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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Looking for salep (sahlep, salepi, wild orchid powder)

by dionysaki 8 years ago

Hey everyone, I have been on a wild goose chase for a traditional Turkish/Greek ingredient, salep (also spelled s...


yahamshari commented 7 hours ago


by barbp22 5 days ago

I read the ingredients on a package I just bought. It is truly disgusting. Who ever heard of putting pork skins in ...


PSRaT commented 12 hours ago

Help me find these mints!!!

by rizzo0904 10 years ago

My neighbor and I both grew up in New England....Mass for me and NH for her. We remember these mints that came in pa...


Mouse95 commented 14 hours ago

Why is tarama (carp roe) no longer available?

by billrosenblatt 8 months ago

I regularly use tarama (carp roe) in cooking. I'm talking about straight tarama, not taramosalata which is tarama mi...


crichter4 commented 17 hours ago

Food Science: what's the purpose of the baking soda in the ground beef?

by Howard_2 11 years ago

I have a dim sum recipe for some kind of meatballs. The recipe includes various flavorings (chopped tangerine peel, s...


moucon commented 1 day ago

California Mexican vs. Tex Mex?

by franknbeans 10 years ago

This is a bit of a thread jack, but what is the difference between Tex-Mex and California Mexican food? I have got i...


acgold7 commented 1 day ago

Pasteurized vs Ultra-Pasteurized

by cookingschool 11 years ago

From time to time I notice that a recipe will call for pasteurized heavy cream rather than the readily-available ult...


MargaretHuff commented 1 day ago

Spanish Chorizo substitute for Paella

by chuttney1 6 years ago

My mom says Spanish Chorizo is made with pig brains. She fears the diseases pig brains have and knows you can't kill ...


lobsterchurch commented 2 days ago

I need your experteses in cheeses - grilled cheese help please

by PeanutButterJelloTime 1 year ago

Make no bones about it, I am English and we are not the experts in grilled cheese. What I need to know is: for the ou...


ratgirlagogo commented 3 days ago

Broth with no tomatoes or onions?

by slsolomon 16 days ago

I am one week out from major gum surgery and getting very tired of dairy products and would like to make some soups t...


slsolomon commented 4 days ago

Poking holes in hard-boiled eggs?

by The Pie Queen 16 years ago

I have been making a lot of hard-boiled eggs lately. I used to poke a little hole in one end, just because that's wha...


benbenberi commented 4 days ago

Frozen Tilapia tastes earthy

by shana 11 years ago

Hi there - I got a large tray of tilapia filets from costco about a month ago - I divided them up into 2 fillet servi...


BigG commented 5 days ago

How to make cranberry juice drinkable?

by Sharuf 8 years ago

Feeling the need for the well-known benefits of cranberry juice, I bought a jar of "100% Cranberry Juice" at my local...


BigG commented 5 days ago

Smoking vegetables for preservation

by Aurum 7 days ago

I was considering smoking some hot peppers to make a homemade version of chipotles in adobo sauce, and I ended up on ...


Aurum commented 5 days ago

tripas, buche, and other parts of the cow

by tastycakes 9 years ago

can anyone explain which parts of the cow these meats come from? and what can be referred to as tripe or tripas acro...


BigG commented 5 days ago

Mixed mushrooms added a floral taste: which mushroom was it?

by sugarcanejane 5 days ago

We made a pasta dish with a bunch of mixed mushrooms my boyfriend picked out. One of them added a floral taste to the...


BigG commented 5 days ago

suadero ... (bull)

by rworange 12 years ago

Ok, so I'm doing a taco crawl this weekend. On the menu is suadero which the truck translates as rose meat. I thin...


BigG commented 5 days ago

Why won't my bananas ripen?

by greedygirl 10 years ago

I loathe overly ripe bananas so I always buy them slightly green. Usually they're fine once they've been in the frui...


Secretlocket commented 7 days ago