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Chinese Dumplings in Manhattan

by Edmundo Claro 21 years ago

I've enjoyed the best Chinese dumplings in restaurants that by some misterious reason have ended up closing. Any suggestions? I just love sesame sauce too.


by E. Kahaner 21 years ago

Congrats Jim on the write up in the Times yesterday. It was fun discovering it while reading in the car en route to "lunch" with George Washington at the New York Historical Society.

Chowhounds in the book, Dining Out

by Dave Feldman 21 years ago

I finally got my sweaty hands on the book, DINING OUT: Secrets from America's Leading Critics, Chefs, and Restaurateurs. It's a lot of fun, and features Jim Leff, Jonathan Gold, and Robert Sie...


by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

I noticed you upgraded the Hot Posts window this weekend, to remember its last screen position. Thanks, it had been a nagging if subliminal irritation to have to move it every time I went to che...

Ruth Reichl article

by Ellen 21 years ago

For an British perspective on Ruth Reichl's departure from the New York Times I thought some of you might be interested to read the article 'Dining Queen of the Big Apple'(URL below) on the Lond...


by JOHN 21 years ago

Can anyone please help me? I am traveling to New yory in the near future and would really like to find a good reataurant that serves "raclette" (the traditional Swiss version) so i can compare yo...

Chinese vs. Italian Noodles

by Grace Toy 21 years ago

Hi, I'm entering a trivia contest (deadline Feb. 29th), and I need to know the difference between Chinese and Italian noodles? Can anyone help me? Please reply directly to my email. Thanks a lot...

Catering small party

by glenn 21 years ago

I'm having a small party for about 25 which I'd like to cater with hors d'oeuvres.. something a little different and eclectic and not empty my not-so-fat wallet. I'm willing to pick up the grub ...

Passover rolls

by Mindy Heiferling 21 years ago

I'm doing an article on Passover rolls, or what my grandmother called "bilkalach" (I'm told that that was just her word for them, something akin to "thingamajig:). They are completely delicious--mo...

Perry Bistro

by Barry Strugatz 21 years ago

Someone told me that this place on Perry and Hudson was good. Has anyone tried it?

DiPalma Bread

by Barry Strugatz 21 years ago

By chance was walking on Spring near Mulberry and went into DiPalma Bread store (think they are outlet of a Jersey City bakery). I had three winner items: a bread stuffed with broccoli rabe, a ...

Very very interesting

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

For those of you who don't check out the "Elsewhere in America" board, there's a way-interesting thread going on over there titled "Chinese Nirvana in San Gabriel Valley, CA", and it's incorporated...

Attn.: Ruth Reichl-Simple Things-Homely Truths-Sugar Bowal

by V. Petruzza 21 years ago

Dear Ruth: Hope this message gets to you. I read your article, Simple Things, Homely Truths, about the sugar bowl, in House and Gardens. I was amazed when I saw the picture! I have the matc...

cheese options near Union Sq.

by jen kalb 21 years ago

The selection of good foodstuffs in the Union Square area keeps increasing. In addition to the great fish at Catch 21 and the Farmers Market, the great breads at the FM, O Padeiro and many other...

Ringing out the old

by pat hammond 21 years ago

Best wishes to all of Chowdom for a happy and healthy New Year from Pat in St. Louis.

romantic Italian Resaurant in Manhattan

by Peter Bobrow 21 years ago

Looking for a small cafe that won't break my wallet. preferably with sidewalk seating. Thank you all for your help.

Leek Latkes

by E. Cornell 21 years ago

Did anyone save the recipe that appeared in the Dining Out section of the Times for Leek Latkes? I meant to save it but threw it out and our over-efficient super scarfed my pile of recycled newspa...

HELP re: Potstickers Origin?

by Grace Toy 21 years ago

Hi there, Would anyone know for certain which province in China potstickers originate from? I need to find out for a contest that I'm entering (deadline 12/31). Please HELP! Thanks a lot in advan...

Extreme Chowhounding

by Chris E. 21 years ago

For a highly entertaining account of dining at its most intrepid, I call your attention to the following: http://www.salonmagazine.com/wlust/feature/1998/12/15fe ature.html

Reviewer Anonymity

by Steven Shaw 21 years ago

Jim introduced the topic of reviewer anonymity--about which he is quite passionate--over on the Manhattan board (in the Il Buco thread). It came up regarding David Rosengarten, who writes New Yo...

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