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Best canned foie gras in NYC?

by JasonKeenan1 22 days ago

What's the best canned foie gras you can buy at a store in NYC or online (mailed from U.S.)? Someone brought canned foie gras for me from France and it was better than expected (see image). While...


In Memory: Yung Sing Pastry Shop

by syoung 5 days ago

On about Nov 29, 2009, Yung Sing put up a note on the window saying they were closed for renovations, but alas they never did reopen. Today the remnants of the store is still there, shuttered up wi...

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Italian "Gaduna" or "Garduna?"

by suburbanite889 6 years ago

So every Spring, my grandfather would take us kids to the local farm park to pick what we called "gaduna." He said it grew well in sandy soil, and it looked similar to rhubarb in its stem, with alm...

NYC bans selling Foie Gras at restaurants & groceries!

by gutreactions 12 days ago

Mayor DeBlasio is set to sign a bill banning the sale of foie gras in New York City, a delicacy enjoyed at many high end restaurants, starting in 2022. Restaurateurs are expressing their outrage, n...


Holiday Food Gifts For A Dominican Republic Family?

by zackly 20 hours ago

I want to gift a family from the Dominican Republic a food gift for the holidays. I plan to give it to them this weekend (December 7-8) so it needs some shelf life. Are there any particular sweets ...

Off the top of your head: How many recipes do you know by heart?

by gutreactions 4 months ago

I remember working with a top French chef on projects in the New York/Miami area. Once I asked him: How many recipes do you have memorized? He thought for a moment and responded: around 3,000. And ...

The Truth About (Wild) Turkeys

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 days ago

From the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program --- " . . . What can you do if you see a wild turkey in your neighborhood? • Do not feed the turkeys. Many p...


by Tom Armitage 18 years ago

There have been several strings devoted to scrapple over the years. But none have answered three basic questions: (1) What is the best commercially prepared scrapple? (2) Is it, or any other scra...

Holiday Fruitcakes & Panettones: what's to like?

by gutreactions 13 days ago

Do you enjoy fruitcake or panettone? Are they comparable? They are certainly popular during the Holiday season. So, tell me of the best, or the worst...

PLEASE HELP! How long can cooked meat stay out for, and still be eaten?

by violetglitter 9 years ago

So I made a small pot roast last night (late - around 10 or 11pm), and took it out of the oven to cool on the counter, and naturally, fell asleep. I put it in the fridge this morning around 8am. Is...


What new dishes or foods did you try this year?

by prima 5 days ago

This year, I tried spam musubi, loco moco, saimin, Lahaina fried soup https://medium.com/spiralbound/remembering-lahaina-fried-soup-7814184d6f8f poi, chicken long rice https://www.foodla...


Green Beans OK to Use?

by MamaManda23 3 days ago

There are two green beans in the bag that are gross and black spotted like this. Should I toss the whole bag or are the rest ok to use? Feeding a little one too so don’t want to do anything risky, ...

How do you eat a large Italian?

by Ferrari328 3 months ago

Having not grown up in this country it might be a stupid question. Having recently bought a large Italian on braided from Anthony's Italian Specialties in Stoneham, I'm baffled. If you try to eat t...

Let's Discuss Tamales: Corn Husk or Banana Leaf?

by Steve 8 years ago

I greatly prefer corn husk. Where I live, banana leaf seems to be very Central American. They are wet tamales, often with ingredients embedded into the masa. It seems to me corn husk tamal...

Thanksgiving leftovers: what's your favorite?

by gutreactions 9 days ago

Haven't had the main meal yet, but I am already thinking about the leftovers. How about a fresh turkey sandwich with Russian dressing, along with a side of stuffing? What's your favorite leftov...

Toast, rediscovered...

by gutreactions 11 days ago

A medication I am taking right now requires that I have it with a little food. So, I began making a piece of toast in the morning. And you know, I like it. I have rediscovered how good toast with a...

Do you eat where you shop?

by gutreactions 4 years ago

There are quite a few markets that prepare food to eat right on the premises and provide seating areas just for that purpose: Fairway, Wegman's, Whole Foods, even Cosco. What are your favorites and...

Bugs in Rice-Is it still edible?

by iLoveFood 13 years ago

I have a giant bag of jasmine reice I bought a few months ago and it now has these tiny little gray bugs in it. Some are dead and others are alive and when I rinse my rice they float to the surfac...

The Pannetone Paradox

by jumpingmonk 10 days ago

Hi all, Well, now that the season of Pannetone is upon us. I find myself once again facing a paradox that has always baffled me. I have often been told thing about Pannetone that, to me sound...