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What's Your Favorite Chinese Take Out Order

by thegolferbitch 13 years ago

Judging from the boards, a lot of us do Chinese food over the holidays for either Christmas or New Year's Eve. I remember that my godfather's (a bachelor) contribution to our Christmas Eve party ev...

ISA Spanish Flauta in the GTA

by toronto guy 2 hours ago

Looks/sounds delish Thanks in advance TG

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Pandemic price increases: real or contrived?

by gutreactions 12 days ago

It is getting ridiculous out there! Go market shopping and you will find meat prices going north; cherries ranging from $2.99 to a whopping $14.99; artichokes, 2 for $3.99 to 1 for $4; rhubarb from...

Little Bugs in Corn Meal Where Did they Come From?

michele cindy
by michele cindy 10 years ago

I can barely write about this again, and I am so grossed out that I might never bread fish again.Last night I prepared tilapia that I breaded in corn meal (about 6 months old), mixed with old bay, ...

expiration date of heavy whipping cream

by drewb123 13 years ago

This may be a stupid question but I have a container of hevay whipping cream with an expiration date of Jun 26th. Just smelled and tasted it and it's fine. How good after the date can I use it? I ...

My cantaloupe tastes like nail polish remover. Anyone?

by Jeda 13 years ago

I cut open an organic cantaloupe last night, and while it wasn't as soft and ripe as I'd hoped, it was sweet and flavorful... but it tasted strongly like nail polish remover (acetone?). Has this ha...

Aviwell fattens ducks’ livers without force feeding them

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

" . . . To make its foie gras, Aviwell buys goslings or ducklings from local farmers and feeds them a bacterial mixture. The farmers raise the birds for another three or four weeks before the start...

Power Cooker Express pressure cooker recall

by minceandmingle 2 days ago

Hi. Someone gave me a pressure cooker. I searched for recalls. I see that there were injureies from the newer digital model. But the model I was given is the older model with a dial-style contr...


by KoshVorlon 1 month ago

So - what's the most delicious portobello dish you've ever had? So far, (and I have yet to find this recipe !) is the roasted portobello over at Wild Oats - specifically when they roast it wi...

large lobsters vs. small lobsters

by stace78 13 years ago

I know it varies per lb based on hard shell or soft shell, but does anyone know in general if there is more edible meat in: one six lb lobster, two three lb lobsters, three two lb lobsters or ...

Picking up Food - Cooks weren't wearing mask

by dave_c 17 days ago

I called in an order and went to pick up the food. I noticed nobody was wearing mask - the cashier, the people in the kitchen. Got a couple salads and some cooked food. I was kind of shocked. M...

Aquafaba Knowledge

by tomoski 20 days ago

WOW a question I had was answered w/o even asking for an answer. Chowhound's usual email arrived today and when I clicked on the link about bean storage. Point being; a few days previous I had co...


Scallop Carpaccio Ideas?

by cgxy96 4 days ago

I have a few scallop sashimi left and I want to do some sort of carpaccio as I have never made it before. I was thinking about thinly sliced navel orange, and rice vinegar pickled onion. Maybe spri...

Paint-like odor and taste of soybean oil, is this rancidity or just how soybean is supposed to taste?

by certifiedhumane 8 years ago

Hey good evening guys well I wanted to sit and chat about soybean oil and how crazy it is that this could possibly not even be an edible oil! Basically I am really into food and have been using thi...

Pandemic-EBT for eligible California families

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 21 days ago

"Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals at school will get extra food benefits. These food benefits are called Pandemic EBT or P-EBT benefits. P-EB...

Lee & Perrins Chicken Marinade

by ptmph 14 days ago

After a few years I'm starting to run low on my last bottle of Lee & Perrins Marinade for Chicken. This stuff is great as a dipping sauce for swordfish steak as well as a marinade for when I make m...

Eating Carp

by MHann 15 years ago

I have always heard that carp is a coarse fish. When I see carp, they look ugly and not very appetizing. Carp seem to enjoy muddy, slow moving streams. Eating carp seems pretty low brow. On th...

Food is Life

by fortheloveoffood1 2 years ago

I've been thinking much about food these days. Up until early this year, I thought plants felt no pain. Now, after doing some research, I have found they have many characteristics similar to humans...

Pizza Pet Peeve - Do You 'Blot' the Top of The Pizza With a Paper Towel or Napkin?

by treb 10 days ago

With a lot of pizza being consumed these days, I've been with some folks who will blot the top of their pizza slice with a napkin or paper towel. There's one particular pizza that I order that ...