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Aldi-Happy Harvest Brand Canned Green Beans

by amoncada 11 years ago

Lately I've been snacking on the Happy Harvest Brand of canned "cut green beans" straight from the can. They're not ...


MrTim commented 1 hour ago

Pickled Eggs!

by emily49 3 months ago

i don't get why there is a such thing because everybody i know thinks they are disgusting and same with people on You...


charvana commented 5 hours ago

Do New Yorkers remember?

by ClaireS50 1 day ago

Anyone from New York ( from upstate too!) remember the big bad 70s? The heyday of processed foods! Remember when: ...


ClaireS50 commented 12 hours ago

Preferences - Tomatoes

by Gastronomos 9 days ago

It's the height of tomato season here. No need to deal with winter tomatoes right now, thankfully. But some may ...


therealdoctorlew commented 14 hours ago

Sweet Corn Shelf Life?

by zackly 1 day ago

So, it’s “local” sweet corn season here in CT. Around here, starting around May, we start to see corn shipped in to m...

paulj commented 17 hours ago

Can somebody identify this spice?

by jack_580 20 hours ago

I have no idea what spice this is from a plate at Grace in Chicago, we have been hunting and hunting to no avail! We ...


sr44 commented 17 hours ago

Healthy Single Serve Desserts

by tvan614 3 days ago

Hi there! I desperately need some ideas for some healthy, preferably low sugar desserts that are for one person!!


nemo commented 19 hours ago

World equivalent of UK "red chillies" and "green chillies"

by antihawk 3 days ago

Hi, all. I'm from the UK. Here, we don't have a large variety of chilli peppers in supermarkets: we have green, re...

Caitlin McGrath commented 20 hours ago

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Seasoning containing MSG + disodium inosinate & guanylate?

by antihawk 1 day ago

Hi, all. It's proving difficult to procure disodium inosinate & guanylate separately, or in its combined ribonucle...

Foods You Wish You Liked

by Felliott 5 months ago

What are the foods you want to like, but just don't? I don't like most cooked fish, and I really wish I did. I love s...


ClaireS50 commented 1 day ago

How long will different fats last?

by bloodboy 4 days ago

I bought a pack of fats from Fatworks back in October of 2015. About a month after that purchase I had no choice but ...


ClaireS50 commented 1 day ago

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Is it possible for consumers to purchase Disodium Riboneclueotides?

by antihawk 2 days ago

Hi, all. It's easy to purchase MSG as a consumer in reasonably low quantities, which is convenient for me, an umam...


Just got braces and EVERYTHING hurts, need ideas for softer foods...

by pman 11 years ago

I'm told my teeth will hurt for the next few days. Tried fried tofu, and even that was a bit much. I food processed...


saregama commented 3 days ago

Seeing Fewer Farmer's Markets in My Town

by zackly 4 days ago

Maybe it's not a trend, just a local anomaly but several farmer's markets did not come back to my town (Norwalk, CT, ...

nofunlatte commented 3 days ago

Are broccoli worms harmful to human health?

by pinkskittles 9 years ago

i realize the title of this post is a little less appealing than most posts, but i thought i'd ask the community to h...


Barb_x2 commented 3 days ago

Panini Ideas

by tvan614 9 days ago

Does anyone have any favorite panini or sandwich recipes?


MGParker commented 3 days ago

Gift for a Mexican/Mexican-American family

by JBinOC 5 days ago

Any ideas of an appropriate, impactful food (or beverage) gift for a Mexican/Mexican-American family? Wife + hus...


JBinOC commented 3 days ago

chopping dates

by efdee 13 years ago

Can a regular Cuisinart blade chop dates? If not, what's the best way? I'm about to try the cookie recipe that Candy ...


DonnaMarieNJ commented 3 days ago

Spanish Bar cake - not in store anymore?

by BamiaWruz 8 years ago

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could enlighten me with regards to a cake by the name of "Spanish bar cake". S...


squirrel79605 commented 4 days ago

Difference between Onion seeds and Nigella seeds

by cavecreek1986 7 years ago

I found a recipe which calls for both onions seeds and nigella seeds. I spoke to someone at an Indian market, and he ...


igmac commented 4 days ago