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TV cooking shows -- lifestyle vacuum filled with culinary porn

by Steve Drucker 20 years ago

A cooking show is 28 minutes, foreplay to consummation. Minimal production values--one set, very few performers, one camera, cheesy music. There are no smells, cleanup or dishes. Hmm. So man...

Web Sites (about food)

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

I'm about to do a long-overdue revamp of our links page. Anything particularly compelling out there? I mean real-deal sites of genuine interest to chowhounds, not the usual suspects or anything s...

Jell-O [TM] Jiggler Eggs

by Alison 20 years ago

Since mention of Jell-O Eggs received a wildly enthusiastic response from the Outer Boroughs board, here's the info for making them at home. Some chowhounds remembered making Jell-O eggs by blowi...

Goose in Toulouse

by SLAP 20 years ago

Just finished reading an advance copy of a Goose in Toulouse (Culinary Adventures in France) by Mort Rosenblum. Interesting read, which covers France's various regions/people and their respective "...

There's nothing like the first time

by Bill Pisarra, Jr. 20 years ago

Interested in hearing what "first time" food experiences are most memorable to you. Perhaps your first taste of this or that food or beverage, perhaps your first exposure to a certain cuisine or r...

Tomato Pet Peeve

by Joan Winston 20 years ago

I can't understand why restaurants insist on refrigerating tomatoes. The first time I went to Naples I had a caprese salad which brought tears to my eyes. The room temperature tomatoes were burst...

Wow! Chowhound Makes Front Page of NY Times!

by Leslie Brenner 20 years ago

And in the unlikeliest of articles. Paragraph two, no less. Way to go, Jim! Link: http://www.nytimes.com/library/arts/081900oed-profile.html

Chowhound in the L.A.Times

by Kit 20 years ago

Today's L.A. Times: At New York's Chowhound.com, founder Jim Leff differentiates true food lovers--the chowhounds--from foodies, the shallow followers of trends and fashion. In a chowhound univer...

how do food-writers do it?

by sj 20 years ago

A logistical question for food writers or anyone with insight: whenever I read a restaurant review it seems amazing the amount of food-per-meal that is covered. Since reviews have deadlines and w...

Korean food question

by Peter 20 years ago

Last night I ate at a Korean place near me. I tried a dish called (in English transliteration) Oh Dang..... with a name like that, I had to try it. The dish was described as "kinds of fish balls ...

Tong Shui/ "snow jello"

by Elaine 20 years ago

Help! Last night after an incredible dinner at Sun Lok Kee (which we found through chowhound - thanks guys), we went to the newest incarnation of Sweet & Tart for dessert. We all got tong shui ...

Foo Yee?

by Ind 20 years ago

In Jim's What I Had for Dinner, he talks about watercress with foo yee. What exactly is foo yee? Is it preserved bean curd? I have tried to do a search on the Internet with no results.

Chowhound Dividend--the tables turn.

by Steve Drucker 20 years ago

Usually its us who look longingly at what Asians have ordered in the Chinese, Korean or other Asian restaurants we frequent. Last night the tables turned. At the local Penang, here in Atlanta, ...

Gale Greene is stepping down at NY Mag

by Tom Steele 20 years ago

This isn't exactly a scoop (I'm gourmet guy, he who found out about Ruth Reichl's departure before ANYone, and told it here first; I guess I'm the bearer of food critic tidings), but the TIMES this...

Getting the best from expensive restaurants

by Adam Stephanides 20 years ago

I was browsing the NYT Dining Out Forum, and came across the following advice from Steven Shaw: "One of the secrets of getting excellent treatment in top American restaurants, by the way, is to tak...

Cheese fight

by Liza 20 years ago

Does anyone know more about the battle over fresh milk cheeses? Is it true that a major corp. is behind the attempt to ban not only imported varieties but also those made within the country? Rumors...

Betst Dining Experience of My Life

by Dena 20 years ago

Rebecka posted hers on the Manhattan board, but my response didn't seem to belong there, since the meal in question was eaten in Lyons, France, 10 years ago. Actually, there's another that ties fo...

American Appetite - free copy

by Leslie Brenner 20 years ago

I'm new to these boards, and have been thoroughly enjoying the postings. As a thank-you for all the great information, opinions, analysis, etc., I'd like to offer to send a free copy of my latest ...

Sul Long Tang

by Michael Yu 20 years ago

Jim, Just read your Han Bat piece. Sul Long Tang is beef soup that is boiled for so long that the marrow melts into a milky soup...At least that's my theory on it. Now, there really is no prope...


by mark grossman 20 years ago

are lobsters ever raised in tanks on aquaculturefarms to anyone's knowlege??

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