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soft-boiled egg info for Dena

by cinnamon/SDNY 20 years ago

Dena -- just read all the s-b egg posts below. I'm a firm-white fan, too. I cook my (large) eggs more or less like Stefany does, except i simmer them for 5 minutes. Then i take out one egg for test...

Nepalese Food

by Maria Eng 20 years ago

For all those embroiled in/intrigued by the debate on the nature of Nepalese food on the Manhattan Board: The Nepal Cookbook by the Association of Nepalis in the Americas ISBN 1-55939-060-3. This l...

Malted Milk Shakes

by Pete Feliz 20 years ago

Okay, I'm making the hypothetically definitive chocolate malted. I've got the Ronnybrook Milk, the Hagen Daz chocolate and vanilla ice cream (let's not argue flavors or brands yet for the sake of ...


by Anthony Bourdain 20 years ago

Save your money on this one, folks...Utterly and completely without merit. Useless, uninteresting, puffy and witless. Why someone would go to all the trouble and expense to start up a new magazine ...


by Jenji 20 years ago

I read an old discussion of turducken on the "best of" board and I'd love to try some, but the link given is no longer active. Anyone know where I can order up some good turducken?

Chowhoundery and kashrut

by Alan Divack 20 years ago

The thread a little while back on whether or why corn syrup was or wasn't kosher for passover (see the link below) got me to thinking about the relationship between chowhounding and the Jewish diet...

bottled lemonade

by Beth 20 years ago

Now that the temperature is climbing, I find myself craving lemonade. Today I bought a bottled lemonade made by Mad River, and I really enjoyed it. I'd probably make it a little more tart if I we...

Saute-ing olives

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

A little while ago I accidentally discovered a cooking techniques which I have been using in every dinner I have made since then. I bought some Sicilian green olives at a local grocery but found th...

Cruel cruel

by Betty 20 years ago

I'm posting to general because this is where we discussed it. Today I went for lunch to Sharon Gardens, "my" Korean place on 23rd street only to find a handwritten note expressing love and thank...

new message board

by Michael Kleinman 20 years ago

I suggested to Jim Leff that he create a new message board where chow hounds can share their mail-order food experiences. I for example get tortillas from Maria & Ricardos in Boston, and they are...

very cool NYC business luncheon venue ideas?

by jody 20 years ago

Hi there... I'm planning a small business luncheon (30 people) for late June in NYC. Any ideas as to a 'knock your socks off' spot would be great! Thanks!

Vicarious Barbecue

by Jim Dorsch 20 years ago

I happened to think of an interesting barbecue book that's probably of little practical use, but enjoyable to read nonetheless. The book is Hog Heaven, by Allie Patricia Wall and Ron L. Layne. It w...

Jim's Interview

by Andy 20 years ago

I really enjoyed Jim's NPR interview which is linked to the first page. I think "alpha-hound" or "big-dog" would make a great sitcom. "The Green Light" is Jim's "Rosebud".

american regional food - please

by jen kalb 20 years ago

Its a funny thing but as a transplanted midwesterner in NYC I am longing to hear about regional food across the US as our many Boards heat up - maybe a food enthusiast in Iowa or western Virginia i...


by Paul 20 years ago

I have a reservation at Peter Luger on 5/12. I just read The Fat Guy's review of same. He said the waiter "carves" your Porterhouse tableside and pours on a mixture of fat, blood and butter. I t...

Modena cuisine, or how Pavarotti became porcine

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

New link up (in Italian but good to download the recipes as one day they will be easier to read perhaps): http://utenti.tripod.it/marmirk/index.html It also has a link to other regional recipes.

Nepali Thread (continued from the Manhattan Board)

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

I'll stick in the URL of the first message in the Nepali thread on the Manhattan board below, for your reference. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/189349#1011175

strange fruit in noodle kugel

by Betty 20 years ago

Prunes, apples, raisins, these seem normal to me, but pineapple? Is is just a geographic failing of Okiness or is pineapple an odd thing to encounter in a sweet noodle kugel? Is is good? (I mean wo...

Balducci's Brodetto

by Heidi 20 years ago

In Balducci's mail-order and website catalog is a prepared dish called brodetto. Described as their version of an Italian dish, it includes lamb in what looks like a tomatoe-y sauce, topped with a ...

Spanish Ethnic Foods: Rice Pudding

by RuSs_ 20 years ago

anyone have any information on this particular food or the recipe and ingredients list?..Any information can help Thank you (Just post the information)

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