Get advice on growing herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and anything else you want in your vegetable garden. Plus advice on pests like snails, beetles, and ants.

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Summer Cover Crop

by SonyBob 11 years ago

I have a garden plot about 30x50 that I have to let go fallow this summer. I would like to plant a summer cover crop as a green manure. I am considering buckwheat. Does anyone have any better su...

Plants that take over

by BobB 11 years ago

I was just noting on another thread that cilantro tends to reseed itself and spread quickly, but it's easy to uproot so not a big problem. More annoying are the plants that spread via underground ...

Raspberry Patch: Friend or Foe?

by LJS 11 years ago

I live in the north east (zone 6A) on the coast and am planning a garden of edibles...we have 3 acres, so lots of space with different options for placement, isolating the raspberries from other cr...

poor seed germination

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

I am specifically thinking of my peas, but I have had poor seed germination in a lot of seeds. Mostly ones that I opened last year. Do seeds not last from season to season? Are there certain seeds ...

I really never start vegetables from seeds

c oliver
by c oliver 11 years ago

When we first moved to the country, I had a long list of all the heirloom varieties of vegetables that I was going to start from seed. Then I went to our little weekly Growers Market and found lit...

What to plant in New England now?

by sbs401 11 years ago

I have a pretty small plot 5x20 and a few containers, with ny $20 seed order i usually have 7x as many seeds as i can use so i often throw a few seeds on the ground or in an odd container to see if...

Easy gardening – seeding to go with the flow (of rain!)

by NYchowcook 11 years ago

I’ve been slow getting my garden in in Upstate NY. I planted my tomato, lemongrass and leek plants yesterday, seeded some chard, scarlet runner beans and mignonette (a heavily-scented flower near t...

Victory gardens in Norcal

by MIss G 11 years ago

Who's growing what in their "victory" (vegetable) gardens? With any luck, I should have more tomatoes, squash, and melons than I know what to do with this summer. Anybody in the SF Bay Area willin...

Vegetable gardens and (4 legged)pest management

by maplesugar 11 years ago

I'd like to start a bigger vegetable garden but because our house backs on to a natural area we have voles and richardson ground squirrels (aka Prairie Gophers) that have taken up residence in the ...

Aji Amarillo Plants LA area?

by mlgb 11 years ago

Anyone know of a source for these, i.e., you've actually seen them, not ideas for my wild goose chase...

Living Herb experiment

JohnE O
by JohnE O 11 years ago

I was all around town looking for some Thai basil to plant, but no one had any seedlings. On my grocery store trip I picked up another 2 packages of the Living Herb Thai basil which comes in a tiny...

What to plant in FL?

by TampaAurora 11 years ago

Ok, it's official. I caught the gardening bug. I have mostly partial sun space, and would really like to plant something now that I've had a year of trying my hand at herbs and a month with a tom...

Food bloggers who garden

by Cinnamon 11 years ago

In case anyone thinks it would be interesting to read blogs where the foodies who write the blog also grow some of the food they blog about... here's one to start, a beautiful garden section of the...

Do you grow Asian vegetables?

by dfrostnh 11 years ago

I'm trying to improve my cooking skills with Asian recipes. Johnny's offers seeds for various oriental greens but except for bok choy, I'm not sure what to try. Even if you don't grow your own, d...

Things you'd love to plant but won't because they're monsters?

by Cinnamon 11 years ago

Mine is literal... dragonfruit. Pic of the fruit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dragonfruit_Chiyai_market.jpg Pic of the plant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Than_Long_Green_Gragon....

Reviving very overgrown apple trees?

by LJS 11 years ago

Our east coast property has 2 ancient apple trees, one Mac and one Russet, that we are trying to bring back. We are organic gardeners for the vegetable plot and I would like to go the all-natural ...

Won a Greenhouse from a Game Show...what to plant?

Beach Chick
by Beach Chick 11 years ago

Howdy Chow Gardeners.. Won a gorgeous greenhouse from the Price is Right ( I kissed Bob twice) and want to plant some veggies but in San Diego where I live it gets hot in the summer..it has 2 la...

Natural/Organic Fungicides and Pesticide

by CocoaNut 11 years ago

Firstly, there is a difference between natural and organic, but for those who are attempting to avoid harsh chemicals - I came across this (bloggish) web-site which has a wealth of info (by text...

Tomato plant?

by ajm1555 11 years ago

My tomato plants are well watered (every morning) and in full sun. The are still very green and growing, but the leaves appear to be wilted. Why? And how can I keep bugs/birds off my leaves, org...

When do you fertilize

by cleopatra999 11 years ago

When do you all top dress some fertilizer? I have read about doing it as soon your seeds sprout, then again later. this is my first year using fertilizer (organic). wondering when...

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