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True Spanish Potato Omelet Recipe

by Marie 18 years ago

I printed and tried this recipe from the home page you posted, I made it exactly as written. It was delicious! The on...


howler commented 18 years ago

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

by Rachel Perlow 18 years ago

I don't know about you all, but Thanksgiving with our family is a traditional affair. No contemporary new recipes ar...


Patrick Thompson commented 18 years ago

Did I dream it or . . .

by christina z 18 years ago

Is Herr's brand coming out with ketchup-flavored potato chips? I think I saw a commercial to this effect but it cou...


Patrick Thompson commented 18 years ago

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Honey from a Weed

by Neil Anderson 18 years ago

For those looking for a food related read, or one as a gift, I cannot recommend highly enough Honey from a Weed, by P...


by pat hammond 18 years ago

Has anyone in the New York area tried Priceline.com's new bidding option for groceries? My son, in Brooklyn Heights, ...


pat hammond commented 18 years ago

Italy (thanks Ruth Reichl)

by Bill 19 years ago

I hope no one gets upsent at posting a message that is only vaguely related to food, but I feel inspired by Ruth ...


jonathan sibley commented 18 years ago

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ISO spiced apple rings in the NY area (Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx)

by deb 18 years ago

They come in a jar and I believe the brand was Comstock. They are perfect for waldorf salad.

In search of peanut oil

by Chuck Zoeller 18 years ago

Anyone know of a restaurant supply place that will sell to the public, or any other source for large quantities of pe...


fred t. commented 18 years ago

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Shopping for kitchen stuff

by Dena 18 years ago

Honest to goodness, I promise I'm not shilling, but I absolutely have to tell you about this great store I went to on...

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Italian website with recipe links

by Allan Evans 18 years ago

Thanks to the rec.hobby.cucina group, this website was posted: www.kumale.net They have links to recipes from countri...

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Nina Simonds and Grace Young at Radcliffe

by Rosa Rasiel 18 years ago

With Jim’s permission, and a newly broken wrist, am alerting all to the fall program at 2 p.m. next Sunday, Nov. 21, ...

Italian food news group

by Allan Evans 18 years ago

Just read a bit of: it.hobby.cucina In Italian, and for those who read, it has an exchange of recipes and fine point...


Allan Evans commented 18 years ago

Reflections on Rotten Food

by Alan Divack 19 years ago

Excuse the length of these musings, but I think that the garum discussions were very interesting, and I hope they wil...


Jim Dorsch commented 18 years ago

In search of desserts of the past 10 decades

by Martine 18 years ago

I am looking for desserts that are specificly representative of each of the past 10 decades. For example, Baked ala...


Frank Language commented 18 years ago

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NYT recipes

by Rachel Hope 18 years ago

Ever since their design overhaul a while back, I have really enjoyed reading the NYT dining section on Wednesdays . ...

Ever have great/awful airport food?

by David 18 years ago

Is there anyone out there who's had really good or really bad experiences with airport food? What were they?


christina z commented 18 years ago

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Your best airport meal

by Plane Jane 18 years ago

Most airline food is awful; but what's been your best airport food experience?

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Recipe software

by Mari 18 years ago

I need some organization for the great recipes I am collecting on line, as well as my own collection. Any recommenda...

Ordering Korean Food -- Suggestions

by Michael Yu 19 years ago

I realized that I have a penchant for weaving long threads on this message board, so I decided to start a new one. T...


Michael Yu commented 18 years ago

Acidic Foods vs Cast-iron Pans

by lacerda 18 years ago

After reading the thread on how to properly season and clean a cast-iron pan, I was reminded of another problem assoc...


Jim Dixon commented 18 years ago

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