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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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FHSU莱特州立大学毕 业证代办/微信Q927890825/莱特州立大学学历办理/代办莱特州立大学毕 业证书

by sfgdfgdfg 41 minutes ago

FHSU莱特州立大学毕 业证代办/微信Q927890825/莱特州立大学学历办理/代办莱特州立大学毕 业证书 FHSU莱特州立大学毕 业证代办/微信Q927890825/莱特州立大学学历办理/代办莱特州立大学毕 业证书 FHSU莱...

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by sfgdfgdfg 1 hour ago

UCSF加州旧金山分校毕 业证代办/微信Q927890825/加州旧金山分校学历办理/代办加州旧金山分校毕 业证书 UCSF加州旧金山分校毕 业证代办/微信Q927890825/加州旧金山分校学历办理/代办加州旧金山分校毕 业证书 ...

Lunch/late breakfast in Rome--Worth a Pit Stop?

by Pei 10 days ago

Flying into FCO at around 8:30 on a Saturday, and need to be in Florence by evening. Question: is it worth stoppi...

Melanie Wong commented 3 hours ago

Short trip - a food/goodie treasure hunt - ideas?

by flygirl 5 days ago

Good morning everyone I'm heading up to NYC on Memorial Day for an overnight, home the next evening. I'll arri...

Ttrockwood commented 4 hours ago

How much Carne Asada Meat should I get for 1000 tacos?

by aleshag 13 days ago

I am helping a friend out for a party tomorrow night, we are only making a thousand tacos for 4-500 people. How much ...

madcoweater commented 8 hours ago

Any Ideas on Canned Fish - Sardines, Smoked Oysters, Mackerel, Etc.?s

by TheBigLeChowski 4 days ago

I've only in very recent years come to discover and love canned seafood. Smoked oysters were my first love....I can e...

ad7yn commented 12 hours ago

Smucker's Fudge Topping - still good after long time in fridge?

by blueartemis4 2 days ago

I have a jar of Smucker's Simple Delight Hot Fudge Topping in my fridge. I have no idea how long it's been open, but ...


blueartemis4 commented 15 hours ago

Help me shop for Romaine lettuce

by paulispumonti 8 years ago

Should I buy Romaine by the head, or by the hearts??? When I buy it by the head (is it a head or is that just iceber...


janniecooks commented 19 hours ago

What 3 (or fewer) places have the best thing ever you can't get anywhere else

by dwkayak 2 months ago

I'm 55. I think there are about 3 things I have eaten in my life that are so so good, that I have planned vacation de...


Anniebird commented 23 hours ago

What exactly is a "Perfect Egg"?

by eurohop 10 days ago

I've been seeing this item on menus everywhere. I just returned from Paris, and it came atop several of the dishes I...

paulj commented 1 day ago

Marjoram - Does it taste funny to you?

by mariacarmen 6 years ago

About 4 years ago the BF and i were at an "upscale" restaurant (for the area we were in) for a NYE dinner. I can't e...


HollyP11 commented 1 day ago

Using expired coconut milk

by Clarissa 12 years ago

I don't know how strict those expiration dates are. I have several cans of coconut milk (Trader Joe's) that expired ...


ricepad commented 1 day ago

Sizes of whole chickens

by nofunlatte 7 years ago

Or perhaps I should say SUPERsizes of whole chickens. I went to the grocery store (Meijer) to get a chicken, as I'll...


jenb1198 commented 1 day ago

What are the different types of brown rice?

by LorenzoGA 6 days ago

Let me start by saying I prefer fluffy long-grain white rice over brown rice, like I prefer white bread to whole whea...


LorenzoGA commented 1 day ago

Morels in S. Ontario

by yaddayadda 10 years ago

Anybody spot morels in S. Ontario yet? That last two years have been a total bust for decent mushrooms. Too dry, I su...


kristad commented 1 day ago

Cookies from the 80s???

by jnb336 6 years ago

I'm trying to find some cookies from my husband's childhood that he talks about ALL the time! I'm pretty sure they d...


Bron1309 commented 2 days ago

Monk Fruit Sweetener - who's tried it?

by chicgail 3 years ago

I've noticed that there's a new sweetener being advertised that's made from monk fruit. I tried - and hated - Stev...


silje415 commented 2 days ago

Chicken breast at certain Chinese restaurants rubbery/too chewy?

by papayman 6 years ago

I have noticed that at some Chinese restaurants the chicken breast tastes really odd. I have had this experience both...


jplater2i commented 3 days ago

Undercooked fish

by malvern girl 9 years ago

Just wondering if most people prefer to eat fish not cooked through. Lately I've been to 3 different restaurants (no...


JerkPork commented 3 days ago

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