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The fine Burgundy was a bust with my lamb dish. But two pounds of fresh morels made every difference. READ MORE

Perfect Wine, Imperfect Pairing

A great bottle should wait until you have the proper environment for savoring it. READ MORE

A Rosé by This Name

Mulderbosch, that is, from South Africa—quite unlike most rosés, a bit of a lark. READ MORE

La Vie en Rosé

Why do we still face the “pink” problem? READ MORE

House Wine

I remember feeling that wine was life, and that that apartment would be perfect for me forever, and that Berkeley’s Rockridge district was the best place on Earth. READ MORE

The Story of Wine

In which one magnum of Groth 1995 Cab figures strongly in a new family and a happy ending. Plus: a great pairing. READ MORE

When Vintage Doesn’t Matter

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CHOW wine blogger Daniel Duane explains why vintage tends to be less important with new-world wines. WATCH THE VIDEO

Climbing Wine, Rolling Wine

And the Electric Chardonnay Acid Test. READ MORE

Cognitive Dissonance

In which the surroundings do not match the wine, and vice versa. Or maybe they do? READ MORE

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Musings on the nature of the box. READ MORE