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by sue by 19 years ago

Are there any Honolulu readers who can tell me the ingredients in the SAUCE served with the Vietnamese summer rolls at the market in Chinatown? (Specifically, what is the white stuff?)

Marché Movenpick Chain?

by Tord 19 years ago

Someone gave us a gift certificate to eat at Marché Movenpick in Boston. Tomorrow my wife and I will take our two five-year-old identical twin daughters - the children of close friends from Cape Ve...

Wine Tasting

by Peter 19 years ago

Anybody going to the wine tasting at the Puck Building on Mar 13? This is sponsored by Gambero Rosso and Slow Food.

Please don't hurt me!

by Andy 19 years ago

I stand here in my asbestos suit, at the ready for the flames which will be emitted by my computer upon my clicking of the "post" button. Despite my fear of immolation, I must ask the following ...

Ft. Pierce Florida Area

by Paul Desorcy 19 years ago

Any suggestions for Ft. Pierce, Florida. I tried on the Florida board with no results. Thanks Paul

Advice\warnings - opening a pizza\pasta restaurant?

by Siobhan 19 years ago

In a period of temporary insanity, we are considering partnering with someone to open a pizza\pasta restaurant on LI. Can anyone offer warnings or advice? Our partner is very experienced in the f...

Fresco by Scotto

by David DeBetta 19 years ago

Ate there on Saturday night for the price food was just average if not alittle below very very disappointing. And way overpriced!!!! I had the baby chicken and was very dry. As well steer clear of ...

Ancho Powder

by Steve 19 years ago

Where can i buy ancho powder in bulk?(1-50 lbs) Might consider bulk anchos.

US Chinglish

by julie idemoto 19 years ago

Anyone know what the real equivalents are for "E-mein" and "cake noodles" as they are sold in the US, especially in Honolulu?? I speak Chinese, but cannot grasp either. There is "i-mian" in Mand...

fresh tofu

by pat hammond 19 years ago

I cook with tofu quite a bit and always buy it in the plastic sterile tubs. I've noticed fresh tofu in my Asian grocery store and it floats around in liquid in a white, plastic bucket. I'm tempte...

The Forgotten

by julie id 19 years ago

Would appreciate ANY info on any restaurants or supermarkets -- ANYWHERE -- for any Balinese, Okinawan, or Chejuan food....

Modified meaning of Roach Coach

by Keith 19 years ago

Lunch time: Me: "Hey, where can I go for lunch?" Friend: "Check out that taco coach by the tire place" Me: "Okay, I will". Been 11 1/2 years I've lived here, gotta try it, I suppose. Skeptical! ...

Arthur Avenue, the Bronx

by Brian Yarvin 20 years ago

I shopped on Arthur Avenue yesterday for the first time in over a year and was delighted to find that many shops have been vastly improved. You kind of got the feeling that everyone had gone ba...

Laksa in NYC

by Natasha 20 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find a good version of the Singaporean laksa? (i.e., coconut noodle soup)

crepe making machine

by Pat Hammond 21 years ago

I'm trying to locate a supplier for a crepe making appliance that is popular in Paris. It is sort of a hot plate/griddle thing. One sees these vendors everywhere there. I think there must be ...

Tough Beans

by Val G 19 years ago

I just brought home a bean soup from a local Pizzaria. The flavor was delicious but I threw most of it out because the beans were tough. I find under-cooked beans in all sorts of restaurants. Besid...

Legal Mortadella

by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

After a 3-decade ban, the US is allowing mortadella sausage to be imported from Italy. The Times ran a story about it today, follow the link below to read about it. Link: http://www.nytimes.com/li...

Lunch near the Financial District (or S St. Seaport)

by J. Corle 19 years ago

Hello all: Can anyone suggest a place where you have enjoyed lunch or a quick dinner downtown? I would like to take friends to lunch in the Financial District or S. St. Seaport area, but I don't ha...

To Keith Re:Chowhounds in isolation

by Neil Anderson 19 years ago

Regarding Keith's exile in southern Oregon, I can say I relate. Living on the Maine coast, which is a fine place to live in many regards, I have had to do much of my chowhounding in a highly second...

dare i say...atkins diet?

by kate 19 years ago

This is not meant to cause a stir amongst hardcore chowhounds, although most of us have probably at one time or another been on a diet. I love food, but that passion is really starting to show, and...

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