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More Unidentified Stemware

by ssshkazeg9 20 minutes ago

Please help me identify this stemware. I don't know what the manufacturer is, and would appreciate your help.

Where to buy frozen dim sum in Victoria, BC?

by monkeybikegirl 1 hour ago

I've tried Fairway Market on Quadra but found their frozen dim sum just okay and limited. Open to suggestions in Lan...

Poking holes in hard-boiled eggs?

by The Pie Queen 15 years ago

I have been making a lot of hard-boiled eggs lately. I used to poke a little hole in one end, just because that's wha...


PSRaT commented 2 hours ago

Peking duck steamed buns vs. wraps

by gargupie 3 days ago

Can someone educate on the background between the use of steamed buns and wraps when eaten along a Peking duck spread...


MikeG commented 12 hours ago

Just got braces and EVERYTHING hurts, need ideas for softer foods...

by pman 11 years ago

I'm told my teeth will hurt for the next few days. Tried fried tofu, and even that was a bit much. I food processed...


Querencia commented 14 hours ago

Sesame-chile product similar to Magic Chili snack

by luckyfatima 22 hours ago

I want to replicate a chicken dish that I had at a Sichuanese restaurant (Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church, VA). It i...

Best Chipotle and/or Adobo seasoning

by VAfoodie 8 years ago

This query comes as a result of researching Chipotle Grill's Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette recipe. Some recipes call fo...

ChipotleMan commented 2 days ago

Cacio e Pepe (or nightmares of a foodie)

by Cam14 2 days ago

Last night I made Anthony Bourdains version of Cacio e Pepe and it was very, very good. Did cut back the pepper. ...

paulj commented 2 days ago

Mysterious Powder in Lentil Bag

by JerkPork 8 days ago

Should I be concerned? Red lentils are a few months passed the date on bag, bought them probably over a year ago. Are...

dave_c commented 3 days ago

Fake Crab Meat

by BARBARAMUR 5 days ago

Whoever invented fake or imitation crab meat obviously does not have a clue how crab meat taste. They should be mad...


GH1618 commented 3 days ago

Some Food Images from Japan

by nihonscope 5 days ago

These are random from a bunch of places here in Fukuoka, Japan

nihonscope commented 4 days ago

How long does heavy cream stay fresh?

by mctoft 8 years ago

Hi, I have some heavy whipping cream in my fridge, two cartons. Both have been opened. Both are expired (one a month ...


zackly commented 4 days ago

How come my tuna fish never tastes as good as sandwich shops?

by Flynn 15 years ago

I feel a bit silly asking but it's true; when I make tuna fish sandwiches, they just aren't as tasty. I usually buy B...

coll commented 5 days ago

What Are Steak Tips?

by Willy3000 11 years ago

I can't believe I never found out when I lived back there. What are steak tips, or is that like asking what's in a ho...


Sinlou commented 5 days ago

Do you eat where you shop?

by gutreactions 3 years ago

There are quite a few markets that prepare food to eat right on the premises and provide seating areas just for that ...

ad7yn commented 5 days ago

Pulverizing onions, garlic, shallots, ginger

by michaeljc70 13 days ago

Sometimes when I don't need to saute aromatics like onions, garlic, shallots and ginger, I put them in the blender w...

letsindulge commented 5 days ago

Shrimp Heads

by dtud 10 years ago

people seem to love "head on" shrimp. i used to only see this in bangkok - but now it's getting popular here in the ...


stonecanoe commented 5 days ago

Quality of Shrimp these days [moved from Manhattan board]

by takk 8 years ago

I'm posting here because this is an active board of foodies, and I want to know if I am alone in my experiences of sh...


Querencia commented 6 days ago

Powdered Buttermilk

by ptrend 6 days ago

Just got some powdered buttermilk and looking for ratio of water to powder and suggested uses.


small h commented 6 days ago

Nachos as entree for open house?

by Toast_With_Jam 28 days ago

DD graduates from high school in June. Party will be at her dad’s house. It will be an open house, with about 50-70...

hotoynoodle commented 6 days ago