueuil. I'll settle for...

Hey, where can I buy some Key Limes downtown NYC?

by amy tarshis 22 years ago

I've got a recipe for key lime pie but cannot find Key Limes. Dean & DeLuca doesn't even have 'em and I'm even wiulling to pay good money! Any suggestions?


by pat hammond 21 years ago

I'm hoping that with all of the new chowhouders out there someone knows a place in one of the boroughs where they sell ponzu sauce. I last had it at Next Door Nobu. Nobu used to have his own br...

New Sterns' Book Due Soon!

by AHR 21 years ago

I just noticed that Amazon.com has begun accepting orders for an as yet unpublished update to Jane and Michael Stern's "Eat Your Way Across the USA." I'll continue to buy several copies of ever...

Restaurant Portugal

by Josh Mittleman 23 years ago

Riva & I returned to Restaurant Portugal in Ossining last night, Jim, with your review in mind. Great food! The soups (kale & potato with sausage, bread soup with seafood) were wonderful and hea...

Pearson's Texas Barbecue

by Ellen Goldberg 21 years ago

To all those who have lamented the close of Pearson's -- we're coming back. The pit is on order. We'll have the same food, same menu, in Jackson Heights this time. I hope for a June opening ...

Garlic Chablis

by Heidi 21 years ago

Okay, I'm sure that got your attention, it sure got mine today at an upscale,(read expensive), "farmers market". I saw two new products, Garlic Chablis Cooking Wine and its' mate, Garlic Burgund...

Ruth Reichl is leaving the New York Times!

by Gourmet Guy 22 years ago

I just heard--on good authority--that Ruth Reichl is leaving the New York Times, apparently to go to Gourmet Magazine, though that's not clear. Anyone else hear about this? I do like her food...

Chinese/Japanese combination restaurants

by Josh Mittleman 21 years ago

There's a trend in Westchester for Chinese restaurants to add a sushi bar and Japanese menu. My impression is that the result is usually a restaurant that does two cuisines badly, and I wonder why...


by BILLY 21 years ago

I recently went to the Pearl Oyster Bar, (for the 6th time). After the wait (30 min. and a few beers on the street) I asked if they are going to take over the space next door? I was informed that t...

Tips: NE Puerto Rico?

by Adam Riess 21 years ago

I'll be in NE Puerto rico (Luquillo/Fajardo/El Yunque) for three days. Any great recommendations? Thanks very much! -Adam


by PAT HAMMOND 21 years ago

Is it just me or is the NY Times restaurant section (both Wed. and Fri.) plodding in Chowhounds footsteps? The most recent examples that stand out in my mind are: 1. Buying (was it tacos?) from a...

Article on Italian international culinary police in WSJ

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

The front page of today's Wall Street Journal had an article about a "buoyantly corpulent" Italian expat who goes around to so-called Italian restaurants in NY (there are people like this all ov...


by lee 21 years ago

can anyone suggest a good brunch place that can accomidate a group of about 20 for a party

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