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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

Are yellow onions blander than they used to be?

by TracyPark 5 days ago

In the U.S., it has been at least a decade since a yellow onion purchased at any one of my five grocery stores, no ma...


Ttrockwood commented 32 minutes ago

Kiwi: Will it ripen or will it rot?

by TracyPark 2 days ago

I have a love/hate relationship with kiwi. The slices are beautiful. I like the textural difference between the crunc...


Ttrockwood commented 42 minutes ago

Foods to eat and drink with an upset stomach

by hi 12 years ago

what should you drink and/or eat when you have the... runs? i'm wanting warm mile but i should avoid that??


jerrypells commented 9 hours ago

Poblano vs Pasilla, same thing?

by juliejulez 5 years ago

So I've been keeping my eye out for poblano chilis to use for the COTM. At 2 different markets I did not see any lab...


Madrid commented 9 hours ago

Looking for ice cream cart or truck for office event in Oakland

by deborahcdc 1 day ago

Looking for ice cream cart or truck for small office event in Oakland any suggestions? Soft serve would be great. 25...


acgold7 commented 10 hours ago

Looking for Taco Truck or Cart for Office Event

by deborahcdc 1 day ago

Looking for a taco truck or cart for small office event in Oakland any suggestions? 25 guests, small budget. Thanks


acgold7 commented 10 hours ago

Discard milk solids?

by bacon 9 years ago

Most instructions for clarified butter recommend discarding the milk solids. I hate waste. Butter is expensive and...


cheuimay commented 11 hours ago

Putting milk/cream into soda?

by glitch 10 years ago

I saw someone add a coffee creamer to their glass of coke the other day and I was slightly taken aback. Has anyone ev...


olivia123 commented 12 hours ago

Any Shrimp with Lobster Sauce Chinese takeout fans?

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

This is my new favorite take out dish. Do you like it over rice or eat it more as a soup?


kimmyjalv commented 1 day ago

Almost flavorless ground coriander?

by TracyPark 5 days ago

Decades ago, I bought whole spices from Penzey's and ground my own. Since the selection at local grocery stores impro...


luckyfatima commented 1 day ago

Hamburgers vs. Pizza

by jpc8015 7 years ago

My wife has a burning passion for pizza; for her it is the ultimate food. She loves it because you can put anything o...


damdamrichard commented 1 day ago

PLEASE HELP! How long can cooked meat stay out for, and still be eaten?

by violetglitter 8 years ago

So I made a small pot roast last night (late - around 10 or 11pm), and took it out of the oven to cool on the counter...


MikeG commented 2 days ago


by Darkfudge 10 years ago

Folks, As a old time Deli man, I was born and raised on Boars Head only Deli cold cuts. However that was growing up...


Querencia commented 2 days ago

Russian flatbread made from leftover bread - Boya?

by Chew on That 10 years ago

I recently had a cracker-like bread at someone's house that they told me was called Boya and made from soaking leftov...


chossid commented 3 days ago

Reubens - Sauerkraut or Coleslaw? [Split from Pacific Northwest board]

by antrobin 10 years ago

[Split from this thread:] I have a question for Reuben afficionados. I'v...


GrammyC commented 3 days ago

Flower mushrooms

by HaveSpoonWillCook 3 days ago

I've run out of flower mushrooms and the last time I shopped for them at a little store, I was pointed towards shiita...


Samwi commented 3 days ago

Why is tarama (carp roe) no longer available?

by billrosenblatt 7 months ago

I regularly use tarama (carp roe) in cooking. I'm talking about straight tarama, not taramosalata which is tarama mi...


crichter4 commented 5 days ago

Stuffed cabbage--country of origin

by LisaStitch 11 years ago

I always thought stuffed cabbage was Italian? Mario Batali has a great recipe for it that I make often. If anyone c...


Querencia commented 5 days ago

Breakfast Sausage: Patties or Links?

by Perilagu Khan 6 years ago

My mom served only patties when I was a kiddo, and now, perhaps in compensation, I'm preferrin' links. Y'all?


acgold7 commented 6 days ago