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Chinese/Japanese combination restaurants

by Josh Mittleman 20 years ago

There's a trend in Westchester for Chinese restaurants to add a sushi bar and Japanese menu. My impression is that the result is usually a restaurant that does two cuisines badly, and I wonder why...


by BILLY 20 years ago

I recently went to the Pearl Oyster Bar, (for the 6th time). After the wait (30 min. and a few beers on the street) I asked if they are going to take over the space next door? I was informed that t...

Tips: NE Puerto Rico?

by Adam Riess 20 years ago

I'll be in NE Puerto rico (Luquillo/Fajardo/El Yunque) for three days. Any great recommendations? Thanks very much! -Adam


by PAT HAMMOND 20 years ago

Is it just me or is the NY Times restaurant section (both Wed. and Fri.) plodding in Chowhounds footsteps? The most recent examples that stand out in my mind are: 1. Buying (was it tacos?) from a...

Article on Italian international culinary police in WSJ

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

The front page of today's Wall Street Journal had an article about a "buoyantly corpulent" Italian expat who goes around to so-called Italian restaurants in NY (there are people like this all ov...


by lee 20 years ago

can anyone suggest a good brunch place that can accomidate a group of about 20 for a party

late nite eats near Lincoln Center

by R Linton 21 years ago

going to opera that ends late. any suggestions for late supper any ethnic walking distance between Lincoln Center and Mayflowere hotel?

Unique Place for Christmas Party

by Barry Gainey 21 years ago

i need a unique place and/or idea for a company christmas party. there will be about 15-20 people. we want good food and something different for atmosphere, etc. looking for more than a room to hav...

Planning a 50th birthday party

by Mara 20 years ago

Any ideas for a fun place (in Manhattan or Brooklyn) with good food and rock and roll dance music. Party is for 25-30 people, next fall.

Charlotte Russe containers

by Susan Nolan 20 years ago

Can anyone help me as to where Charlotte Russe cups can be purchased? They seem to be almost extinct. Anyone I talk to only has there last handful. I need only 300 of them. If anyone knows wher...

new cafe

by Kelli Weiss 20 years ago

Can you reccommend a good source for muffins and bagels for a small brooklyn cafe?

End of the World

by robert sietsema 20 years ago

I saw a roach climbing up the wall in the bread department of Balducci's today. The countergal finessed it, but we both had looks on our faces like we wanted to run out of there toot sweet. Must be...

need the help of all chowhounds

by rachelhope 21 years ago

Yesterday I received the disturbing new that I have high cholesterol! especially disturbing because I am only 23, and have always thought of "high cholesterol" as something that happened to olde...

chocolate & cholesterol

by Jim Dixon 21 years ago

I mentioned that dark chocolate is relatively benign, cardiovascularly speaking, in the cholesterol thread (see Re(3): need the help of all chowhounds). Someone asked for more details, and he...

Now David Rosengarten is leaving Gourmet!

by Gourmet Guy 20 years ago

My spies have notified me that, with Ruth Reichl coming to GOURMET as the new editor-in-chief, restaurant reviewer David Rosengarten is departing pronto. Seems they probably wouldn't get along, ...

Five Years Probation for David Ruggierio

by christina z 20 years ago

He also has to pay a fine and do community service for cooking the books at his restaurant to the tune of $140K. The Food Network must be pretty embarrassed. They probably burned the tapes of all ...

Chefs Criticize 'Americanized' Food

by Frank Language 20 years ago

I'm trying to find this article on Yahoo News; I weould post it (it was a repost), but in deference to our fearless leader I'm hesitant. In it, Associated Press writer DONNA ABU-NASR writes abou...

Chinese Dumplings in Manhattan

by Edmundo Claro 21 years ago

I've enjoyed the best Chinese dumplings in restaurants that by some misterious reason have ended up closing. Any suggestions? I just love sesame sauce too.


by E. Kahaner 20 years ago

Congrats Jim on the write up in the Times yesterday. It was fun discovering it while reading in the car en route to "lunch" with George Washington at the New York Historical Society.

Chowhounds in the book, Dining Out

by Dave Feldman 20 years ago

I finally got my sweaty hands on the book, DINING OUT: Secrets from America's Leading Critics, Chefs, and Restaurateurs. It's a lot of fun, and features Jim Leff, Jonathan Gold, and Robert Sie...

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