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Anyone remember a discontinued snack from the 1980s called Donut Cookies or Butter Donut Cookies?

by kenssd 15 hours ago

I am just trying to find a picture of the packaging. From what I can recall they were bite sized beige donut shaped cookies and they came in a mostly red pouch with mirror/foil/reflective surface i...

The Aperol Spritz: Summer Hero or Heck No?

by David_Watsky 15 days ago

Some of you might have seen the digital dust-up over a New York Times piece today condemning the summery spiritz. Wondering what people's thoughts are on the cocktail (?) or if there is a superior ...

Makrut Lime Leaves and curry leaves

by farthing 7 days ago

I can't buy makrut lime leaves or curry leaves locally. What is the best way of getting them by mail and then keeping: fresh? frozen? How long do they last? Also, I have seen that makrut lime l...


Northern Italy, Holy Week, April 2019

by bsprout 3 days ago

We spent a lovely 11 days in Northern Italy just a a few weeks ago. I wanted to share with you where we ate, in case it is helpful to anyone, as so many of your suggestions have been to me in the ...

Butterbun Bakery Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn

by pannunz2010 13 days ago

I grew up in Midwood and every Sunday for a dozen years would stop at Butterbun's Bakery on Nostrand Avenue. I could never get enough of their seven layer cake and eventually they closed and when I...

Ground Beef: Are my taste buds getting too old, or does Ground Beef have little taste compared to apprx 20 years ago?

by sylvan 6 years ago

After all these years, I suddenly remembered having to skim fat off the ground beef when I made pasta sauce with it. Now, even with 20% fat it still has little taste. I've tried adding half with gr...


Dinner is Served 1972 - The Way We Were?

by Cerise1 4 days ago

Memories. Like the corners of my mind... Retro recipes/dishes. Any of you remember and still make them, or any that make you groan? Clicking around the web, I came across - Dinner is Served - 19...



by Querencia 6 days ago

Rhubarb: loaded with nutrients, delicious, easy to grow, and ... rare? My Chicago supermarket doesn't know what it is. This morning I saw a tiny amount of it at the farmers' market and it was $6 fo...

How long will different fats last?

by bloodboy 2 years ago

I bought a pack of fats from Fatworks back in October of 2015. About a month after that purchase I had no choice but to leave the country. I have just returned last week and have a ton of bottles o...

ISO red yeast rice

by lilith 17 days ago

I am looking for red yeast rice (紅曲米) for cooking and colouring in Toronto or in the GTA. I am looking for inexpensive food item and not those expensive red yeast rice pills you get from health foo...

Cooked hamburgers left out - can they be eaten?

by cackalackie 11 years ago

We grilled out burgers yesterday and set up the buffet inside the house. When I was putting things away a few hours later, I realised the leftover hamburgers were still sitting out. How long do you...

Cooking frozen cod fish

by codmeister 1 year ago

I am trying to bake frozen Costco cod fillets. The directions say to pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, thaw the fillet, then bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until the internal temp. is 145 degrees. ...

How to covert this cake recipe from 9" rounds to 1/4 sheet pans

by shescheeky 8 days ago

The link below is for my go-to carrot cake recipe. However, I do take liberties with the frosting recipe. My question is: how do I convert this cake recipe, which uses (3) 9' rounds to (2-3) 13x9...

Regional hot dogs

by kdibble 9 days ago

What are some good hot dogs brands around the country. In Hartford we had grote & weigel and i really like them. We also had Hummels out of new haven. I don't mean a hot dog stand. I mean the brand...

What should I save? Putting my stuff in storage...

by violin 11 days ago

I am moving in with my father next month, who is aging and disabled and now needs around the clock care. His house is packed full of stuff (ugh..) so I am only bringing essential items with me. I...

Poking holes in hard-boiled eggs?

by The Pie Queen 17 years ago

I have been making a lot of hard-boiled eggs lately. I used to poke a little hole in one end, just because that's what my mom does, but I became frustrated with the fact that some of the eggs alway...

Pacifico Striped Bass - Ocean Farmed near Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

Last week I was served Pacifico farmed striped bass (aka Lobina) three times. As ceviche at Da Toni, grilled with crispy skin at Fauna and poached and sauced at Origen @ Encuentro, the fish was del...

Where to forage for stinging nettles in Toronto this spring?

by susan_e_webb 13 days ago

Can anyone share some public areas in Toronto where nettles can be foraged? Thanks!

Bread for an Italian Hot Dog

by dkolonia 9 years ago

I have a small hot dog stand out west and want to serve an Italian hot dog but don't know where to buy the bread. Does anyone know a place that will ship west? Thanks!