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Bread Makers

by Steve Zang 19 years ago

What has been people's experience using bread makers? Are there certain features that are needed above the baseline model and are there certain brands that people have liked? And of course, how g...

Banchan...The Restaurant Already Exists

by Michael Yu 19 years ago

I am continually frustrated because my friends here in Korea refuse to contribute to this message board, although they really could make some meaningful contributions. For instance, I was floating...

"Green beans" in Filipino cuisine?

by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

Today at lunch, I ordered Ginisang Mongo, which was described on the menu as consisting of "green beans, bitter melon, spinach and shrimp". When it arrived it seemed more like lentils, bitter melon...

shrimp and grits

by John T Edge 19 years ago

I am in serach of restaurants that serve variations on the traditional Carolina Lowcountry dish of shrimp in a simple stock and tomato sauce, ladled over a pool of grits. The more aberrant the b...

New Yorker article

by pathammnd 19 years ago

Interesting and entertaing piece by le Halles' chef, Anthony Bourdain, in 4/17 issue of New Yorker. He has a book coming out this month. God knows how he had time to write it! p.

Italian Culinary Institute Food Festival query

by Pwron 19 years ago

I've received an offer via the magazine of La Cucina Italiana to attend an Italian food festival at Arcodoro in Houston. It's organized by the Italian Culinary Institute and is composed of six cour...

I'm excited!

by george osner 19 years ago

This Left Coast chowhound is all in a dither to be visiting NYC--flying out tomorrow night. A week in chow central--nirvana...just have to keep my focus :) Link: http://webpages.ainet.com/gosner

A little disappointed in the "New" Mortadella....

by Lynn 19 years ago

Okay, I read about it, waited years for it---and now I've eaten it. Twice. From two different specialty shops. Am I crazy--or was anyone else expecting a totally upgraded taste sensation when they ...

storing truffle oil and balsamic vinegar

by Rachel Hope 20 years ago

I recently bought a bottle of truffle oil and a really nice aged balsamic vinegar and am wondering how best to store them. In the cabinet? How long will they keep? Should I keep the truffle oil a...

Dead Food Message Board

by Val G 19 years ago

This one is only for people with time on their hands: The Top Secret Recipies web site hosts a "Dead Food" discussion. It offers an opportunity to "mourn the loss of your favorite deceased foodst...

Flank v. Hanger Steak

by Alex Wolfman 21 years ago

Can anyone tell me the difference, in terms of taste, texture and cut, between flank and hanger steaks. I have heard from some that they are one in the same, but others insist that they are in fac...

non-stick frying pans

by Rachel Hope 20 years ago

More questions about holiday purchases. I was recently cooking at the house of some friends and they had a wonderful steel(?) frying pan without any funky coating which functioned as non-stick. I...


by Rosa Rasiel 19 years ago

Don't miss the obit in today's NYTimes for Tad's founder.

Fantastic Breakfast Cereal!

by John Fladd 19 years ago

I've just stumbled onto an obscure cereal that is fantastic. It's a Hannaford's store brand (generic) cereal that probably can't be found outside of the NorthEast called Oats & More. It's a sort ...


by Anthony Bourdain 19 years ago

For an article on Brasserie, seeking material on history of, anecdotes dealing with..as well as amusing, laudatory or horror stories of current Manhattan brasseries. What is REAL Brasserie? What is...

Other Voices

by AHR 19 years ago

Steven Shaw's site has been dormant for the month or so since he changed its look and name (now www.fat-guy.com), but he's been writing lengthy weekly reviews for the new EdificeRex (see below). T...

Book Review: The Invention of the Restaurant

by Jeremy Osner 19 years ago

Salon today reviews a book on the origin of restaurants in 19th-century France. Link: http://www.salon.com/books/review/2000/03/24/spang/index.html

What's this I hear about a Twinkies shortage?

by christina z 19 years ago

I heard the truckers that bring Twinkies snack cakes fo market are planning to go on strike. I don't eat Twinkies but I know they are very popular so if this rumor is true there may be widespread...

Dining with the Rotarians

by george osner 20 years ago

While Chowhound is devoted mainly to dining at restaurants, I want to note that some of the most excellent experiences you can have are at club events. An example was this evening's Ceres (CA) Rot...

pumpernickel bagels

by pat hammond 19 years ago

Calvin Trillin had wonderful chowhoundy piece in the most recent New Yorker about his search for the pumpernickel bagels of his daughters' childhoods. If only he'd tuned in to this site i'll bet w...

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