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Laksa Recepy

by Tord Svenson 19 years ago

Gary Cheong wrote -- "Penang's laksa is not the Singaporean version that Natasha is looking for. The broth is tamarind based instead of the coconut milk based. My preference is for the Singaporean ...

Indian recipe website

by Allan Evans 19 years ago

Thanks to the extraordinary messages bobbing up on the Italian food newsgroup (rec.hobby.cucina), this fine website, with detailed recipes from regions of India and technical advice was posted toda...

Okay, listen close!

by Keith 19 years ago

So, I close this site out, try to get back in and I end up on an adult site...What? So, I says to myself (no, not What a Wonderful World), hmmm! Let's try this again...same thing! OH WAIT... I...

Ashland, Oregon's House of Thai

by Keith 19 years ago

Say all, If you're ever in Ashland, Oregon (oh, about two hundred and some-odd miles inland from the coast, and about 20 miles north of the CAL/OR border on I-5), you ought to stop by the House o...

The Beautiful Cookbook series

by Keith 19 years ago

Okay guys and gals, have I got something to make your mouths water! Ya'll know the "Beautiful" cookbook series (you know, Mexico, the Beautiful Cookbook - Asia, China, etc)? Well, if you do, you...


by billy 19 years ago

Has anyone had any experience using the newer "flavor bars" in a gas grill that are replacing the use of briquettes?

Savoy site

by Allan Evans 19 years ago

Another French website came up today, with remarkable recipes from the Savoy region (adjacent to French Switzerland) http://perso.wanadoo.fr/braize.morzine Viva la France! (and this from an Italoph...

Getting Etnic Restaurants to serve the real thing to "stoopid americans"

by Barbara S 20 years ago

Fred T. made an interesting point in a thread (mostly about Pearson's BBQ) on the Outer Boroughs board, concerning enthic restaurants that may balk at revealing the secrets of their cuisine to the ...

Chowhounds I Miss

by pat hammond 19 years ago

I miss: Lisa Antinore, Janet Traub, Amy Tarshis, and Pete Feliz. Are you guys just lurking these days? I get nostalgic when there's a millennium change; it happens every time. pat

Fondue, anyone?

by Patrick Thompson 19 years ago

Merry Christmas, y'all.Among other culinary accessories, I found a fondue set under my tree this morning. Can anyone recommend a good fondue-oriented cookbook? I'd hate to let the thing gather dust...

chowhound cnn.com

by stephen kaye 19 years ago

check it out, go to cnn.com scroll down page,beyond gourmet


by Allan Evans 19 years ago

Good magazine going bad? Past issue on Venice trumpeted Marcella Hazan and Harry's Bar conglomerate as representative of the city (why not do an issue on Florida and write about Epcot Food?). Lates...

Algerian recipe website

by Allan Evans 19 years ago

Thanks to the French newsgroup, this URL was posted and contains some very good, workable recipes. It is in French, but one can go through a recipe with only a few hundred words knowledge (worth ac...

Alsatian Recipes (in French)

by Allan Evans 19 years ago

Decent recipes from Alsace (in French) are on http://members.xoom.fr/mimu/ This was posted to fr.rec.cuisine, a wonderful newsgroup (am still shaking over the 3 versions of fish choucroute posted r...

Non-Alcoholic Wines - Any Good Ones?

by Dena 19 years ago

I'm having my sister and father over for Christmas dinner and my dad cannot (should not) drink alcohol. Since I don't want to make an issue of it by withholding the booze from him while pouring fo...


by Gregg Graham 19 years ago

Last year, Manhattan got it's first ARBY's in at least a decade. I've always loved ARBYS. Anyone else like their tasty roast beef sandwiches?

Storing Cheese

by Dave Feldman 19 years ago

You buy a nice cheese and serve some of it for dinner that night: 1. How do you wrap it/what do you wrap it with when you put it back in the refrigerator? 2. Does the type of cheese matter i...


by Zeed Stun 19 years ago

What is a pummelo and how do you eat it???

Foreign reviews

by Peter 19 years ago

I was eating today at the noodle place near the WTC, and noticed in the window a copy of a review in Japanese. It got me thinking. Seems like a great source of chowhoundy type places would be ...

Any Chowhound people named

by J e r r y H i l l 19 years ago

Are there any Chowhound people named Jerry Hill? I need this information for my site (link provided). This request will make sense after you've visited the site. Link: http://jerryhill.tripod.com

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