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Thanksgiving plan 2020

by sandramrma 4 days ago

Has Covid effected your plans for this year? Traveling, getting together with family? Going out to dinner-ordering in-or just staying home???

Nasty Battered French Fries

by Pitbullchow 4 years ago

What is this horrible trend of restaurants serving these French fries that are either called; Battered, coated or seasoned ? What happened to the good ole fashioned all potato French fry ? Upon d...

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Pizza Crust - paper texture

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 8 days ago

What causes the unpleasant paper texture on the bottom of pizzas? I've been searching for a go to NY Style / Slice Style pizza place in the pizza wasteland that is Orange County CA Note: Pizzeria ...

5-Day Chicken Marinade

by dmac61 1 month ago

I usually marinade my chicken with a little avocado oil, salt, pepper, and garlic, then I vacuum seal it and marinade for 24 hours, however, I had to leave on a business trip and was gone for a few...

Minute Tapioca, Not

by Querencia 8 days ago

Kraft's Minute Tapioca has disappeared, not sure why, but there isn't any. I have bought "French Granulated Tapioca" (online from Nuts.com) which sounds like about the same thing for making tapioca...

what are your fav pizza topping combinations?

by blackbookali 7 years ago

I just can't seem to get over sausage and onion. If the place has it, fried eggplant and meatballs are a wonderful thing. But then there is pepperoni. In a pinch I pair it with mushrooms, tonight, ...

Ketchup stains on my facemask...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

We have been going out for meals sporatically as the pandemic restrictions are relaxed in the greater New York City area. We are careful about it. On one occasion, while working on an order of frie...

Avocados don't ripen? Slow to turn dark and they stay hard

by mushroomaffairs 2 months ago

My are Shoprite stores having been selling avocados every week for only $.89/ea so I've been buying a number of them. I've left some in a bowl with other fruits like bananas, apples and tomatoes a...


Do You Save Your Oil?

by Steve 6 days ago

If you deep fry or other heavy use of oil, do you ever strain and put it back in the bottle? Same bottle or a bottle for just recycled oil? If you've done this, did you like the results? I r...

Top Round Philly Cheesesteaks

by zackly 26 days ago

I've had Geno's and Pat's and they are great as advertised. I know the traditional cut of beef used for theses sandwiches is a ribeye, semi-frozen and sliced thin on an electric deli slicer. For t...

Chinese Ingredients: Borax Powder, Mushroom Extract

by David A. 15 years ago

My Taiwanese wife uses some strange ingredients and I'm wondering whether anyone can reassure me that they are not blatantly poisonous: 1) Borax Powder (pingsha). This is used to he make "he fun...

Canned ham. What the heck?

by Deb Van D 17 years ago

A friend (or so I'd thought) gave me a 5 lb canned ham. Armour. I have never run across one of these creatures and thought that I would slice it and freeze it in little portions for the odd sandw...

Delicious Filipino Cuisine! Who wants some???

by FilipinoCuisine 19 days ago

My wife and I are in the process of creating a Filipino cuisine restaurant. These are authentic dishes made with authentic recipes. We are hoping to gauge interest regarding the food in general, ...

Cost of meat...

by lsnmcg 12 days ago

Hello community! I'm starting a post that might be a little weird depending on where you live. I see subscriptions for different meat boxes like butcher box, etc that advertise food subscription de...

Best oil for high heat searing?

by CHSeifert 9 days ago

I know this a cookware forum, but I spend most of my time here. What type of oil do you use for your daily cooking? I’ve spent thousands of kroner/$/€ on EV olive oils, but no matter what ol...

Reubens - Sauerkraut or Coleslaw? [Split from Pacific Northwest board]

by antrobin 12 years ago

[Split from this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/486423] I have a question for Reuben afficionados. I've always had a Reuben with sauerkraut, but my girlfriend, who grew up in Jewish ...

BBQ Trailers for rental?

by lizzyjk 10 years ago

Hi! I am looking to rent a BBQ trailer on a hitch so that you can attach it to your car. Ideally I am looking for one with a smoker - Anyone know where I can rent one of these? I have attached a p...

What is 'old-school' Italian cooking?

by gutreactions 10 months ago

We hear the term so often. Where did it get started? How do you define it? Is it a knock, or a compliment? Is it a kitchen that uses a lot of red sauce? Is it an Italian-American restaurant in the ...

Date Nut Bread and Cream Cheese

by Michael S 19 years ago

I grew up eating these sandwiches. If I am not mistaken the brand name of the bread was Dromedary. It was a fixture on the Chock Full O'Nuts menu. The last time I saw it on a menu was also in NY at...