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by OElder 8 months ago

We have caviar 1 time a year, Christmas morning. Now with Russian Beluga being outlawed I'm wondering what folks are thinking of the farm raised options? I have enjoyed Osetra and Sevruga before....


Why is good red wine vinegar so hard to find?

by jumpingmonk 23 hours ago

Hi All, Has anyone else noticed a lack of "upscale" red wine vinegars? By "upscale" I mean above the level of the mass market brands sold by the supermarkets. After looking a while, it see...

Has Anyone Tried Horlicks Malted Milk Tablets (Recently)?

by TerriL 13 years ago

Is anyone familiar with this product? I remember having it as a kid, and just saw that it was available online. If anyone has tried this candy lately, I would be interested in how it stacks up to m...

COMIDA: Mexico's Afternoon Main Meal of the Day

by cristina 1 day ago

Mexico's main meal of the day is comida, which is eaten sometime between two and five o'clock in the afternoon. Prime time for comida is three o'clock; in many places all over the Rep├║blica, busin...

Looking for salep (sahlep, salepi, wild orchid powder)

by dionysaki 9 years ago

Hey everyone, I have been on a wild goose chase for a traditional Turkish/Greek ingredient, salep (also spelled salepi, sahlep, sahlepi, salop). It is a powder made from wild orchid root, and i...

Pho Attack

by danna 10 years ago

I ate a nice bowl of Pho Tai about an hour ago. About the time I finished slurping it up, I felt this WEIRD sensation. Like my head was being compressed. From my collarbones, up my neck and into...

Desayuno: Breakfast in Mexico

by cristina 8 days ago

I receive many, many inquiries from foreigners planning a vacation in Mexico: "Where should I go for lunch?" "What's a good time to go out for supper?" "I want to eat lunch at (X high-end restaur...

Cullen Skink Anyone? Unappetizing and strange foreign food names!!

by opinionatedchef 7 years ago

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cullen_skink This food has just entered my food lexicon recently and I find Cullen Skink so hysterical and unappetizing that I have to laugh. "Who wants more cull...

Help!!!! Onion from HELL breath & aftertaste day after eating..................

by jrvedivici 5 years ago

I come to you my fellow hound countrymen/women on bent knee asking, no begging, for your kindness in sharing a remedy to get rid of bad, super bad, onion from hell breath and after taste. Last ...

Ground Beef: Are my taste buds getting too old, or does Ground Beef have little taste compared to apprx 20 years ago?

by sylvan 6 years ago

After all these years, I suddenly remembered having to skim fat off the ground beef when I made pasta sauce with it. Now, even with 20% fat it still has little taste. I've tried adding half with gr...

Slimy kimchi / raw milk

by Bob_B 19 days ago

I "make" my kimchi using as a starter a jar of the kimchi I buy at my farmer's market. I add veggies of many kinds and then turmeric, sea salt, pepper. Let ferment for a few days to perhaps ten. ...


Brining Fish For Fish Fry

by BartenderRx 6 days ago

I will be having a fish fry while on vacation and was thinking about brining the fish. I have read about brining fish in a few places but the percentages range from 4% up to 10% solution and the t...

Freezing peanuts?

by BluPlateSpec 14 years ago

ELENI'S COOKIES at Chelsea Market has a special on a three-pound can of shelled, salted peanuts for three dollars. I want to put some it in Zip Lock bags and freeze for a later time. Anyone know of...

Why is tarama (carp roe) no longer available?

by billrosenblatt 2 years ago

I regularly use tarama (carp roe) in cooking. I'm talking about straight tarama, not taramosalata which is tarama mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. However, it's no longer available on store ...

What is Japanese Curry and How is it Different from Other Curries?

by farmersdaughter 11 years ago

A new Japanese curry restaurant just opened in San Francisco (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/507174). I am curious as to what types of spices are in Japanese curry, and how it differs from othe...

Mustard as Condiment for Fried Fish

by dazzler1365 10 years ago

Hi There, I am wondering about Mustard use as a condiment in fried fish. Is this something that originated in the Soul Food Era, or is it something people have done all over the world for many...

Strawberries have no flavor anymore. Agree or disagree?

by suse 9 years ago

For years I've been searching in vain for strawberries which taste like they used to. Has all the sweetness been bred out of them? Of course, they're more beautiful than ever, but they're just not ...

Watermelon Controversy! - Seeded vs. Seedless?

by StriperGuy 17 years ago

At our July 4th cookout were were discussing the merits of seeded vs. seedless watermelon. My feeling is that old fashioned watermelon, with seeds, is sweeter, juicier, and has a better texture. ...