Get advice on growing herbs, lettuces, tomatoes, beans, peppers, and anything else you want in your vegetable garden. Plus advice on pests like snails, beetles, and ants.


by mrsphud 3 days ago

I have been growing herbs on my porch for a few years now. I replace the herbs each spring, with the exception of th...


dfrostnh commented 2 days ago

Spring 2018

by pine time 27 days ago

I know it's not yet gardening time in much of the world, but here in inland So. California, we're to be near 80 today...


pine time commented 10 days ago

Best Vegetable/Herb Seeds

by zackly 2 months ago

My wife is an excellent flower gardener with no interest in growing vegetables. Two years ago she grew some tomatoes ...


SeaEagle commented 1 month ago

Aerogarden reviews?

by lilinjun 11 years ago

Has anyone purchased an Aerogarden and been completely happy with it? I'm looking to invest in one, but the $150 pric...


steven33458 commented 3 months ago

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Making sugar syrup from cane that does not taste like grass?

by Corndoggie12 4 months ago

I am wondering if there are any folks who have made syrup from cane here. I grew some cane (which actually survived...

problems with cilantro + dill

by lilaki 9 years ago

hey chowhounds, we decided to do herbs in containers this year ... off of our kitchen patio - pretty good sun all ...


tox123 commented 4 months ago

Blossom end rot

by EWSflash 7 years ago

I just wanted to pass along that somebody on another site recommended stuffing a calcium pill (like you would take) i...


irisheyezrblu commented 5 months ago

Is this yellow bug harmful?

by CocoaNut 9 years ago

Ok - my 2 tomato plants now have about 7 tomatoes of varying sizes between them. They're all still green, but I've b...


joycrcc commented 6 months ago

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Locating corno-di-capra-peppers in Toronto ???

by MaxHa 7 months ago

Can anyone help me locate these peppers in Toronto? Thanks

Does anyone have experience with growing Beach Plums in their yard?

by coll 2 years ago

Luckily my area is as sandy as they come. But while I can take a stroll on any local beach (or grocery parking lot!)...


coll commented 7 months ago

jalapenos are never spicy or even close too spicy

by Augie6 7 years ago

I am a novice gardner .. (only 3 gardens so far) .. For the most part and by my standards I ended up with a decent ou...


DonShirer commented 7 months ago

Food Safety Advice

by ElWalker 7 months ago

I just did something pretty dumb. I have a couple plants outside a window and I've been having trouble with bugs gett...


saregama commented 7 months ago

Tomato plants/roots (?) being eaten by gophers........help please, what to do?

by iL Divo 7 years ago

They've done this before. They ate all my rose plant roots. But then were gone. Apparently, they're back. What to...


DonShirer commented 7 months ago

Tomatoes with taste? Seeds available

by medlar 1 year ago

The seeds available now are not the final version, but a January 27 New York Times article on tomato research (tradit...


DonShirer commented 8 months ago

What should mint really smell like?

by Jellyhead 8 months ago

I'm new to herb growing, this spring I brought home a few herbs from one of our most reputable local nurseries. I pu...


Sablehart commented 8 months ago

Ready peeled garlic in my garden?

by jaybirkland1970 8 months ago

Okay, I'm working in my mother's garden. Digging up and turning over the soil. While she's not been neglectful, i.e...


Eldon Kreider commented 8 months ago

Can you identify these fruit trees?

by Siegal 8 months ago

My new(ish) condo has some fruit trees that I can't identify I think one is a egg fruit/canistal and perhaps an ackee...


sunshine842 commented 8 months ago

Does using cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes as pest deterrent affect the flavor of the vegetables?

by Sherri 9 years ago

Yes, this is a serious question, not a joke. When I first began using red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper to deter ...


Brent212 commented 8 months ago