Get advice on growing herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and anything else you want in your vegetable garden. Plus advice on pests like snails, beetles, and ants.

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Oh no! Aphids in the Asparagus!!

by AGM_Cape_Cod 11 years ago

We just found out that the additional fringe we noticed last year in the asparagus stalks we let grow out is caused by aphids. Has anyone dealt with this problem? TIA.

Anybody got a beehive?

by Shrinkrap 11 years ago

Hope this isn't "pushing the envelope" in the new forum....Some beekeepers used to keep some in an abandoned orchard behind my house, but the city bought the property, and now it's a flood control ...

vegetables & herbs you really ought to grow from seed

by NYchowcook 11 years ago

People are talking about the ease of locating plants to transplant rather than direct seed. I want to make the case that there are some things that are easier and make lots more sense to grow fr...

Growing Corn in NJ

by angelo04 11 years ago

Any tips for growing corn? Each year I attempt something new. Just bought my plants, the usual tomato, cucumber, lettuce, basil etc. and decided to add corn figuring its grown all over NJ. Any ...

organic seedlings

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

for those organic gardeners out there.... does anyone know the health implications of buying organic vs non organic seedlings? from an environmental stand point it is a no brainer. the rest of t...

Black thumb, but want to grow herbs

by cheesecake17 11 years ago

I truly think I was cursed with a black thumb. I can't keep cut flowers or plants alive. But, I'm fed up with purchasing small bundles of herbs and I want to try to grow my own. I was thinking ...

Dream Garden: 2 years away!

by LJS 11 years ago

We own a piece of property on the east coast (Zone 6a) and are planning to move there in just 24 short months. The kitchen garden is my pet project and I have mapped it out on paper. I have been...

Basic Beginning Vegetable Gardening Book?

by balabanian 11 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good very basic intro book for a beginning vegetable gardener? I have the sunset western garden book (i live in northern california) and it's a great reference but i think i ...

egg shell uses

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

besides composting, does anyone have any proven uses for egg shells in the garden?

Which paste tomato for making sauce?

by mkmccp 11 years ago

I have not planted tomatoes the last few years for a number of reasons. Now I am interested in planting them with the intent of making tomato sauce and "putting up" for use later. Anyone out ther...

Growing Cilantro [split from General Topics]

by Val 11 years ago

kc, I live in FL too...south of you in Naples...have had the hardest time growing cilantro...parsley no problem; I have 2 plants growing beautifully now and the rosemary, forget about it--it's like...

Self-Watering Containers

by Nancy Berry 11 years ago

Anyone use these? If so, what kind (shape) and do you have any hints? What potting mixture do you use? Drainage?

Growing Rome Tomatoes

by Heethan01 11 years ago

I'm gonna try growing Romas this year.. Is it true they grow the best when they grow close to basil? Any other tips would be appreciated.

Indoor Herb Gardening — questions answered by an expert

Roxanne Webber
by Roxanne Webber 11 years ago

To complement our feature on growing herbs indoors, we want to connect an expert directly to the Chowhound community to answer questions. This is the first time we're including something like this ...

Growing Herbs At Home [split from Toronto]

by torontovore 11 years ago

Not an immediate solution, but if you have a backyard or balcony, or even window ledge inside, you can grow many herbs yourself. Some condos have rooftop areas that can be used, or you may have a b...

Lemon Basil Source in Brooklyn

jen kalb
by jen kalb 11 years ago

I was scouting around this AM and happily report that Shannon's Nursery on Ft. Ham Parkway has Lemon Basil starts as well as the more common Genovese in one of their back greenhouses. I am going ...

Tomatoes in Salem, OR

by jpc8015 11 years ago

Who knows what varieties of tomatoes will do best around Salem, OR? I want to try growing the tiny little carrant tomatoes but I am not sure if that variety does well in the area.

Taste vs Beauty in Herbs

by Sally599 11 years ago

Do you normally buy the typical green culinary herbs or try out the more unusual variegated or differently colored herbs. Example purple basil or tricolor sage vs the normal green. Which still wo...

Growing lettuce in a wheelbarrow

c oliver
by c oliver 11 years ago

Years ago I read in Sunset probably about growing lettuce in a wheelbarrow. That way you can move it around if you need to get it into and then out of the sun. I've never done that (actually have...


by renee 17 years ago

I have a garden, which i have mentioned here before. In this garden there are bush beans. I want to pickle these beans but don't know how long they will keep. (I don't need advice on how long to ...

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