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Using Rhubarb Juice in Cocktails

Take advantage of this early-spring ingredient. READ MORE

Cartoon Cocktails and Other Made-Up Drinks

The Wall Street Journal analyzes fictional cocktails. READ MORE

My Name Is Kid Rock Beer

Stimulate the economy by getting your drink on. READ MORE

Homemade Pear and Verjus Soda

Easy to make at home with a seltzer bottle. READ MORE

Look Out, Taster’s Choice

Starbucks plans to roll out instant coffee. READ MORE

Beer Weeks Begin

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I Drink with My iPhone

It’s not drinking alone if I have my phone-friend, right? READ MORE

Drink Beer, Save the Planet

A thought to carry with you into the weekend. READ MORE

Bathe in Coffee, Tea, Wine, or Sake

For around $40, a spa in Japan will let you steep in your beverage of choice. READ MORE

Rough and Ready Zinfandel

The big, boisterous ZAP Festival befitting a big, boisterous wine. READ MORE