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The Forgotten

by julie id 19 years ago

Would appreciate ANY info on any restaurants or supermarkets -- ANYWHERE -- for any Balinese, Okinawan, or Chejuan food....

Modified meaning of Roach Coach

by Keith 19 years ago

Lunch time: Me: "Hey, where can I go for lunch?" Friend: "Check out that taco coach by the tire place" Me: "Okay, I will". Been 11 1/2 years I've lived here, gotta try it, I suppose. Skeptical! ...

Arthur Avenue, the Bronx

by Brian Yarvin 20 years ago

I shopped on Arthur Avenue yesterday for the first time in over a year and was delighted to find that many shops have been vastly improved. You kind of got the feeling that everyone had gone ba...

Laksa in NYC

by Natasha 20 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a good version of the Singaporean laksa? (i.e., coconut noodle soup)

crepe making machine

by Pat Hammond 21 years ago

I'm trying to locate a supplier for a crepe making appliance that is popular in Paris. It is sort of a hot plate/griddle thing. One sees these vendors everywhere there. I think there must be ...

Tough Beans

by Val G 20 years ago

I just brought home a bean soup from a local Pizzaria. The flavor was delicious but I threw most of it out because the beans were tough. I find under-cooked beans in all sorts of restaurants. Besid...

Legal Mortadella

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

After a 3-decade ban, the US is allowing mortadella sausage to be imported from Italy. The Times ran a story about it today, follow the link below to read about it. Link: http://www.nytimes.com/li...

Lunch near the Financial District (or S St. Seaport)

by J. Corle 20 years ago

Hello all: Can anyone suggest a place where you have enjoyed lunch or a quick dinner downtown? I would like to take friends to lunch in the Financial District or S. St. Seaport area, but I don't ha...

To Keith Re:Chowhounds in isolation

by Neil Anderson 20 years ago

Regarding Keith's exile in southern Oregon, I can say I relate. Living on the Maine coast, which is a fine place to live in many regards, I have had to do much of my chowhounding in a highly second...

dare i say...atkins diet?

by kate 20 years ago

This is not meant to cause a stir amongst hardcore chowhounds, although most of us have probably at one time or another been on a diet. I love food, but that passion is really starting to show, and...

To Tom Armitage

by Keith 20 years ago

Tom, Well, I got a hold of a good Mexican cookbook (see all those posts below about my questions on Mexican cooking), made some shredded beef and Spanish rice for some burritos for the wife and I...

Cookbook query

by Susan 20 years ago

I've read some good things about James Peterson's "Essentials of Cooking." Has anyone out there seen/used it? Would you recommend it? I'm interested less in recipes than in his explanations of tech...

Mexican flavors

by Keith 20 years ago

Hey all, I'm wanting to know a few of the secrets used for the flavoring of beef and chicken in Mexican dishes such as Enchiladas and Tomales; the techniques and recognized recipe ingredients for...

Ethnic Foods web site

by Val G 20 years ago

From a recent review by Librarian's Index of the Interent: www.eatethnic.com "Maintained by nutrition specialists, this site contains information about religious food practices, ethnic health...

Indonesian recipes

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

The following website has many standard dishes, with explanations of ingredients, most of which are readily available in oriental markets: www.indochef.com. The bami goreng looks easy to make and...

The Taste of Dry, Aged Beef.

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Subject:Dry Aged Beef From: FOODMASTER@MEDIAONE.NET (PAUL DESORCY) Posted: January 30, 2000 at 21:04:54 Paul wrote ----- I have been on a quest to find steak with that "old time flavor"....

Cheese course for dinner party?

by Siobhan 20 years ago

I have been asked to bring the cheese course for a dinner party of ten. The cheese guy at a local store suggested the following, but now I'm having doubts: aged gouda, french bleu, pyrenees(sheep...

Huge portions

by Peter 20 years ago

The other day my wife and I had dinner at Fiorella's, near Lincoln Center. Nothing special, and overpriced.....It was cold, the streets were icy, and it was near where we were. I had a steak fri...

Raw milk cheese

by MU 20 years ago

In Salon: big article on raw milk cheese by Steve Shaw. Includes discussion of laws and sources for the good stuff. Link: http://www.salon.com/travel/food/feature/2000/01/28/cheese/index.html


by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Subject: Re(1): Cheap Eats - Chronicle's Version-Part 3 From: big-dog@chowhound.com (Jim Leff ) Posted January 28, 2000 at 01:44:15 In Reply To: Cheap Eats - Chronicle's Version-Part 3 Poste...

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