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Discuss chow in general, including personal preferences (ketchup or mayo on fries?), national cuisines, discontinued products, and other sundries.

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Ketchup on Eggs? Not in my House!...Yours?

by PHREDDY 2 years ago

My brother ate ketchup on his soft scrambled eggs...I said uuoooch! disgusting! I eat Spanish omelets, but can't put...

Motosport commented 2 hours ago

Easter Bunny Cake DC/VA

by ashagame 2 hours ago

Hi! Growing up someone in out family would make cakes in the shape of a bunny for Easter. I don't have those cake sk...

Philly Cheesesteak Rant

by Ally1111 3 days ago

First online rant but felt so strongly about my disappointing lunch, I had to share with fellow food people. Our c...


Dogboa commented 3 hours ago

Pho Attack

by danna 8 years ago

I ate a nice bowl of Pho Tai about an hour ago. About the time I finished slurping it up, I felt this WEIRD sensatio...


Foxeyblue commented 6 hours ago

Where can you buy whole milk in BC?

by jcolvin 2 days ago

Pretty much all homogenized (and even non-homogenized) milk in BC (even Avalon's organic "whole" standard milk) is ac...

Sam Salmon commented 10 hours ago

Chinese thick soy sauce vs dark soy sauce

by ethnicchower 5 years ago

I recently picked up a copy of Yan-Kit So's "Classic Chinese Cookbook", which calls for both thick and thin soy sauce...


ChefKCares commented 12 hours ago

How come my tuna fish never tastes as good as sandwich shops?

by Flynn 14 years ago

I feel a bit silly asking but it's true; when I make tuna fish sandwiches, they just aren't as tasty. I usually buy B...


kristelyne commented 15 hours ago

Birthday Celebration in Sonoma

by CindyJ 7 days ago

I have a "big" birthday coming up in August, and my family and I and a couple of friends have decided to celebrate in...

CindyJ commented 22 hours ago

Gold Point Oysters

by Pat Hammond 12 years ago

I'm going to a restaurant that has these on the menu. Has anyone heard of them?


MarkODonnell commented 1 day ago

Does Excellent Canned Whipped Cream Exist?

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

A few years ago i tried a product from Whole Foods but it def didn't impress me. Has anyone found anything simple, c...


gdlemaire commented 2 days ago

Is it safe to keep stock at 160F?

by nutellablop 3 days ago

Hey all, I made chicken stock by simmering it on a stove for a few hours, and then moving it into an oven at 180F ov...


nutellablop commented 3 days ago

Salt dried black olives

by IndyGirl123 6 days ago

Any suggestions on how to use salt dried black olives? I've tried marinating them (after rinsing the salt off) in oli...


IndyGirl123 commented 3 days ago

Strawberries stink (literally)

by IWantFood 3 years ago

The past several times I have bought fresh strawberries (the kind in the plastic box) they have had a very strong, un...


kast commented 3 days ago

What is the difference between a shake and a malt?

by steakrules85 10 years ago

I don't want to sound dumb but what is the difference between them. I know a malt uses "malted milk" whatever that is...


DiscerningPalate1126 commented 4 days ago

Gratuity/hospitality-included restaurants

by Multifoiled 5 days ago

I'm curious to hear from people as to what they are doing at their favorite restaurants that have adopted the no-tipp...


ricepad commented 4 days ago

Defrost frozen fish in original plastic packaging. Safe?

by mike2401 6 years ago

Why does my fozen salmon purchased from store in plastic wrapping warn AGAINST thawing in its original plastic wrap? ...


cwegv commented 4 days ago

What goes better with pastrami?

by jackrugby 10 years ago

O.K. this is an on going stupid argument that me and a friend are having. The argument is; which is the more traditio...

dave_c commented 4 days ago

Bugs in Rice-Is it still edible?

by iLoveFood 11 years ago

I have a giant bag of jasmine reice I bought a few months ago and it now has these tiny little gray bugs in it. Some...

RussTheRaccoon commented 5 days ago

Scrapple vs. Liver Pudding?

by alsname 15 years ago

Is there any difference between the two? My girlfriend is from North Carolina and is missing Liver Pudding. We have...

Brawny commented 5 days ago

What's Your Last Supper?

by Moimoi 8 days ago

This is a question I've pondered for years, but tonight whilst eating the sticky toffee pudding at the Abbot uptown, ...


TastyReuben commented 5 days ago

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