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What do you miss the most about eating at restaurants?!

by damiano 3 days ago

So, with my region still in semi-lockdown, and restaurants only open for take-away, my mind is now thinking: what foods do I really miss eating at restaurants which I cannot/will not easily cook at...

Whatever happened to jelly rolls?

by lemons 10 years ago

It was a staple of my childhood, not from home cooks but from bakeries or the grocery store baked goods. I remember small ones, a la Twinkies or Dolly Madison cakes, and larger ones, perhaps 5 or 6...

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Best way to navigate a Buffet?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

I will be visiting restaurants and house parties that I know will be serving buffet-style. What's the best way to tackle it. After all these years, it's still all too easy to load up the plate with...

Imported vs Domestic Pasta

by Querencia 6 years ago

I invite comments on the relative merits of pasta. Have read that imported Italian is made with hard durum wheat that makes all the difference. Never paid attention but recently, on a lark trip to ...

Putting milk/cream into soda?

by glitch 13 years ago

I saw someone add a coffee creamer to their glass of coke the other day and I was slightly taken aback. Has anyone ever tried or seen this before? I can't seem to comprehend what it would taste lik...

Sushi - ordering in advance

by michaeljc70 27 days ago

There is a great local sushi place/fish market but they don't deliver. I am ordering trays for guests. My question is how far in advance can I pick this up? Obviously I will refrigerate it after...

Eating spaghetti - spoon or no spoon (a debate)

by Nyleve 9 days ago

This came up at dinner tonight. My husband was under the impression that the correct way to eat spaghetti is to use a spoon for twirling - even though I have never once seen him do it. He even sugg...

Changing tastes, COVID, and jelly

tim irvine
by tim irvine 10 days ago

I have read threads reminiscing about cereals and cookies that have disappeared. Things are similar in the condiment world. Although there are things I love that I discovered after my childhood (...

Salts of the Earth

by Caroline1 10 years ago

Do you play with them? Fascinated by them? Couldn't care less? I have a few and I find them kind of fun. Well, fun when I remember them. Most often they sit on the shelf and stare down at me. ...

Portuguese Sausage roaster... what kind of sausage?

by gritsngreens 12 days ago

yep. I should be banned from ebay. As a result of another offer I couldn't refuse, I now have a lovely terracotta Portuguese sausage roaster. Supposedly the way to use it is to pour Everclear or de...

Balsamico & EV Olive oils - does it matter to you?

by CHSeifert 16 days ago

Now that I’m done getting my perfect cookware setup of all the best ECI, 2.5 copper, PLY, carbon steel and SS sandwich bottom pans & pots and my dream knife setup, I’ve always known I would start o...

Imported Beurre au Sel--Better AND a Value??

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

OK, as a kid, my mom always bought double-salted butter when we were in Canada. We all loved the taste. Fast forward 50 years. On a trip to France as a... relic..., I rediscovered BaS and othe...

DC area Peruvian white sauce?

by prciosasoy 1 year ago

My boys are in love with the stuff, but to me it looks like mayo with a little mustard in it. Anyway, does it have a name? Anyone have a recipe? TONS of aji amarillo recipes, but don't know about ...

What's the difference between Bechamel and white gravy?

by Chandler114 15 days ago

What on earth is the difference between bechamel and white country gravy? I don't like sausage in my gravy so not all of them have sausage so that can't be it. Every time I see someone make bechame...

The Ms. stews Ballarat apples, or, Rhubarb revisted

by mordylishus 18 days ago

See the previous discussion of rhubarb and my English wife: https://www.chowhound.com/post/rhubarb-969783 Well, she was at it again. I got about 10kg of an excellent English cooking apple, Balla...

3 year old Frozen Shrimp

by JerkPork 29 days ago

I found a a pack of frozen shrimp in my freezer yesterday, they are from a few years ago. Do I toss or are they still fine to eat?

Lamb shortage?

by Taralli 29 days ago

Unable to find lamb shoulder round bone chops for a quite a while now. Always was able to get them from Stop & Shop and had them in my delivery cart when they suddenly disappeared. They were also...

Rice and other things

tim irvine
by tim irvine 2 months ago

I have been reading more and more about issues with arsenic in rice due to the way it is farmed. There are various recommended cooking approaches to reduce concentrations. Has anyone else read or...

Best non-alcoholic beverages: share your favorites!

by gutreactions 5 months ago

Want to cut back on my alcohol consumption during this pandemic. We enjoy our wine and beer, but we want non-alcoholic alternative drinks, too. Especially when dining out. A friend recently tried H...