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Sushi vs. Sashimi

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

Sashimi vs. Sushi This is a response to a question from Barry Strugatz, posted on the Los Angeles board (in the thread titled "A Good Sushi Place). Barry asked, "When and how do you order sashi...


by Grace Toy 20 years ago

Hello, I am entering a trivia contest, and I need to find the answers to the following: 1. What was the hamburger first called? 2. What was the hamburger's name during World Wars I & II? Plea...

Sharing dishes

by andy H 20 years ago

My girlfriend and i always split dishes at restaurants. We'll order soup, appetizer, entrees, just like normal, but we often switch dishes half-way through so we can try more of the menu. ...

Interesting article on unami

by vanessa 20 years ago

There is a very interesting article in the Food Section of today's SF Chronicle. It is about the fifth taste or unami in foods. You know what I'm talking about if you kept up on the wine, taste,...

food festivals

by steven 20 years ago

Anyone know any good food festivals coming up. I like general foods like ice cream, pizza, barbecue, etc. Do these type of festivals exist?

Normandy website

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

The following has decent info on the cuisine of Normandy: http://www.gastronormandie.com It's high time to explore the regional dishes as an antidote to the proliferation of faux-bistrots.

What's the most under-rated food?

by Bill Jr 20 years ago

When I ask this question of folks, I'll sometimes gain a new appreciation of a familiar food, or learn about some food completely new to me. Am thinking that answers from The Pack may prove partic...

Another Good Book: Down and Out...

by rebeccahodgson 20 years ago

Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell is one of my all-time favorites. Amazon impressed me with their "persons who bought this" feature - when I bought Kitchen Confidential I was told ...

Off Nights in Restaraunts

by Emily Cotlier 20 years ago

Just curious to see how widespread the "off night" phenomenon in restaraunts is. You know what happens--you find a treasure and go there 3- 4 times. It's great. Then, you take someone else there, a...

Quisp Alert

by Dena 20 years ago

According to the 5/15 issue of People Magazine, in case you don't live in one of the six cities where Quaker Oats is marketing Quisp, you can now buy it online at two websites: Quisp.com and NetGr...

good book

by Pat Hammond 20 years ago

Just finished a book by a guy named Epstein called As the Romans Do. Young couple, two kids, move from Marin County, Ca to live in the historic district of Rome near the Palatine. If you love Ita...

Ashville N.C.

by Michael Kleinman 20 years ago

I am going to Ashville Sat. and have already posted on the South board but wanted to pick the brains of those who might not look there. Whats good beyond Salsa's.Blue moon Cafe, Vinchenzo's & Patsy...

Molto Ed Levine???

by pat hammond 20 years ago

Ed: Was that you on Mario Batali's show on TVFN? I got home last evening, popped on the TV for the news and my set was still on the Food Network. I hadn't seen Batali's show for a long time. He...


by mark grossman 20 years ago

you order a dish that is not prepared satisfactorily.the management refuses to offer a refund orexchange or even a free dessert. What do youdo in that situation?? I paid for the meal withmy credit ...

P. F. Chang's China Bistro

by Sharon A 20 years ago

I see that a branch of this restaurant is going to be opening soon in White Plains. Apparently, it's part of a 41-restaurant nationwide chain. Anyone familiar with it? I assume I should duck--ho...

Cooking Show

by JG 21 years ago

Saw the wierdest show, it was on at 10 pm ch. 73 and it was in asian. It was some sort of cooking competion involving lobster. These chefs were go ast it franticly, making the strangest but intere...


by Kate 20 years ago

I'm having a party and I want to make killer mini-meatballs that I can leave on the stove all evening on a low simmer. Any suggestions for really flavorful, meaty meatballs?

Request for "preserving" recipes

by Rachelhope 22 years ago

My boyfriend and I have recently begun making jam. We started with a blackberry preserves and are now in the beginning stages of a strawberry-rhubarb-ginger jam. We have culled our recipes fro...

Albanian food links

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

A dispenser on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx had free copies of the "Albanian Yellow Pages". Turning to the food entries (note that Bakeries follows Banks for some reason), one finds Burektorija Dukag...

Indian Curries in Tokyo

by David Thompson 20 years ago

Two great curry restaurants, both near Meguro station, Tokyo. FOR RICH, CREAMY CURRIES go to "The Tandoor" at Koyo Building 4F, 2-16-4 Kami Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo (tel: 3449 1972). The Butter C...

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