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Meat Lovers Get Bullish on Beef That Comes From Old Dairy Cows

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 29 days ago

" . . . A few meat producers are pushing back against the focus on young cattle. And they’re marketing their beef with the kind of descriptions that connoisseurs of aged bourbons and vintage wines ...

Lime shortage, who knew?

by coll 6 years ago

The other day at my favorite grocery, I went to stock up on lemons and limes as usual. The lemons were plentiful, 5 for $1. But the lime bin was empty. I figured they just didn't get to it and m...

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Can Dried Beans Go Bad?

by pixelrn 12 years ago

I found a couple of bags of dried beans in my kitchen and they are past the expiration date. I always thought that dried beans last a very long time if kept dry. Do you think it's safe to use them?

Toast, rediscovered...

by gutreactions 9 months ago

A medication I am taking right now requires that I have it with a little food. So, I began making a piece of toast in the morning. And you know, I like it. I have rediscovered how good toast with a...

In Southern Taiwan, a Portuguese name for Spanish mackerel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

" . . . He began to suspect that the name tutuo is derived from Portuguese fish names such as bonito (a tribe of fishes related to mackerel and tuna) or dorado (a freshwater fish not to be confused...

Bagels (good ones, that is)

by MikeR 1 month ago

We haven't had this battle in a while. Is there any place - Virginia side of New York, please) to get a bagel that tastes like a real bagel and not like sandwich bread? When Einstein Brothers was n...

Mini-Waffley Buttery Biscuity Things

by Querencia 4 days ago

In this grim season I happened on something that is actually fun. There is a tiny waffle iron just the size for elves and fairies---4 inches wide. Plug it in on the table while you are having coffe...

Scrambled eggs with ketchup - how strange/common is this?

by Liz CT 15 years ago

I grew up enjoying scrambled eggs with a little bit of ketchup, as this was how my mom always ate them. But now we both find ourselves sharing stories of meeting people who react to the combination...

Hot Coffee - Do You Lose Your Desire In Hot Weather?

by treb 10 days ago

Generally, I really enjoy my daily dose for my hot morning brew of fresh coffee. Not sure if it's just me, but when the temperature gets really hot and humid, I tend to lose my desire for a ho...

Expired Spicy Herring Souskay

by kpjf 9 days ago

Hi, There’s a local supermarket near me that usually sells expired / near-expired food for cheap prices. Anyway, I came across this spicy herring in a jar that looked quite interesting and not ...

When Buying Bread: sliced or uncut?

by gutreactions 9 days ago

When shopping for bread, do you prefer it pre-sliced, sliced at the point of purchase, or uncut? Depending on the type of loaf, I usually like to slice it myself as needed. How about you?

Table Talk with “Basic Bitchen” Author Joey Skladany

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 14 days ago

When it comes to basking in life’s true basic pleasures, nobody does it quite like Chowhound’s editor-at-large Joey Skladany. So much so that he’s set to release a pinnacle collection of 100 recipe...

Looking for 36" gas range suggestions

by PlePod 8 days ago

Renovating a kitchen and looking for input. Used to have a Viking that was good but I didn't love it and I'm open to all suggestions. I like Bluestar/Wolf don't need to spend the $$ if there is som...

Fresh Piment d'Espelette grown by Preston Farm & Winery - Healdsburg, Dry Creek Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

This season's most exciting find at the farmers market so far are the fresh red Piment d'Espelette grown by Lou Preston at his biodynamic farm. This is the signature chile pepper of the Basque hear...

Why do some Italians put "Hard Boiled Eggs in Pasta Sauce" ?

by MariaRN 7 years ago

Hi All ! The curiosity is killing me! While reminiscing with my Parents, we started a huge conversation about my Grandmother putting eggs in her Sunday Pasta Sauce. I have NEVER heard or se...

Does anyone know of this cookie from my childhood?

by MyPikachuItches 5 years ago

I hope someone can help me, this has been driving me and my mother nuts. Back in the Mid 1990s there was this cookie- It was, from what I remember, a slightly spicy/ginger cookie. In regards of w...

Bagels in Monterey County?

by lfgear 7 days ago

Does anyone know if there are any good bagels in Monterey County, California? Thank you!

Slightly stinky chicken... Am I crazy or is it okay?

by SocksManly 11 years ago

I have to admit, I'm a procrastinator of the highest degree. I end up letting stuff sit in the refrigerator for a few days on a regular basis. So I have this good chicken I bought, and it was j...

Healthiest cooking oil/fat for stir-frying?

by babyraccoon 16 days ago

I'm curious to know what other people regard as the healthiest oil to use for high-heat cooking, like doing stir-fries? For me, the definition of a healthy oil is that it is unrefined and has low l...